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Link Building with Media Relations

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Following this trend, (most) link building tactics have shifted to more traditional media outreach. There are thousands of media relations agencies with varying specialties and capabilities. Being an expert is great, but how does developing a niche client base actually help with the rigmarole of link building and media relations? By Tommy O’Shaughnessy.

Use Media Relations for Search Engine Optimization

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In the past few months, I’ve written quite a bit about content hubs , offsite content marketing , and how to use media relations to get on the first page of Google results and there are always tons of questions. When you put those three things together, in fact, it is our approach to media relations. What You Will Learn about Media Relations and SEO.

Media Relations: Increase Your Search Engine Optimization

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promised to do a second piece on last week’s webinar, “ How to Use Media Relations to Drive Search Engine Optimization ” and this is it! Rather, you are taking your media relations expertise and using it for the front-end work of optimization. Use Media Relations to Increase Your SEO. Now do your media relations. Anchor text.

Media Relations is a Tactic, Not a Strategy

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It's 2016 and one would think business leaders would understand media relations is just a tactic, but evidence says otherwise. The post Media Relations is a Tactic, Not a Strategy appeared first on Spin Sucks. Here is what needs to change. Comments I took this oath more than 10 years ago. It's shocking how many. by Sherrilynne Starkie A hissy fit from you? Well, I never.

PR is Not Just Media Relations (Yes, Again!)

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” “I only do social media and I am in the digital department. I don’t even talk to the PR team.” And we talked about our PESO model and how we integrate the different media types. It was only for media relations, awards, and speaking engagements. PR is Not Just Media Relations. PR is not just media relations! So I did.

Media Relations Done Well: Ten Ways to Personalize

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By Gini Dietrich Earlier this week, Jason Falls —no spring chicken when it comes to media relations—decided it was time to “out” PR firms who add bloggers and journalists to their lists without permission. You spend half your email time deleting media relations emails that shouldn’t be in your inbox to begin with. Single. And then it moves to annoying.

Media Relations: Not dead yet

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I read a report in Bulldog Reporter that asserts the practice of media relations is dying. David Oates (founder of Stalwart Communications) argues that organizations armed with digital and social media can to go directly to their audiences and no longer require the filter of the media to tell their stories. Old media adapt. owned) media. The idea is absurd.

Media Relations: Track Effectiveness to Prove Investment

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By Gini Dietrich I’ve been thinking a lot about last week’s webinar on how to use media relations to increase your search results. Today we’ll do media relations for brand awareness and, on Thursday, we’ll do media relations for SEO. ” In the search bar, add the URL of the media outlet that has run your story. And so on.

Ten Ways to Treat Media Relations Like Dating

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If you take only one thing away from that blog post, it’s this:  Know the difference between media relations and public relations. There is a common misconception among business owners that media relations means writing a news release, sending it to 1,000 journalists and suddenly they’re all writing about you. Ten Ways to Treat Media Relations Like Dating.

Media Relations is Not about the Pitch—it’s about WHO You Pitch

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The post Media Relations is Not about the Pitch—it’s about WHO You Pitch appeared first on Spin Sucks. by Dawn Buford Related Stories How to Master Modern PR: A Three-part Video Series Media Relations is a Tactic, Not a Strategy Is the Media Ignoring Your Email Pitches? Michelle Garrett explains what you should do instead. Comments Thank you so much, Dawn!

4 Media Relations Tips to Live By


Since the start of public relations, media placements have been the holy grail of PR success. However, with shrinking newsrooms and journalists being bombarded with pitches, how does a media relations campaign stand a chance in this new age? The Media Won’t Cover You if They Don’t Know You. Consider a social media correspondent. Sounds simple enough, right.

Create Your Own Media Relations Program

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This first ran on Inkling Media , my friend Ken Mueller’s blog. Very early on in my career, I honed the media relations skill. There is a MUCH more efficient way to do your own media relations without the help of a communication professional (and you can hire a PR firm for much more strategic challenges). But it doesn’t work that way anymore. Say so.

Blogger Outreach Versus Media Relations: What Marketers Need To Know


While independent bloggers often have lower audience reach than legacy media, their communities are typically more involved. Given the significance of blogs in the online media landscape, brand marketers simply can’t afford to ignore them. The media outlet pays the journalists. Legacy media professionals (editors, reporters, columnists, etc.) Media Relations

Simplify Media Relations Planning with This Free Tool

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She knew her stuff, and we’d already discussed recommendations to adapt to the dramatic changes in the media environment. That’s why I built the Media Relations Road Map. It’s a one-page document that lays out clearly lays out next steps for any size media outreach plan. Uncover What Journalists and Bloggers Will be Interested in Building media lists isn’t enough.

