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Beyond Your Borders: How to Work with Non-Local Clients

Solo PR Pro

Working with clients in your local area is a satisfying and viable way to run your independent consultancy. It can deepen your sense of community, reduce your need to travel and allow you to dominate your local market. Knowledge of the local culture and norms can also give you an advantage over out-of-area competitors.

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CASE STUDY - Using current events to land in the media

PR for Anyone

Why this pitch appealed to the media : Nurse Curry serves a local community, Hampton Roads, Virginia. She took a national story/trend and brought it local. She provided local resources and her expertise as to how people in her community can care for their elderly loved ones. SPOILER ALERT: YES!


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Holding out for a hero

Stephen Waddington

Daisy sent out a press release on 7 April to local media contacts and a JustGiving page was set up. Facetime, Zoom, Houseparty, Skype, etc. The story is linear – an idea to raise some money from friends and family grew in ambition to include the local community. The local media picked it up and covered the story.

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Five Quick and Easy Ways to Show #PR Thanks

Deirdre Breakenridge

Even just a little time each week to share thoughts with a student via Twitter or to schedule a Skype “coffee” chat is a fantastic way to show thanks. I remember sitting with a college student at a local Starbucks. Of course, mentoring is at the top of my list. After 28 years, I know my time will be well spent giving back.

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5 Tips to Build Client Partnerships

Solo PR Pro

We adopt our clients’ preferred communication channels. That means we’ve hashed out client projects on Hipchat and What’sApp, Basecamp and Podio, Skype and GChat, texting and Facetime. When they were preparing to launch a new downtown circulator, we suggested an event with the local Yelp community as part of the initial promotion.

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Power to the People

PR Breakfast Club

One of the pillars of Vantage is giving back to the community. Last year, Vantage employees volunteered at local food and at the Ronald McDonald House. Through a Monthly Vantage Activity, all employees participate in engaging and entertaining activities via Skype.

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Powwowing With Pepco on Social Media

Waxing UnLyrical

Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Powwowing With Pepco on Social Media September 28th, 2010 Tweet I haven’t been the biggest fan of my local energy company, Pepco, recently. That, I understand. Completely.