February, 2006

"Are you a good pitch, or a bad pitch?"

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Your comments are creating a great dialogue and fueling our efforts here. Please keep them coming as everyone is learning. As pitches good and bad are sent to us, the Bad Pitch bloggers realized a need for a badge of honor. To counterbalance Slick, we opted for the wholesome, nostalgic choice.

Darth Vader's Good Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

If you were tasked with promoting Star Wars would you consider it a blessing or a curse? Sure, you’ll get ink, but what kind of coverage do you want and where do you want it? Which opportunities are not worth the time and investment?

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Bad Business to Business Pitches

Bad Pitch Blog

Bad pitches are like snowflakes. No two suck alike. And our next pitch is in the danger zone as it represents the second time this person has pitched Canuckflack. As a result, he/she might also become the second person outed on the Bad Pitch blog. We usually fillet consumer pitches here. This is odd considering I’ve been in business to business my whole career (most of it here on the agency side of life).

Injured On The Battlefield: Time For Some Good PR

Bad Pitch Blog

Good afternoon. I’ve been holding this e-mail in my draft box for years. This arrived to a reporter with 3755K worth of attachments. Reporter was shocked and appalled – all BS aside. Because: It was not requested. It’s a really skuzzy pitch. She actually quoted the CEO as saying "hope in a cynical world." If -that- isn''t a new definition of irony I don''t know what else would be.

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No Vapor: A Lesson in GoodPitch

Bad Pitch Blog

This week I was quoted in a major publication (okay, PR Week) saying that most corporations put out vapor. The question reached my messy desk: What is and what isn’t vaporous today? Let’s review the facts: There are only so many reporters covering the field or industry you play in, whether it’s automotive technology, software, clothing, or architectural design. With time and experience, you will wind up speaking to them all one day—or their brethren.

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Careful, NOW.

Bad Pitch Blog

Lately I’ve been wondering about whether or not it’s the little things that count. Sure I make errors on what I write but – I just shake my head when I read stupid mistakes: Why can''t people be careful – particularly the newer to PR types? Sure, you heard your parents mumble that at one time or another, but I''m talking about writing. Nearly everything I read has errors in it - and not because Microsoft Grammar Check stopped working its magic.

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Sweet Love for Bad Pitches

Bad Pitch Blog

Seasonal tie-in pitches. Ah yes. We''re all prodded, poked and encouraged to make our news timely and relevant. We''re creative, we''re smart. Let''s do some research! As your hands page through the calendar, the arrow hits you: Valentine''s Day. Why so many BAD Valentine''s Day pitches? It''s big business. According to the NRF , the average consumer will plunk down more than $100 on Valentine''s Day, which adds up to $13.70 billion. Can I get a round of applause for marketing?

Bad Pitch Resources

Bad Pitch Blog

You''ll note we''ve added a resource section at the bottom of our sidebar. Be sure to check it out. As the blogosphere continues to skewer bad pitches, we''re also linking to the angst and the advice on how to create good pitches. Our first list is a baker''s dozen. How’s this for a bad p.r. pitch? BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting Feigned familiarity breeds even more contempt.

Pretty Decent Pitch: From The Laermer Files

Bad Pitch Blog

Nearly a month since the BPB has been up and we''ve given everyone a lot of laughs. Thanks for notes and for appreciating what we have in mind. Then I get this: "Okay, great. Lots of people suck at this. Stop cracking yourself up and tell me: What do you consider good?" I thought about it for days and realize, crap, so many releases I read or review are okay.not bad.yet not necessarily blogworthy. But then I remembered one. Here is a decent pitch (DP) from RLM pr. I can share.

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Physician Heal Thyself

Bad Pitch Blog

Feedback for the Bad Pitch blog is greatly appreciated. Seriously, the heart and soul of a blog are its comments.the dialogue it creates. So please keep your ideas, input and pitches coming. We are also sensing some reader trepidation. Fear not. We''re not hunched over our keyboards, bathed in monitor glow, hoping to catch you in our evil web. evil laugh codpiece maybe, but that''s a story for a different blog.

Hack and Flak Live Together In Perfect Harmony (Not)

Bad Pitch Blog

In long-ago 2000, beloved and ornery Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten wrote about a tongue-in-cheek bet with a colleague at the newspaper, whereby they gauged the “desperation” of PR supplicants by trading coverage for humiliating personal stories. The article was—while condescending as hell—indicative of what can happen when random, quantity contact prevails over precise, topically oriented pitching.

Who is Slick?

Bad Pitch Blog



Strike Three: Stephanie Houghton of Dera, Roslan & Campion PR is OUT-ed

Bad Pitch Blog

Stephanie Houghton of Dera, Roslan & Campion PR just sent me her third fourth bad pitch. Rather than post the worst one and tell you why it stinks, there’s a bigger lesson. But before I pontificate on proper pitching, meet Slick. He’s the badge of dishonor we’re giving to the folks we out. If you see Slick in your newsreader, or on the site, you’ll know someone has been outed. So keep an eye out and let''s do this.

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