Wed.Nov 15, 2023

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ICON 2023 Q&A: Delta’s Gina Laughlin on an ‘Employees First’ Approach to Internal Comms


Over the next few weeks, PRsay will post Q&As with several thought leaders who spoke at PRSSA’s ICON 2023 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn. On Oct. 15, PRSSA honored Gina Laughlin with its Hall of Fame Award, which recognizes PRSSA alumni who are currently PRSA members and have made outstanding contributions to the profession.

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5 roles of artificial intelligence in digital PR—and how to optimize them

Agility PR Solutions

Many forward-thinking businesses are investing in AI to streamline their processes. In fact, the global market revenue for AI continues to soar. According to Statista, in 2021, the market for AI in marketing was estimated at 15.84 billion U.S. dollars, with projections indicating it will surpass 107.5 billion by 2028. Image via Statista This exponential […] The post 5 roles of artificial intelligence in digital PR—and how to optimize them appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.


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Stay ahead and save time with NewsWhip’s AI Digest


Today we’re announcing the launch of NewsWhip’s AI Digest, combining the dependability of our trusted data with the speed of GPT insights. This new offering is all about amplifying your capabilities – giving you immediate context on broad coverage and a fast lane to understanding without compromising on the depth of insights to which you’re accustomed.

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The quest for trust: 7 in 10 companies consider trust a strategic business objective, but measuring it is fraught with several challenges

Agility PR Solutions

Trust is a holy-grail imperative for brands and businesses today, with consumers and other stakeholders becoming more skeptical at every turn. But this elusive metric poses a host of challenges for leaders—how exactly does a business entity earn trust, what indicators inform its progress, and how do you know when you’ve succeeded? New research from […] The post The quest for trust: 7 in 10 companies consider trust a strategic business objective, but measuring it is fraught with several ch

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The Silver Lining to Corporate DEI Challenges

In our latest edition of Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos - Scorpio Edition, 3BL embraces the perspective of one of the zodiac's most misunderstood signs: Scorpio. While this sign often has a darker view of the world, they do not shy away from shining a light on controversial topics. This month we take a deep dive into corporate pullback of DEI and how companies can utilize astrological advice to reinvent its social impact communication.

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Effective Marketing Strategies for Fast Food Chains


Fast food chains have become a ubiquitous part of modern life, offering convenience, affordability, and a wide variety of culinary options. In today’s competitive market, successful fast-food marketing strategies are more crucial than ever for these chains to attract and retain customers. Fast food market The fast food industry is highly competitive and has witnessed significant changes in consumer preferences and behavior.

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What Do Public Relations and Winemaking Have in Common?

HMA Public Relations

Following a week in the Northern California wine country, Alison Bailin is discussing winemaking and its parallels to public relations. From investment to experience, discover the key elements that connect these two in this blog post.

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7 mistakes small businesses make that limit Black Friday and Cyber Monday success

Agility PR Solutions

The holiday-shopping mega-days are quickly approaching—we mean Black Friday and Cyber Monday, of course—and to be competitive and successful, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to be prepared. But there are mistakes they often make that pushes their potential sales revenue over to the big-box retailers. One thing we know is that most sales will […] The post 7 mistakes small businesses make that limit Black Friday and Cyber Monday success appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Book Review: Purposeful Brands

Wadds Inc.

A marketing industry insider explores how a business built on promoting consumption adapts to promoting positive behaviour change that doesn’t cost the earth. Purpose is not just a buzzword. Purposeful Brands tells the story of a business and management strategy that increasingly fills boardroom agendas, defines business success and should be at the forefront of every communicator’s mind.

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3 ways PR firms quote pricing dishonestly

Axia PR

Buyers beware! Another lesson on why hourly billing might be unethical. Common pricing tactics other public relations firms employ are highly concerning. And based on what some of our newer clients are telling us, it seems to be a more common occurrence.

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Adapting to the Future: The Evolving Role of Crisis Management Firms in a Rapidly Changing World

As the Internet continues to grow and change, the role of Online Crisis Management firms is evolving. This article explores how these firms are adapting to the new topography of Online Crisis Management. Through interviews with industry experts and case studies, we uncover the key strategies and tactics that are driving success in this dynamic field.

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Maxim Behar in Kamen Vodenicharov's show "The Evening of." on 7/8 TV

Maxim Behar

Host (Kamen Vodenicharov): The show in which we have popular Bulgarians as guests, and you can ask all of your questions concerning them. Tonight, we have a very erudite, broad-minded, and informed expert who sees things happening under the surface of the media and public space. Our guest has had a remarkable career beginning as a newspaper correspondent.