Tools 106

Use Media Relations to Get on the First Page of Google

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should easily be able to increase our first page search results with some good, old fashioned media relations. Media Relations Comes in Handy When it comes down to it, we have six blog posts on Spin Sucks (all but two were written by me) that talk about PR metrics…and two of those show up on the first page of Google search results. The short answer is no.

Using Twitter for Effective Media Relations

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It’s not only an extremely useful platform to get their interest, but it also helps you to get to know their work, to create a rapport, and to spot media requests; all of which are integral to being a good public relations professional. Finally, here are three ways in which Twitter has helped me in media relations. Social Media Twitter kerredy andrews media relations

Why Media Relations is More Important Now Than Ever in PR


This makes media relations that much more important in the 21 st century. Before social media, and in some senses the internet, reaching out to the media by phone and scheduling a press conference could deal with a crisis situation. In some cases, a crisis could be mitigated by answering some (tough) questions and giving the media what they would need for their 6 p.m.

9 Media Relations Tips for 2016


Cision recently published its annual  State of the Media Report , which I find to be one of the most valuable resources for understanding changes in news media environment. If media relations is part of your job, I highly recommend you review Cision’s report in detail. The top trend in media right now is the evolution of the multimedia journalist. Enjoy!

#PRStudChat Discusses the Secret Nuances of Media Relations in 2017

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We’re kicking off #PRStudChat in 2017, and you won’t want to miss a Twitter chat focused on the nuances of media relations and lessons learned from the field.  On  Wednesday, January 25, 2017, at 8:30 p.m. ET , the monthly #PRStudChat Twitter Chat Community will gather to discuss how students and PR professionals can build better relationships with the media, from new ways to pitch to dealing with quick media cycles, journalist pressures and building trust by managing expectations and being reliable sources. Event Media PR 2.0 And many more!

How to Use Twitter in Media Relations

The Proactive Report

The Internet has changed the way we connect and communicate – not just with one another, but also with the media. Writing a press release and posting it on the wire doesn’t get your media coverage anymore. Journalists are very active in social media and Twitter in particular. Use your media wish-list – or if you don’t already have one, create one. 

Media Relations Can Be Measured Against Real Dollars

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Later today (12:00 ET), we are hosting a  free webinar on how to use media relations to generate qualified leads. It is the companion piece to how to use media relations for search engine optimization and it is a beast. Using your own content, lead magnets, and calls-to-action in media relations efforts. Media Relations and Calls-to-Actions.

Media Relations Without the News Release

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Whatever the reason, the client wants media coverage, and you’ve been asked to find a story. Instead of forcing a non-issue or, much worse, fabricating figures,  public relations consultants  should be managing clients’ expectations (because many still consider the job of a PR agency to write news releases) and using the most appropriate method of gaining coverage. Scan Twitter.

Hit Refresh: Five Media Relations Best Practices


As PR pros, we need to be more genuine, intelligent and resourceful than ever before to land a media opportunity. Here’s a quick refresher on a few media relations best practices that are important to keep in mind when working with reporters: 1. Be mindful of publication deadlines: Print, online and broadcast media outlets have significantly different deadline requirements.

7 deadly media relations sins

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Though the two communication-industry professions are often seen at odds with one another, potential rifts are made bigger by common, yet deadly, media relations sins. Falls Festival organisers didn’t give media site access & then criticised the media for getting story details wrong?! Others can’t stand being sent headshots to accompany guest posts, and most reporters agree that both PDFs and crazy fonts should be saved for birthday parties, not media relations efforts. The job of a PR pro isn’t easy, and media relations is no cakewalk.

Seven Steps to Better Media Relations

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Yes, media relations. Media relations. My name is not Spin Sucks, it’s not Spin, and pitching me on the broad topics of social media and marketing doesn’t fly. Because the mission of Spin Sucks is to change the perception of PR, there is a huge opportunity for growth by addressing better practices in media relations. It’s media relations.

4 Ways to Improve Your Media Relations


Technology, from smartphones to social media, has shifted the way people consume, share and discuss content. According to the journalists surveyed in Cision’s State of the Media 2016 Report , communication professionals need to work on four key areas of media outreach. Don’t send the same generic pitch to everyone on your media list. Instead, use your media database to locate the journalists covering the story angle you want to pitch. Seventy-three percent believe communication professionals should learn more about a media outlet before they pitch.

