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PR ethics and journalism ethics in the face of media business meltdown

Stuart Bruce

Since columnist Peter Oborne sensationally resigned from The Telegraph with a devastating public critique of what he believed to be its declining ethical and editorial standards I’ve read very little about the role and implications for PR, corporate communications and business.

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9 PR blunders of 2018

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Here are the more memorable examples: [FREE GUIDE: 3 helpful tips for your crisis comms prep ]. Just this month Bloomberg reported that “Internal Facebook documents released by a U.K. Now the university’s accreditation is under review for alleged ethical issues.

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Apple and Google mum amid outrage over Saudi wife-tracking app

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Your company might be known for great customer service and high-end technology, but if you are peddling software that crosses a moral or ethical line for your consumers, expect backlash. RELATED: Join us May 9–10 for our Crisis Communications Conference. ].

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Maximising resilience of health and well-being assets in crisis situations

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The following is the result of our subsequent shared musings concerning the impact of crisis situations on the health and well-being of public relations practitioners. Trouble is, if you haven’t experienced a crisis you have no idea how exhausting it is when you start your plan.

7 Lessons That Ryan Lochte’s Olympic Crisis Can Teach PR Pros


But oh, lordy – we as communications and marketing professionals can receive a master class in what NOT to do during a crisis from Lochte’s self-immolation at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The lesson for communicators? “If

Why legal trouble is just the tip of the iceberg

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Balancing the two can be the difference between a reputational crisis and a smooth outcome. in what they report, provided the information they rely upon comes from official documents. FREE GUIDE: 3 helpful tips for your crisis comms prep ]. Call for crisis help quickly.

10 Tips to Become More Likeable


Good communication is predicated on goodwill that you generate with many different stakeholders. Having a likeable brand can help you avoid crisis. Want more crisis communication tips? “It is the unspoken ethic of all magicians to not reveal their secrets.”

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Is Your Agency Failing You? Here’s 5 Warning Signs That They Are

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No honourable, ethical agency or counsel should be sycophantic to you when you have hired them to be honest, constructive and upfront with you. In a crisis/emergency situation, response time is everything. We all know every minute counts in such a crisis situation.

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In-Housing Trend: What PR Agencies and Marketing Firms can Learn from Law Firms

Sword and the Script

In other words, corporate communications is adding headcount and work that used to go to outside PR firms is being kept inside. I’d like to believe, PR agencies that specialized in crisis communications can identify here.

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Starting a global conversation on global public relations standards

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ethics and law. crisis communication. communication models and theories. strategic management of communication. Professor Anne Gregory is Professor of Corporate Communications, Strategy, Marketing and Economics at the University of Huddersfield, England.

Event Marketing Is Back, Baby: Two Experiential Experts Examine The ‘Fearless Girl’ Campaign


We invite people to use their own cameras to document what they’re doing and how it connects with our client’s brand, which they then post and share with thousands of friends.”. Crisis communications pros know that no corporate misdeed goes unexposed in this social media climate. Event marketers recognize that no experiential campaign could be strong enough to camouflage a brand’s ethical blunders.

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AT&T and Novartis doing damage control in light of Michael Cohen deals

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Along the way, they’re delivering positive and negative examples of crisis communication. FREE DOWNLOAD: 13 tips for preparing for a crisis ]. million, not the $400 accounted for in the Avenatti documents. Employee anger, in part, is perpetuating the Novartis crisis.