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Are Influencers More Credible Than the Mainstream Media?


Each September, PRSA recognizes Ethics Month as a way to bring increased attention to the core foundation of the communications profession. Programming this month several webinars, including “ Bots, Misrepresentation and More: Navigating Ethical Dilemmas in Digital Communication ” on Sept. 27 from 3-4 p.m. Please visit for updates on programming.

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8 proven techniques for marketing your online business in 2022

Agility PR Solutions

Building an online store and succeeding with it can be a daunting task. However, marketing your online store can be even more daunting, especially if you don’t know the best marketing methods to use. But don’t worry, there are various proven techniques that can boost your marketing. This article is your best resource for marketing […]. The post 8 proven techniques for marketing your online business in 2022 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Getting Executive Support on External Communications

Shift Communications

By Alan Dunton, Managing Director, Technology. You have revised the company’s strategic narrative and toiled away on an external communications plan. You are ready to begin telling the company’s story loudly and proudly. One hiccup. The executive leadership team has yet to signal their willingness to help bring the message to market in interesting ways.

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4 considerations when starting a public relations agency

Agility PR Solutions

Public relations professionals are known for promoting their clients’ perspective, and should be able to enhance the image of their clients as well. They are not like paid advertisers—a PR pro’s entire job is to persuade the media toward the viewpoint of their specific patron. Starting a public relations agency can be overwhelming, but if […].

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Can Businesses Meet Increasing Consumer Expectations?

According to 3BL and TriplePundit’s Consumer Insights & Sustainability Benchmark two-thirds of U.S. adults actively seek and follow sustainability issues. This leaves room for businesses to fill in the gaps currently seen between consumer expectations and corporate ESG communication. This research reveals what issues consumers care about and how businesses can tailor their communications to different segments of consumers.

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What is Google Trends?

HMA Public Relations

Google Trends can help identify PR opportunities for businesses and make your social media feed more buzzworthy. Discover the Google Trends platform in this post from Justin Liggin.

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How to Create and Build a Media List

PR Fuel

Did you know that about 7.5 million blog posts go up on the web each day? As a business striving for growth, building an online presence is essential. You need to post blogs about your products and services on the website to generate more profit. However. Read More The post How to Create and Build a Media List appeared first on eReleases.

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Amid struggles, an increasing number of companies create Chief Transformation Officer role

Agility PR Solutions

Business leaders are struggling to effectively execute enterprise transformations—seven in 10 of such efforts are failing to meet their expectations. As a result, many companies are adding a new executive role to the C-Suite: the chief transformation officer, reveals new research from Project Management Institute’s Brightline Initiative in collaboration with Accenture.

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Cold, colder…

Maxim Behar

Autumn is coming, and before that - as you well know - it was summer. What comes after autumn, you know even better. And because we are already informed about everything and at any time, we know that in Germany, in Great Britain, in Spain or Belgium. and anywhere else in the world, countries, indeed countries, have taken measures to protect their citizens from the upcoming crisis.

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Amplifying Your Public Speaking with Social Media


What is your most powerful asset? In this episode, Jasmin Haley founder of Legacy Scaler®, says it’s your voice. Is there any better way to amplify your speaking voice than on social media? Listen in and find out how Jasmin used social media to launch and rapidly fuel her growing business. Hint: it’s all about relationships. […]. The post Amplifying Your Public Speaking with Social Media appeared first on wiredPRworks.

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Adapting to the Future: The Evolving Role of Crisis Management Firms in a Rapidly Changing World

As the Internet continues to grow and change, the role of Online Crisis Management firms is evolving. This article explores how these firms are adapting to the new topography of Online Crisis Management. Through interviews with industry experts and case studies, we uncover the key strategies and tactics that are driving success in this dynamic field.

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Maxim Behar on the life of Elizabeth II

Maxim Behar

Host: Mariana Hill and Maxim Behar are now in the studio to look back at the years of Queen Elizabeth, while also looking to the future of the monarchy now in the hands of King Charles III. Let's start with this. What will you remember her by? Maxim: I will look at the situation a little more pragmatically. Naturally, Queen Elizabeth was an extraordinary person.