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A Morning Exploration of Blockchain Technology in Financial Services


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The Rise of Mobile Payment: What Financial Institutions Need to Know


To help financial institutions better understand consumers’ input about the EMV technology conversion and how they’re reacting, Cision aggregated thousands of English-language social media posts from key forums, blogs and social networks between November 2014 and May 2015 and put the results and insights into the white paper  EMV Implementation: Is It Impacting Your Brand Reputation? As U.S.

Brexit Sparks Global Financial Concerns: A Look at Social Reaction


Imagine if New York state, home of the largest stock exchange in the world and an important cultural hub in America, voted to secede from the Union. Translate that to a trans-Atlantic perspective and that’s what happened with Brexit, or Britain’s referendum from the European Union. Votes like this have long-lasting ramifications and make a global impact. Key Findings. Global Concerns.

Help us Make Your Kids the Most Financially Literate in History!!!!!


The United States if the richest nation in the world but it ranks 14th when it comes to financial literacy! 90 per cent of teachers think that kids need financial literacy education — but they’re not getting it and most don’t feel equipped to teach it. To make your kids the most financially literate in history. The post Help us Make Your Kids the Most Financially Literate in History!!!!! 1/2 of all Canadians are living paycheque to paycheque. What’s worse? Something has to change or the next generation could live difficult lives. Our goal?

The #PRStudChat Community Discusses Financial Services & Social Media on April 19th

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Social media participation in the financial services industry is expected to increase as social networks expand in the coming years. Understanding your business purpose and approach on social media is imperative and financial services companies are investing in their infrastructure, guidelines, and engagement best practices. Are financial services companies becoming more data driven?

Financial industry group sets social media rules

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Financial services companies have new guidelines to follow in social media. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has released its guidance on financial promotions in social media after “detailed engagement and consultation with the industry.”. All communications (including financial promotions) must be fair, clear and not misleading. RELATED: Avoid PR''s fatal flaw.

Key Lessons from the 2015 State of Trust in Financial Services Survey


In 2011 the firm began tracking financial services as a separate category. The 2015 State of Trust in Financial Services report was recently released and it includes some very interesting findings. Edelman is the world’s largest public relations firm with 5,000 PR professionals operating in 65 cities worldwide. Brand Management Brand Reputation Management

Holiday Rest & Rejuvenation Through Reading

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Video Creativity Financial Management Holiday Reading Immigration public relationsA Few Favorite Books in 2016. My “me” time includes reading. In addition to keeping up with what’s new in my industry, I also love learning about new topics that interest me. Here’s my video discussing a few books I’ve read that are on my favorites list.

Financial Times reporter calls out corporate communicator over 'threat'

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Financial Times. There are times when calling out a journalist can serve you or your brand well. Factual errors come to mind, or unwarranted attacks on one’s character. Those are instances where some back-and-forth with the writer in question is a wise PR move and could help to clear up some points. Kellaway described what happened next when Gomez reached out via email: Ms.

Financial Times needs to know Thomas Cook didn’t need better communications advice

Stuart Bruce

Reading the review of Trust Me, PR is Dead in the Financial Times my jaw dropped when I got to this line: “Recently, tour operator Thomas Cook was criticised over its handling of the death of two children during one of its holidays: it did not need to overhaul its business model, it needed better communications advice.” That is naive. That’s not just communications.

Welcome Kevin Gaboury: LTPR’s New Intern


LTPR Jobs Read communications crisis crisis communications financial communications financial PR financial public relations Intern Internship LT Public Relations LTPR oregon pr oregon public relations Portland PR portland public relations PR public relations reputation reputation management University of Oregon It’s the New Year and that can only mean one thing: A new intern!

Crisis & Reputation Management Top Financial Services Concerns

The Proactive Report

Financial Services PR execs and agencies are still struggling to combat an industry peppered with regular fines, lawsuits and other scandals.  Almost all (99%) of the executives polled in the  2015 Makovsky Wall Street Reputation Study said this has made it increasingly difficult for the financial services industry to rebuild reputation over the past 12 months. Management quality.


A Fundamental Lack of Understanding

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As a teaser on page one of Tuesday’s Financial Times (I was a day late in reading… my bad), then onto page 12 in the front section was an article by Emma Jacobs titled, “ Free publicity with no PRs.” Ms. Jacobs may well be right when it comes to the boutique-sized financial firms that served as the majority of her sources for the story. It is not the way I practice PR. Finally, Ms.

