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The PR Industry is Full of Spin Doctors and Liars

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On the second day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you: Two lies told consistently about the PR industry and what to do about it. The post The PR Industry is Full of Spin Doctors and Liars appeared first on Spin Sucks. 12 Days of Christmas Communication 12 days of christmas PESO model PR industry perception PR metrics slack community spin doctors techcrunch

Marketwired Survey Shows PR Industry Still Behind

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OK, so blog posts, Twitter and Facebook, influencers, and visuals are all really important to the industry. As an industry, we should push to see an even split…someday. What’s worse, though, is the type of “measurement” the industry is doing. The PR Industry Gets a C-. The industry has a long, long way to come. By Gini Dietrich. Very good.

Survey 103

What Alternative Facts Mean to the PR Industry

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Here's how that affects the PR industry. The post What Alternative Facts Mean to the PR Industry appeared first on Spin Sucks. As part of his very first news conference, press secretary Sean Spicer presented alternative facts. Related Stories The Brave New World of Crisis Communications Seven Ways to Launch a Product Without a News Release Cleopatra: The PESO Model Pharaoh.

Call for Regulation In the PR Industry

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” The vision of Spin Sucks Pro is to change the perception of the industry through daily professional development and education. Perhaps part of the reason is our industry organizations (PRSA, IABC, CIPR, CPRS, IPRA, etc.) don’t regulate the industry. Why is our industry painted in such a poor light all the time? It’s time to regulate the industry.

PR Industry Salary Survey Has Bad News for Women

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The PR Industry Salary Survey. Bloom, Gross & Associates —an executive search firm—just released their PR industry salary study …and it found the pay gap between men and women is still alive and well. Men in our industry are paid nearly $50,000 more than the women. Which is crazy because it’s 2015  and because we are in a female-dominated industry.

Survey 122

Does Wikipedia Present Risk to your Organization or Industry?

Melissa Agnes

This post is about the potential risks Wikipedia may present to your organization and/or industry. Let’s use the healthcare industry as an example, as their Wikipedia risk is amongst the greatest. Wikipedia’s risk on the healthcare industry. And yet, depending on your organization and industry, the risk itself may be great. Crisis Management

Guest Post: The PR Generalist vs. The Industry Specialist

PR Expanded

Because PR is relevant to nearly every industry, practitioners can tailor a career in any number of ways. One notable distinction: becoming an industry-specific specialist or PR generalist. Throughout my 25 year career I’ve worked with clients from an array of industries – aviation, healthcare, government, museums, education, technology, and more. Prefer to mix things up?

The Communication Industry Has a Perception Issue

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The communication industry has a perception issue. He thinks communication professionals have a perception issue ; that there are bad eggs in our profession, just like every other industry. But that the entire industry isn’t the problem because, well, an industry, by definition, is either  a collection of businesses or the building of an idea around something or someone.

Be the First to Create an Industry Disruption

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The reason Tesla, Uber, and AirBNB exist is because there was an industry disruption to be done. What can you do in your industry that is similar. The post Be the First to Create an Industry Disruption appeared first on Spin Sucks. Communication Trends airbnb coaching program modern blogging masterclass spin sucks pro tesla Uber Vistage

Self-Hating PR Pros and the Change in Industry

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The PR industry has, for a very long time, used  media relations  as the example when describing what we do because it’s tangible. And using media relations as “the thing” the industry does is doing us a huge disservice. So the industry has begun to see a move toward other descriptors of what we do (social media, marketing, integrated marketing communications). Why is that?”.

Paucity of digial/social skill at senior PR levels is a threat to the industry

Holtz Communication + Technology

On the surface, the public relations industry seems to be doing just fine. Industry leaders reading the report should be sweating bullets over some of the issues that stand to derail PR’s continued growth. Failure among mid-to-senior-level PR practitioners to get up to speed in these competencies is one of the biggest threats looming over the industry.

Trust Me I’m Lying: How One Person is Hurting an Entire Industry

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” Our industry is not regulated by a governing body so it’s up to us to self-police. Communication Ethics HARO peter shankman pr industry PR Professionals ryan holiday Spin Sucks trust me i'm lying vocusLast week, some news came to a head. ” Let’s Start from the Beginning. I don’t disagree with the premise of his thinking. And they feel good. Really good.

CARMA’s Panel Considers Pharma Industry Reputation

Media Bullseye

This event discussed the reputation of, media and public perceptions about, and policies and practices concerning the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical Industry Insights – Media & Stakeholder Analyses. Throughout the talk, recurring themes emerged that shaped the conversation and provoked interesting considerations about the industry. Drug Prices    . Media’s Impact.

