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Three Public Relations Mega-Trends in 2017

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What does the public relations industry have to look forward to in 2017? Just in news publications alone, we saw an astonishing 72 million news stories written in 2016 according to Google News, an all-time high. Better to have 100 hits in trade publications, or 0.05% of the day’s news, than 1 hit in business press. Analytics Data-Driven PR Marketing Media Public Relations

Is All Publicity Good?

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Last November, an Entrepreneur article asked, “ Is Any Publicity Good Publicity? Not all publicity is good for you, for your business, or for your community. Even the best companies will have some negative things written about them, but it’s in how you respond that makes, or breaks, the game. A Bad Publicity Example. Good Publicity Example. komen

Public Relations And The Big Lie

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As journalists grapple with “ alternative facts ” and the Trump administration’s war on the media, some professional public relations people are putting ourselves in the shoes of those who act as spokespersons for the new president. Bob Pickard, CEO of Signal Leadership Communications, makes the case for the new president as a gifted public relations person.

Evolving Roles and Responsibilities in Public Relations

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Their study, “ Roles in Social Media: How the Practice of Public Relations is Evolving ” was published by PR Journal in Summer / Fall 2016. – Marlene Neill. A. I had done research looking at how new public relations practitioners use social media in the workplace and the types of tasks they were performing, so when Marlene approached me it was a great fit for my interests.

Redefining Public Relations

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Right before the holidays, PRSA embarked on a new initiative: Redefining public relations. They are: Public relations is the management function of researching, communicating and collaborating with publics to build mutually beneficial relationships. never did much media relations, or publicity, when I worked for agencies. You say PR. They say, “Oh! What is it?”

Public Relations for Sharks

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Public Relations for Sharks originally appeared on Spin Sucks on August 22, 2011. A couple of weeks ago, I was driving to work and I heard an ad on the radio that the day marked the beginning of Shark Week. Actually, I didn’t really pay attention to the ad; I’m sure I was flipping stations. But a few minutes later I heard THE BEST Shark Week PR. Are you ready? Obesity. Texting.

What Does a Public Relations Career Look Like?

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By Eleanor Pierce Gini Dietrich  recently asked me if I’d talk to a student about what it’s like to have a public relations career after graduating. I’m always happy to talk to students and up-and-comers.   In fact, I wish I had been smart enough to reach out for advice when I was in school! It’s no surprise so many reporters see a public relations career as an appealing option.

5 Ways Great Visuals Enhance Public Relations

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Excellent writing is the backbone of all good public relations , but today, any great story is made better by adding compelling visuals. Take some time to explore the sites that offer free or very low-cost public domain images like those found at Pexels, PicJumbo or others found in this article. Crenshaw Communications PR Fish Bowl public relations PRGo beyond Google images. 

Public Relations vs. Marketing

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You see, I believe a few things: Public relations (not publicity) can and should be measured to sales results; Public relations professionals need to gain some basic marketing skills or our industry will become defunct; Public relations is the very best place for content development because we are, after all, writers; and. But the conversation didn’t end there.

So You’d Like A Job In Public Relations

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A successful B2B or consumer public relations  operation is often dependent on a strong team of seasoned pros and a bench of promising up-and-comers. Do show you understand public relations.  . The candidate with the passion for PR and real understanding of it is the better choice over a lackluster interviewee who has a degree in public relations, so preparation and homework are key.

Dissecting Publicity’s Impact on Pharma Companies


Featured Trends pharma public relations PublicityPharma falls into that unenviable category of, ‘we love to hate them.’ These are companies making life saving and pain relieving drugs that cost millions to research and require years of willpower to navigate process and safety requirements to get drugs on the market. leave me with a favorable or unfavorable impression of the brand?

PR Tips For Moving Past A Public Mistake

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This week the Trump campaign and the Republican National Convention reminded the PR community —  and everyone else — of the perils of mishandling a public mistake. It’s a pretty fair guide for what not to do if you break a rule or make a public mistake. People make mistakes, and the public loves to forgive. Twitter featured damning videos of Ms. Trump and Ms.

Top Ten Public Relations Research Insights of 2016


For the third annual edition of the Top 10 Research Insights of 2016, the Institute for Public Relations Board carefully selected research studies from a range of public relations research topics. Download the full study: Top 10 Public Relations Research Insights of 2016. Download the accompanying infographic: Top 10 Public Relations Research Insights of 2016 Infographic.

Is Digital PR Making Public Relations Sexy Again?