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Explorations of Blockchain Technology


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Letting Go

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My father had the temerity to allow his rookie CEO son to hire a new CFO, who promptly installed a new financial system that failed. The next time we went live with a new financial system, I had the experience to insist on its implementation first in Canada, where we had the chance to work out the bugs. 5. I received a rather blunt text message from my youngest daughter last night.

PR and social media set for continued growth

Stuart Bruce

Yesterday, the Financial Times published the fifth FTSE350 Boardroom Bellwether survey which revealed that almost half the boards of the UK’s largest public companies have not discussed their social media strategies in the past 12 months. Lots of new research around at the moment that point to a positive future for the public relations business.

How Does EMV Impact Financial Services Brands?


Thieves stole more than 500 million financial records in 2014. That’s one financial record for every 14 people on earth. helps financial organizations better understand and cater to the needs of this new breed of cautious consumer. This not-so-secret secret has put consumers on edge. Click the image to get your free white paper now! But how? Ready to lead the EMV conversation?

Laid Off? Now You’re Free to Consult!

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— When it comes to setting consulting fees, the biggest newbie mistake is failing to consider the extra financial responsibilities you have as an independent. Getting Started Maximizing Efficiencies Setting Fees consulting economy financial free freelance freelancer freelancing independent networking PR pr consultantand growing). Important first steps. Where to begin?

The Art of Your Message and Visual Storytelling


Communications Tools Read Art communications financial PR financial public relations Healthcare Communications LT Public Relations LTPR marketing Oregon Historical Society oregon pr oregon public relations Portland Art Museum Portland PR portland public relations PR public relations Visual Storytelling In the modern business landscape, visual storytelling takes center stage.

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Australia and Singapore at a Glance

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Region Financial Services Hub Moving to Singapore —It is predicted that another 25,000 banking jobs will move from Hong Kong to Singapore in the next five years. Aging Society Australia Cost of Living Edward Snowden Financial Services GM Minimum Wage Singapore Sydney Sydney Opera House Tony Abbott I am in the midst of a six-city trip around Asia and the Middle East. Edelman client.

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Why I’ll Never Retire From Public Relations


Crisis Financial Communications Health care Legal PR Best Practices Reputation AIG communication skills KKJZ KNBR LT Public Relations LTPR PR public relations reputation Waggner Edstrom Weber Shandwick                                                                                                 . Why I’ll Never Retire From Public Relations. By Casey Boggs. didn’t wake up one day and say, astutely, “I will be a PR professional.” The profession somehow chose me. My schooling, natural talents and passion for communications resulted in a career that I am now besotted with daily.

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Stockholders in the Corporate Family – or contemporary activists?

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The 1980s was the boom period decade for the financial PR sector – making Chases’ chapter seem genteel in comparison: What should be the goals of a program for stockholder relations: Simply put, the aim should be to cultivate the investor’s friendliness and loyalty to his company. Direct action activism – as seen in campaigns against oil companies, BP and Shell.

One Month On

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He had all of his wits about him when he was between bouts of pneumonia, grilling the visiting Edelman executives who paid court on new business wins, best client work and the financials. It has been a month since my father died. Dan got sick in August. He had a hernia that blocked his digestive path, causing food to aspirate into his lungs, leading to double pneumonia. As U.S.

Pause, Breath, Focus: 4 Tips to Be Present


Communications Tools Public Relations Balance banks communications credit union credit unions financial communications Focus Health Healthcare Communications listening Meditation Portland PR portland public relations PR pr tips Present public relations tips work life balance More on our New Year of focusing on workflow and efficiency – how focused are you in the moment? Anderson Cooper recently did a piece on being “mindful” and in the moment on 60 Minutes. How many of us PR pros would admit that our minds are becoming more and more filled with excessive tweets, […].

Publications Continue to Characterize Brand Journalism as “The Devil Wears a Keyboard.”

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With the story “ The Invasion of Corporate News , The Financial Times became the latest publication to skewer brand journalism. Uncategorized brand journalism business storytelling public relations The Financial Times on brand journalism suppose the FT figured a headline along the lines of “You’re Too Stupid to Figure Out Journalism from Propaganda” might alienate readers. Chutzpah?

