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Spotlight on a Solo PR Pro: Meet Doug Levy

Solo PR Pro

He was a frequent contributor to All Things Considered and Morning Edition and ended up as an intern in NPR’s Washington Bureau a year later, gaining extensive industry experience and honing his writing skills. I helped them recognize the importance of clear internal communications. Building a solo business.

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How the Mall of America uses its 55425 blog to bolster awareness for the largest mall in U.S.

Communications Conversations

So, I sat down with Timothy Pate, digital project manager at MOA and talked about the blog and how MOA is using it to drive awareness and interest for the popular international destination. We actually have a lot of good writers on staff, but writing isn’t their primary job. We ask everyone from interns to VPs to contribute.


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Letter from BETT

Stephen Waddington

BETT had an international feel with a notable rise in exhibitors from Asia. There are powerful insights for internal and corporate communication. Help me write a new handbook for 2019 I’m working on a new how-to book for marketing, PR and SEO for 2019. It’s intended as a practical handbook.

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Letter from Newcastle: There’s a tool for that but be wary of free stuff

Stephen Waddington

Marketing in markets without media, tool databases, Google graveyard, reframing Brexit, internal meets external comms, #CommsSchool makes blogging a habit, and the March #FuturePRoof podcast. Jessica Pardoe has written about her blogging habits and India Minton-Barker has turned her writing schedule into an infographic.

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WaddsCon: February wrap-up, March topics and speakers

Stephen Waddington

You should use all internal channels (suggestion boxes, Q&A with leaders, town halls etc) that link you to the leadership to express how a particular set of behaviours make you feel, especially if there is a conflict. Use your Yammer, Slack etc to post internally and express how you feel and offer solutions and suggestions.

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Job Descriptions Get No Respect (except this one)

Ishmael's Corner

Yet, most companies churn out job descriptions that sound like they came from the same HR 101 handbook. Every company is fighting competitors for talent. Every company recognizes that first impressions count. The end result.more.

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An experiment of work/life harmony as a #SMprof

Karen Freberg

She writes books, produces research, consults, and much more. For example, I did not attend AEJMC for this very reason because for the last few years, instead of being evaluated on merit and the actual work, internal politics came into play. Carolyn is someone who is really a true rockstar in the field in and out of the classroom.