Never Just Check the Box: A Media Relations Rule

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Here are five words that can absolutely help you be more successful in your media relations efforts: Never just check the box. This absolutely comes into play with media relations. better approach is thinking about how we can be memorable and relevant to each one of our media contacts. Media Relations Rule. By Christopher Whitcomb. No response.  .

Media Relations Is Not Dead Nor Is It Dying

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My public relations career began with media relations. Although I’d never recommend someone go through the “boot camp” experience I had, it did teach me how to secure media opportunities quickly and make them stick. Media relations can be tough. If you’ve tried it yourself, you know media relations is challenging. Guest Post by Kate Finley.

10 media relations essentials

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Improve your media outreach with these simple—but often overlooked—tips. 1. Once you’ve selected media outlets that are a good match for your pitch, identify the individuals who would be most responsive. Media contacts get the same boilerplate press releases and emails over and over, so make your text stand out from the crowd. Remain relevant. This will probably not be the CEO.

4 Ways PR Is More Than Media Relations

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Guest Post by  Corina Manea. A lot has been said about PR, and almost always it’s about media relations. But here is the not-so-new news: PR is more than media relations and always has been. Public relations came to life many, many years ago when Edward Bernays , known as “the father of public relations” defined it. PR is… connections.

5 ways to master media relations

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Fortunately, the philosophy also applies to media relations. How do we ensure that reporters and other members of the media get what they want and are happy with the experience? Wikipedia defines media relations as “working with media for the purpose of informing the public of an organization's mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner.”.

Top Media Relations Challenges & How to Solve Them

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As an account executive on the account services team at SHIFT, my role is focused primarily on media relations as it pertains to my client roster. Although media relations is a blast, it has its fair share of challenges – the PR struggle can be very real. In this spirit, I’ve recapped what I believe are the top challenges when approaching media relations, as well as what we as PR pros can do to solve them. – Finding Opportunities – Part of being successful in PR is uncovering media opportunities for our clients. Making Time for Media.

Pitching Secrets of the New Media Relations Superstars

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Pitching Secrets of the New Media Relations Superstars. You already know: Journalists and bloggers are swamped; Old approaches to media relations don’t work anymore; and. Sending the same pitch to everyone on your media list is ridiculously  not  effective. How to apply 80/20 principle to your media list. How to use his media relations roadmap.

3 ways Yanis Varoufakis failed with media relations

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I’m delighted that PR Daily published my opinion piece on Yanis Varoufakis, the problems of his leadership and questionable management of his reputation while Minister of Finance for the Government of Greece. To read it, just click on the PR Daily logo below

5 media relations tools for PR pros

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No matter what clients or brands they represent, PR pros still list media relations among their top responsibilities. As brands build more campaigns on social media, there are even more opportunities for creating and fostering relationships with journalists and bloggers. You can see each reporter or blogger’s reach on social media as well as the topics they cover.

Media Relations: A Quick Test to Pitch the Right Outlets

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You’ve taken the first step to becoming a media magnate. Media Relations and Placing Stories. We work hard on media relations and we all want a placement in The New York Times or Inc. You won’t often get great media kits with useful demographic and readership information. Five Steps to Judge Media Relations Placement Effectiveness. Relevance.

Integrating Social and Traditional Media Relations

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What’s the best way for a business to integrate its traditional media relations function with its social media function? Integrating Social and Traditional Media Relations originally appeared on Spin Sucks on May 12, 2011. It’s Facebook question of the week time. Woo hoo! Today’s question comes from Jenn Whinnem. Check her out. She asks: .

Case Study: Amplify Media Relations with Paid Social Advertising


Media relations has always been a powerful tool for communicating key messages. It used to be that we’d work, work, work to secure the media placement and then move on. That’s where leveraging paid social advertising to amplify and extend the reach of your media coverage comes in. Using paid social to amplify earned media is a smart way to start. Lesson learned?

Media Relations Trends at #PRSAICON

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2012 Bad Pitch Blog content marketing data earned media relations owned paid prsa prsaicon search analytics social media tips trends As promised, here''s a link to the infographic , the playlist and below is my presentation from #PRSAICON. It covered a lot of content in a short period of time, but my goal was to prove out a premise. Changes across content, skills and tech are confusing PR. Adaptive modeling is key to working smart(er)." Turning the numerous changes afoot in our industry into opportunity isn''t a simple task. But it sure beats extinction.

Media Relations Must-Dos: 10 Tips for More Earned Media

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From mainstream media with newsrooms spread around the globe to niche publications with smaller but equally passionate staffs, today’s news outlets provide decision-driving information that reaches a diverse audience. Familiarizing yourself with the needs of the media will make your news stand out in the crowd for the right reasons. Credible. Learn them. Love them. Live them.