Financial Editor - Baltimore, MD

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Company: Agora, Inc. Location: Baltimore, Maryland Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: None Required Job Status: Full Time

LinkedIn Social Selling for MDRT Financial Services and Insurance Pros


I'm excited to present LinkedIn social selling marketing strategies for financial services and insurance pros at MDRT's annual conference in Vancouver!! My ties to the life insurance and financial services industry run deep – going back to being a national sales trainer for a life insurance company. It's almost here! It’s such an honor to be selected as an MDRT speaker.  .

Financial Analyst - San Francisco, CA

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Company: Landor Associates Location: San Francisco, California Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Job Status: Full Time

Financial Analyst - San Francisco, CA

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Company: Landor Associates Location: San Francisco, California Industry: Advertising - Other Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Job Status: Full Time

Financial Analyst - San Francisco, CA

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Company: Landor Associates Location: San Francisco, California Industry: Advertising - Other Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: Commensurate with Experience

One Big Cheer for the Bankers

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The idea of using financial institutions to stop human trafficking came from the first  Trust Women conference , which was organized by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in December 2012. The next Trust Women event will be held in London on November 18-19, featuring law enforcement, media, government officials, NGOs and financial institutions. to 5 A.M. The latest U.S.

2014: Year of the data breach


Data breaches were an unfortunate theme of 2014. Target, Home Depot and a dozen other companies are just a drop in the bucket, all of whom are likely looking forward to putting this year in the rearview mirror. Communication is crucial throughout any crisis – including data breaches. Many organizations look to their IT departments […].

Apple’s Slow Decline, Cancer Innovations and Immersive Storytelling From Ted Baker | Non-Obvious Insights #30

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Subscribe to get these stories every Thursday in your inbox >> Financial Services. Plus, a valuable new report that illustrates why millennials just don’t matter as much as you might think. Want these insights before anyone else? Subscribe Here >> New Report Shares Millennials Have Only 4% Share of Household Wealth In US. Healthcare. Retail & eCommerce.

Makers and Takers

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2016 Edelman Trust Barometer Economics economy Executives Club of Chicago Financial Services Rana Foroohar Richard Edelman

Sr. Designer, Financial Wellness - Brentwood, TN

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Company: Ramsey Solutions Location: Brentwood, Tennessee Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: Bachelor's Job Status: Full Time

Financial and Real Estate Assistant - Baltimore, MD

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Company: Agora, Inc. Location: Baltimore, Maryland Industry: Advertising - Account Management Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: None Required Job Status: Full Time

Guilty by PR Association: 86% of Financial Services Pros Say 2008 Still Impacts Reps

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Category: Flack Me Summary: Nearly a decade after the 2008 financial crisis, many financial services companies are still feeling its impact when it comes to reputation, according to new research from integrated communications firm Makovsky, which recently released its 2016 Wall Street Reputation Study. The study—which surveyed communications, marketing and investor relations professionals

Hermès Branded Film, Firefox’s Secret Browser & How Doritos Might Save America | Non-Obvious Insights #33

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Financial Services. Inspired by the Presidential Debate, the first story in this week’s newsletter features an amazingly smart “Rock The Vote” campaign from Doritos that could have wide ranging consequences. Want these insights before anyone else? Subscribe Here >> How Doritos Might Save America (And The Election). Consumer Generated Media. Entrepreneurship. Ideas.

FT Rejects Biz Storytelling, Beware of Moving Images and Infomericals Baffle FTC

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Financial Times Rejects Business Storytelling The job description for columnists always includes the verb, provoke. Grab Bag Journalism Visual Storytelling animated images animated visuals business storytelling deceptive advertising Financial Times FT Lucy Kellaway FTC native advertising GIF native advertising visual storytellingThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. The grab bag returns with three vignettes from the wacky world of communications. After all, I’m taking the.more.

Fintech: Top 100 Influencers and Brands


As accounts are increasingly being accessed on mobile devices, we find ourselves in a position where ever-evolving technology and the Internet can revolutionise our financial services. Advances in technology are enabling financial companies to create truly customer-centric offerings, delivering what the client needs in a way they wish to receive it. The Financial News. 100. 2.

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