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It’s also coming from those without a lick of public relations experience who are suddenly writing content and pitching bloggers. Public relations seems more approachable, more doable–instead of a secret process only an expert dare tackle. If you identify one publication each week, identify the right contact at that publication, then send a custom pitch?

A Revolution of Ethics in Public Relations


So it is with public relations ethics; its sordid beginnings transformed over time into a positive — an ethics revolution. The ‘dark arts’ of spin and manipulation have long been associated with public relations and are perpetuated by the main stream news media and entertainment channels. Ethics in public relations results in consistency. Follow her on Twitter @drbowen.

Effective Public Apologies

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What makes up an effective public apology, anyway?  It’s showing true remorse and a genuine willingness to help those affected most. When done properly, public apologies can actually lead to greater customer retention and brand loyalty and have a positive impact on the overall financial health of a brand. “I’m sorry.”. Shoulder the blame and take responsibility and accountability.

Public affairs vs. public relations: What is the difference?

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People often struggle with the difference between public affairs and public relations, yet distinguishing the two can be crucial to an organization’s efficiency. Both qualify in building relationships with the public and implementing strategies and campaigns, but their methods and goals differ. Public affairs relates to matters that concern the public directly.

8 Tips On How to Succeed at Public Speaking


If you know how to speak you should consider doing it publicly. Overcome your fear of speaking in public. If you’re going to speak in public, you’ll have to talk about something. Okay, now that we’ve got that all taken care of let’s take a look at the trickier subject of overcoming a fear of public speaking. ” Well, you can ignore all the gurus and therapist because your Aunt Milly has 8 Tips that are guaranteed to help you overcome your fear of public speaking and turn you into a much sought after blowhard. Pick a topic. B. Finding a topic. Moving On….

PR vs. Publicity

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PR vs. Publicity originally appeared on Spin Sucks on March 17, 2011. Communication PR facebook question jennifer stuart pr vs publicity question of the weekHappy St. Patrick’s Day! hope everyone is wearing green so you don’t get pinched! It’s Facebook question of the week time! It seems they understand when we explain it, but then they keep asking for it.

The four Ps of public relations leadership

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It was not that long ago (September 2014) that the World Public Relations Forum was held in Madrid where the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management , together with DIRCOM , the Spanish Association of Communication Directors, hosted more than 800 professionals from 65 countries to examine the theme of Communication with Conscience. Purpose. Not so. People.

Public relations struggling with the content avalanche

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Public relations as it was, as it had been prior to the past decade, is dead. We might be able to get a story about our company placed in a publication, but in that vast sea of content, no one is paying attention. So, should we public relations professionals simply hang up our hats? We must reinvent public relations. Content Marketing Earned Media Public Relations

Meternity Leave: A Publicity Stunt or Complete Brilliance?

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Was it a publicity stunt or complete brilliance. The post Meternity Leave: A Publicity Stunt or Complete Brilliance? Communication Media Relations Eat love marketing lessons maternity leave meghann foye meternity leave Pray publicity publicity strategy publicity stunt publicity style for your brand ROI of content marketingappeared first on Spin Sucks.

Bisquick’s Flapjack Flap? Public Relations Weighs In

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When companies seek clever ways to leverage hot topics and gain some positive public relations in the process, it helps to vet the idea for relevance and the execution for tone. And the public didn’t bite. In any public relations program, we look for an idea that sticks in the consumer’s mind. Public Relations Weighs In appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

Calculating your worth in public relations

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Of course, the occupation has not been the best at evaluating the value of public relations work itself – with spurious ‘advertising equivalent’ measures used (now commonly renamed as ‘PR value’) where if we actually assessed and promoted the strategic benefits gained from public relations, we’d be in a better position to calculate what we are worth.

Public Relations Strategies: Redux

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A few years ago we published a blog post titled “ Public Relations and Media Relations: What’s the difference?” The post highlighted how to differentiate between public relations and media relations – essentially explaining that media relations is just one of many public relations strategies. In the past, investor relations was also considered a subcategory of public relations.

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One Year in Public Relations


I recently hit my one-year mark of full-time employment at LT Public Relations. Today, I’m a lot more comfortable now that I have the policies and […] The post One Year in Public Relations appeared first on LTPR. Wow, how time flies! It feels like just yesterday I arrived as an intern, nervous about everything from grammatical errors in emails to eating lunch at the proper time.