Beam Me Up, Scotty! How the Hologram Will Change the PR Industry

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How the Hologram Will Change the PR Industry appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Be the First to Create an Industry Disruption Five Goals for Successful Client Onboarding How Difficult Is It to Break into the World of Freelance Writing? In Star Wars IV, Princess Leia left a message for Obi Wan Kenobi via hologram. The post Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Where is the PR Industry Heading in 2015?

Ron Torossian

The post Where is the PR Industry Heading in 2015? These days, more and more business owners are realizing that attaining excellent PR services can help them take their companies to unprecedented levels of success. At the same time, many PR professionals are realizing that they need to maintain a cutting edge perspective to ensure [.]. Business PR Agency Ronn Torossian 5WPR CEO

The PR Industry’s Performance-Enhancing Drugs

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It’s to change the perception of our industry. wish there were a body that regulated our industry and forced us to uphold the ethics that PRSA outlines for its members. So what are we going to do about the performance-enhancing “drugs&# in our industry? The PR Industry’s Performance-Enhancing Drugs originally appeared on Spin Sucks on May 23, 2011.

Will Lack of Creativity Be the Demise of the PR Industry?

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Have you seen that Visa commercial where the little girl asks Ray Lewis questions during a press conference, such as, “Hashbrowns or home fries” and “Do you like my dress?”? ”? Admittedly probably not the best place for a branded question, but a pizza every week for 30 years? Who doesn’t want to win that? ” But I digress. Is All Publicity Good?

5 Ways Hybrid Marketing Agencies Will Transform the Industry

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Let’s look at five ways hybrid agencies disrupt the industry: They drive change of outdated pricing models.  Their presence will be a disruptive force in the marketing services industry for years to come, shifting the balance of power and raising the bar for what’s possible when organizations seek marketing agency partners. Today’s guest post is written by Paul Roetzer. .

Fresh Take on “Influence” in the Tech Industry

Ishmael's Corner

The search for influence in the tech industry can at times resemble the hunt by Ponce de León for the Fountain of Youth. The post Fresh Take on “Influence” in the Tech Industry appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Elusive.

Gaining Respect for Yourself and the PR Industry

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This perception of our industry is pretty rampant and it’s also why mainstream media such as The Economist write articles like, “ Public Relations: Rise of the Image Men.&#. Communication doug davidoff image men les mckeown public relations industry public relations professionals the economistAnd they didn’t check with one another before writing their perspectives.

ICCO Summit Considers Future of PR Industry

Media Bullseye

The Global International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) Summit, held on 29-30 September in Oxford, England brought together inspiring speakers from PR consultancies around the world, to address the challenges affecting the PR industry today. The following article is written by  Victoria Arscott. Victoria is a Marketing & Communications Manager with CARMA.

6 Ways Women Can Thrive in the PR Industry

PR in Your Pajamas

Today’s guest post talks about the increasingly large role of women in the PR industry. When it comes to sheer volume, women dominate the PR industry. industries, as captured in this infographic about women in business. Women have already made enormous strides in the work world, and the female-dominated PR industry is uniquely positioned to lead the way to real equality. What else do women need to thrive in the PR industry? As Elena advises in a previous post , stay informed about both your industry and current events. Elena. The ultimate goal?

Why PR pros should join professional industry organizations

PR Daily

Being an active part of professional organizations can: · Help you stay current on knowledge in your industry. PR veterans can tell you that having a strong network is a crucial element of your career. As a long-time PR consultant, I’m often asked how I’ve managed to stay independent over the years. I’ve never done traditional advertising for my business. Once you start, you may get hooked.

4 tips to become an industry influencer

Public Relations Sydney

Becoming a person of influence in your industry can be very rewarding. An industry  influencer is someone who is regarded as being in-the-know; someone who others in their industry look to for […]. The post 4 tips to become an industry influencer appeared first on Public Relations Sydney.

10 ways TV wrongly depicts the PR industry

PR Daily

When it comes to public relations, pop culture has it all wrong, and that makes for a sad state of affairs when PR professionals try to counter television''s inaccurate depiction of the industry. Sure, some PR professionals work in the entertainment or fashion industries, but those aren''t the only career options. Here are some common PR misconceptions that TV perpetuates: 1. Google+.

Why “The PR Industry is Dead to Me” is Overreaching

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We had a bit of a debate about it because it’s true you can’t be a thought leader without actually doing the thinking, but at the same time, most executives should not spend their time producing content, even if they have a unique position on something in the industry. The PR Industry is Dead to Me. By Gini Dietrich. But not in creating, publishing, and distributing it.

Four Things You Can Learn from a PR Industry Election

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The post Four Things You Can Learn from a PR Industry Election appeared first on Spin Sucks. Whether you’re a voter or a spectator, an election can be quite an eye opener from a basic relationship-building perspective.

