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Break These PR “Rules of Engagement”

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Look at leaders in fashion, music, and technology for inspiration. Mark Zuckerberg famously quit school (though that’s not so uncommon among technology founders.) With more agencies using their website, blog, and social media platforms to showcase what they do best, it’s much easier to quickly narrow down top contenders.

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A Story So Common, Yet So Unique – WFH

The Hoffman Agency

By Avni Gupta, Intern. Moreover, if this year has taught us anything, it is that our worlds are still functioning only because of technology. Without all the countless e-mails, numerous Zoom calls and constant IMs on Skype, I would not have been able to do this internship. Definitely not on my radar, let alone be my utopia.

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Five Quick and Easy Ways to Show #PR Thanks

Deirdre Breakenridge

Even just a little time each week to share thoughts with a student via Twitter or to schedule a Skype “coffee” chat is a fantastic way to show thanks. I look forward to the PRSA International Conference every year for so many reasons. I’m able to catch up on what’s new in technology by walking through the exhibit hall.

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How People Made 2010 What It Was

Waxing UnLyrical

Connections that began in social media turned into real-life friendships. Thanks to Skype, I kept my phone bill down, and was able to talk regularly not just with my family but with friends all around the world as well. In a bit of a reminiscing mood, these were the highlights of 2010 for me. I turned 40. And I liked it.

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Across the Generational Divide: Two Marketers’ Perspectives

Deirdre Breakenridge

And was narcissism correlated with the exploding use of digital technology? Posted more than 3 social media updates per day. We explored how to apply digital technologies and tactics to connect with the narcissistic tendencies of consumers – belief in one’s superiority, exhibitionism, and more. Want the full scoop?

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8 Great Linked Tactics for Communicators


Engage them with a string of posts, not just one picture at the microphone, and engage the outlet’s social media as much as you can. Local TV + Bloggers – Local bloggers are usually fans of local TV, and adore being considered part of the media market. Play with the timing of your posts to see if it makes a difference.

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Beyond Your Borders: How to Work with Non-Local Clients

Solo PR Pro

Today, you do not have to be a large company with multiple offices to be national or even international. Technology has made the world more accessible and independent consultants can grow their practice beyond their natural geographic boundaries. Schedule Skype or video calls periodically to add a more personalized touch.

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