Public Relations: How Mark Hurd’s Online Reputation Changed

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Five years ago, he had a very public (and very bad) ousting at Hewlett-Packard. One that started a string of bad publicity for the company. Public relations! When Offline and Online Collide When I was a young and impressionable new public relations professional, I read a book called Spin by Michael Sitrick. Public Relations to the Rescue! How did he do it?

Four Things Your Public Relations Clients Want Right Now

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The post Four Things Your Public Relations Clients Want Right Now appeared first on Spin Sucks. As a PR pro you need to anticipate what your clients want and need from you. Today’s CMO is a data scientist, pure and simple. They need data. Aly Saxe looks at the most important things your clients want from you, their trusted PR advisor, right now.

Public Relations: Controlling the Uncontrollable

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What makes Public Relations unique within the communications and marketing mix?  The same thing that makes PR so difficult for others to understand: Public Relations is—at best—only semi-controllable. The Challenge for Public Relations. Public relations research and analysis help in the crucial “message exposure” stage shown in the diagram above. Regaining control.

How to Winterize Your Public Relations Plan

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The good news is that even if you’re writing a public relations plan for the first time, you’re likely ahead of the curve. Much like writing a story, writing a public relations plan requires a framework. Measuring success is probably the most important part of your public relations plan, because it is how you validate all the work you do. Your Public Relations Plan.

How Not To Give A Public Apology

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As any PR person will tell you, the public apology has become a ritual for personalities or politicians who’ve made a mistake and wish to restore their reputation. Some of the most badly received public apologies are those that seem to have been dragged out of someone. The most powerful thing you can say in a public apology is often about change. Not a smooth move.

What Is Public Relations (PR)?

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What is public relations (PR)? To add to this already long list, I’ve created a definition which I think work well today: PR (public relations) = strategic communication via owned and earned channels to establish and maintain beneficial relationships with influencers and publics. Owned would be newsletters , websites and publications for internal or external use.

8 public speaking lessons from Ted Talks

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Fear of public speaking—known by logophiles as “glossophobia”—has been long identified as the most prevalent of all the potential anxieties out there. full 75 percent of people are said to fear public speaking. All of our insecurities are on public display. Check out the infographic below—and share your public speaking tips and techniques in the comments Be engaged. 4.

Lessons from Ofield Dukes: An African American Public Relations Pioneer


One such professional is African American public relations legend Ofield Dukes. Diversity #BHM Black History Month Corporate Communications and Public Relations diversity Gold Anvil Award History of PR Ofield Dukes PRSA College of Fellows PRSA Detroit ChapterEditor’s Note: A version of this post appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.

Five Things Facebook Must Do Now that They’re Public

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Facebook went public, began trading at $42.05 (and then dropped to it’s original $38) per share, and it’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg got married in a surprise wedding that was supposed to be a celebration of his now wife’s graduation from medical school. It’s been an interesting few days in the social media/tech world. Mobile. Let’s hope Facebook catches on, too.

Six Simple Public Relations Efforts that Take Less than 10 Minutes

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However, public relations is a tried and true method of influencing people: Those who buy products, use search engines, and make recommendations. Six Simple Public Relations Winning Efforts. With a bit of effort and a little time, you can create considerable momentum by influencing others via public relations efforts. By Cam Secore. Seek and Tweet on Twitter. Asking Who knows?

Public relations versus publicity: What sets PR apart

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Public relations and publicity are often used interchangeably. Although PR and publicity are related, they are not the same thing. Here’s Merriam-Webster’s definition of publicity: · Something that attracts the attention of the public. PR pros might define publicity as news coverage , feature stories, executive interviews and speaking engagements. article.

Ethics In Public Relations

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Ethics In Public Relations originally appeared on Spin Sucks on August 11, 2011. It’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap!). But this week I have a different video for you. Johna Burke and I had a little chat about ethics at Counselors Academy in Las Vegas (well, really Lake Las Vegas, which is nowhere near the Strip) in May. Talk to her about it!

[Guest Post] The Umbrella Model of Public Relations: A New Way to Approach #PR

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As I’m sure you’re well aware by now, whether you work in PR or not, it’s really hard to define public relations. According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the leading trade organization in our industry, “public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Public relations tribes in the global village

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There is a recent tendency to divide public relations practitioners around their engagement with social media or digital communications – creating different tribes. There are upsides and downsides of digital technology, and its impact on public relations practitioners. Current PR Conversations PR Mediums Digital media Generations Global vilage Public relations tribes