How Harry Potter Can Help Industry Pros

Shift Communications

In fact, they can be essential for building a successful career in this industry. In preparation for your own sorting hat ceremony via the quiz below, here’s a look at the four houses (in detail for you non-Potterheads) and how their traits tie into industry life and professional success…. In this industry, being cunning isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Gryffindor. Hufflepuff.

There’s No One Path to Agency or Industry Life

Shift Communications

As with many industries these days, people come to agency life from all walks. I can personally attest to this after making my way from the world of college athletics (not as an athlete, mind you # NARP ) to SHIFT this past year. If you’re looking to get exposed to clients from a range of industries, an agency is a perfect place to do it. And I’m not alone. But don’t take it from me.

Be the Leader In Your Industry: Blaze the Trail

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But what is interesting is it likely will cripple the consumer electronics industry. The consumer electronics industry is built around copying the successful products that Apple produces. Be the Leader In Your Industry: Blaze the Trail originally appeared on Spin Sucks on August 29, 2011. Steve Jobs resigned last week. This is likely not news to you. Page from the Apple Book.

Get in Where You Fit In? The Challenge of Diversity and Fit in the PR Industry


According to the 2015 National Black Public Relations Society State of the PR Industry report , “about 62 percent of the respondents do not have any black men in communication leadership roles in their organizations,” so my male student may never see a professional male of color in his agency career path. Do they fit within the industry and within certain organizations? It is not.

How PR can Integrate Industry Reading Efficiently into Workflow

Sword and the Script

Industry reading.”  The reality is, the value of reading is in understanding media trends, industry perspective and more broadly, a form of research social medialites call “listening.” As if listening was new. . The Value of Daily Industry Reading. The 6 PR Outputs of Industry Reading. by Frank Strong. Those are two words that have no business on a PR agency’s invoice.

COINS appoints Firefly to spearhead COINS Construction Industry Grand Challenge

PR in High Definition

Firefly has been appointed by Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) to handle the international PR surrounding the inaugural COINS Construction Industry Grand Challenge (CCIGC). This puts us in charge of an exciting opportunity to promote and encourage sustainability in the construction industry. Our aim is to deliver entries from the UK, USA and Australia.

Be the envy of your industry

PR Daily

We don't want you to miss this chance to submit your enviable work for the chance to be named the best in media relations strategy. Don't delay—final deadline for the 2016 Media Relations Awards is Feb.

From classroom to boardroom – crisis management lessons from the auto industry

PR Conversations

Aaron Shardey gained a first class honours degree in public relations at London College of Communications this Summer with his undergraduate dissertation offering case study research into crisis management in the automotive industry. We can now add VW to this list. To determine whether the generic principles of public relations are relevant to the management of global crisis situations.

Has the term ‘newsjacking’ damaged the PR industry?

PR Daily

Here’s another issue I have with this mashup: It gives people within and outside the industry the wrong idea about how we view what we do—not to mention what this strategy has always been, long before it got a trendy mashup to go by. This confusion by industry professionals about what even constitutes “newsjacking” seems like a red flag. Think his perspective might be askew?

The Answer to Chaos in the PR Industry

Ishmael's Corner

often characterize this period of time as the PR industry’s version of the industrial revolution minus the child labor issue. The post The Answer to Chaos in the PR Industry appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. Business Takes Hoffman Agency PR Canva training internal training media relations PR industry SEO training storytelling in business communications trendkite visual storytelling writing tipsThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. In.more.

A PR Treatment for the Healthcare Industry. Remedy One: Social Media


The post A PR Treatment for the Healthcare Industry. Uncategorized communications Doctor''s offices Doctors engagement Healthcare industry Hospitals Patients Physicians public relations Recruitment social media The last time I searched for a new healthcare provider, I had a difficult time. Many physician websites contained the generic […].

Is $4 Toast and the Tech Industry Still Ruining San Francisco?

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The O’Dell discourse came with jagged edges, damning the tech industry for a cycle that goes something like this: Someone creates a business for consumers with too much money and pretensions of.more. The post Is $4 Toast and the Tech Industry Still Ruining San Francisco? Business Takes Humanity Miscellaneous Start Ups cost of living Living in Silicon Valley Millennials San Francisco Silicon Valley Silicon Valley industry Startups storytelling tech community tech industry VentureBeatThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations.

Ten Symbols That PR’s “Industrial Revolution” Is Underway

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Today’s upheaval in the PR industry is redefining our business in a similar way that the industrial revolution retooled manufacturing. I’ve captured 10 symbols that remind us this isn’t our father’s PR industry. 1. It seems like something happens in the communications industry on a weekly basis that causes amazement. I hate hyperbole. Meet Max Swisher. It’s a Bird.