Goldman Sachs chief calls WFH an ‘aberration,’ Zoom adds closed captioning, and McKinsey ousts global managing partner

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In a blog post, Zoom wrote : As part of our commitment to connecting users across the world, we are focused on continually enhancing our features to provide a platform that is accessible to all of the diverse communities we serve.

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A quick social media glossary

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Digg — a social news website that enables members to submit and vote on articles. a web site developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content. “After you read my blog, just ping me on chat.”. Though many PR professionals speak fluent social media, some of our clients, executives, or audience members may not. Their experience with social media may not go beyond Facebook, so it may seem like everyone else is speaking a foreign language.


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Content Marketing: Don’t Make Home Improvements to Rental Property

Sword and the Script

Posterous was similar to Tumblr and provided an easy platform to on which to create a blog-like presence – but once it shut down – the content, the community, the audience, and the work…all went away. The list of sites have closed, changed, or in some way shifted focus is long and getting longer – Digg, Delicious , Orkut, Amplify, Freindster, and MySpace – among others. In other words, will you be able to draw a bit of that community into your own?

Don’t be the James Franco of health care communications

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Let’s not forget about all your pins, posts, tweets, circles, “likes” and “diggs.”. But here’s what I mean: Focus on what you’re known for in the community. I’d describe my feelings about James Franco as agnostic. Then I saw the one-man show, “Bring Me the Head of James Franco, That I May Prepare a Savory Goulash in the Narrow and Misshapen Pot of His Skull” by Chicago actor Ian Belknap. Now I have a new opinion: He’s terrible. Franco, that is, not Belknap.).

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The Byline Article GOOD Pitch is Fresh Content

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The following are some related article ideas that I have in mind for your blog particularly aimed at starting a discussion in your community of readers on best practices & social media tools: - 10 rules using Twitter for PR - how to get in contact with publishers, start a conversation on Twitter etc. - Byline article pitches usually stink. This is because, even if the pitch is targeted, the article is usually included in the pitch.

7 Reasons To Add Amplify To Your Social Networks

Waxing UnLyrical

It really is a community. I think what delights me most about Amplify is that there really is a community sense to it. Ive only been active for a few weeks but find it is still a community that fosters interactions amongst a wide assortment of individuals who bring different backgrounds and experiences to share with one another. Plus one peeve I have with any network like this or Digg, etc.

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