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Internal Communications, Sunday Style

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Because churches have one of the most complex internal communications challenges of any organization. At the church I attend—admittedly a large church— internal communications must flow through many different people including: Pastoral staff. Deeper Internal Communications Challenges It isn’t just that there are a lot of people to keep happy. It’s not Sunday. It’s not Easter.

Should We Take the “Internal” Out of Internal Communications?

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By Gerard Corbett “Internal communications” is an anachronism. Born from the recognition that employees were becoming a critical constituency, companies at the turn of the century began establishing internal communications departments to develop employee morale. Should We Let Go Of Internal Communications? So, is it really about “internal” communications anymore?

How to Supercharge Your Internal Communications

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Just like any other department, internal communications needs to be proactively maintained. If you revamp your company’s internal communications, productivity will skyrocket because time-sensitive messages will reach employees quickly and be read promptly. Don’t allow your internal communications to limp along.

Get Creative with Internal Communications

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about a critical component of PR: Internal communications. When two companies become one, internal communications is a high priority. We all know internal stakeholders can be our best external advocates. As such, reassuring, educating, and equipping internal audiences is mission-critical. How can you innovate internal communications?

Voice and Tone in Internal Communications

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But, too often, organizations aren’t quite as careful with their internal communications. But with these policies, and with nearly all of your internal communications, it’s worth taking the time to assure that the voice used is communicating more than just “this company has attorneys on retainer.” More than Just Your Social Media Policy What internal communications am I talking about?

Structured Meetings Make for Better Internal Communications

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By Gini Dietrich There has been a lot written this month about internal communications on this very blog. What we haven’t talked much about is how important transparency is in internal communications. It seems silly that a global communications firm wasn’t very good at internal communications, but that seems to be the norm (shoemaker’s children and all).

How to Manage a Millennial Intern

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Corina Manea shares our "secret recipe" for an amazing internship for your interns. The post How to Manage a Millennial Intern appeared first on Spin Sucks. Want to create a fantastic internship experience? No easy job. Read it all here.

5 Ways to Improve Internal Communication


Here are five key takeaways from IPR’s white paper about how to improve internal communications: 1. Treat your internal publics like your external publics. “Internal communications should not be treated as a one-size-fits-all proposition.” But when you want to get information out internally how do you do it? So, why is organizational clarity important

Implementing Internal Change: Don’t Forget Your Team

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Internal change was needed. Where we fell short was developing a plan to deal with the staff and communicate internally why we had to do what we did and what it meant for the company. Apprehension was turning into hope that there was a true internal change afoot in the newsroom. Learning Points for Internal Change There are several key points here. He’s a friend.”

PRSA 2016 International Conference: Be Aggressive, Be Audacious, Be Bold


The PRSA 2016 International Conference in Indianapolis brought together some of today’s top thought leaders in the field of communication– and then some. As always, the PRSA International Conference was an inspiring three days, filled with lessons I’m already using in the work I do here at Cision. Building Content that Has Value Beyond Likes, Comments and Clicks.

A Peek Inside Internal Communications at Arment Dietrich

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By Clay Morgan As we discuss internal communications, I thought some people might be interested in learning more about the systems we have in place at Arment Dietrich. Internal Communications Tools iMessage. Probably the most-used tool in our internal communications arsenal is iMessage. We are a small—and entirely virtual—company. Let’s take a gander at what we use. Skype. Related

Knowing your organization’s hidden structure can help make internal communications more relevant

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Any internal communication needs to pass three tests before employees will act on it. So far, so good; internal communicators can handle logistics and attention. ” When mass media is the model for internal communications, it can be tough to make content’s relevance apparent to each and every employee. First, it has to pass the logistical test. Was it legible?

Let’s Change the World On International Women’s Day

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This Thursday, March 8, is International Women’s Day. Whomever it may be, there are two ways you can say thank you…and begin to change the world, leading up to International Women’s Day. Send an International Women’s Day eCard to a woman you know, to say thank you for all that she does. entrepreneur Social Media international women's day oxfam america

How to reinvent your internal communications department (before it’s too late)

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noted in a post about a year ago that BBC’s former HR and Internal Communications Director, Lucy Adams, wrote, “Internal communications as a narrowly defined function and approach is dead.” ’” Most internal communication departments spend most of their time creating and distributing content. Employees have always communicated with each other.

Trends in Internal Communication: Generational Shifts, Internal Social Media & Engagement


These generational shifts demand internal communication professionals make major adjustments in how they communicate. Millennials are expected to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025 (Deloitte, 2014), and according to internal communicators I interviewed, they have different communication expectations. My recent study of this topic was published in the latest edition of Public Relations Journal  and is titled “ Emerging Issues in Internal Communications: Generational Shifts, Internal Social Media & Engagement. ”. Rise of Internal Social Media. Reference.

Here’s the one question internal communication surveys don’t ask (but should)

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” It’s a sentiment internal communicators should take to heart. A few weeks ago, I participated in an online conversation about the effectiveness of publishing news to an intranet. Yet on internal communication surveys, employees continue to state their preference for intranets and email. It is up to internal communicators to make that mechanism available.

Internal communications thought leaders on the value of the employee communications function

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I recently posted a vigorous rationale for maintaining a discrete internal communications function as a response to a growing chorus of voices who have deemed employee communications antiquated and irrelevant. As I prepared that post, I also reached out to some of the smartest people I know in the internal communications space for their own thoughts. Is internal communications dead?

Five Reasons the Intern Shouldn’t Run Social Media

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Your intern has more Twitter followers than you do. Though much of management is wearing the “social media strategy” hat in the board room, the work gloves of “implementation” are being worn by interns more often than you might think. In other words, the board room is preaching social media, and the interns are the ones practicing. Interns aren’t forever. That is great.

Internal communicators need to tell the customer’s story

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The transformation of internal comms departments is evident in the titles of their leaders. No longer are the most forward-looking departments guided by VPs or Directors of Employee or Internal Communication. Now it’s Internal Communication and Culture, or Employee Communication and Experience. Consider it a prescription for ensuring internal comms is indispensable

The Benefits of Mentoring an Intern

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Poor grammar aside – and keeping in mind no one in our scenario is a dog – I find a lot of parallels between this sentiment and the experience of mentoring a talented intern. Whether to work with an intern or hire an assistant requires some thought (Mary Deming Barber lays out the considerations in PR Interns or Assistants – Which is Right for You? ). Living the Life

Webinar: Internal Influencer Marketing

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Few organizations even know who their internal influencers are, no less how they can help spread messages with greater credibility and better results. Register. Influencer marketing is overtaking just about every other method when it comes to delivering results. Another study revealed that 22% of customers are acquired through influencer marketing. Register

Attracting Talent with an Internal Web Academy

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The post Attracting Talent with an Internal Web Academy appeared first on Spin Sucks. Great talent is hard to find, for all companies in different industries. Piktochart, the tech startup found an innovative way to grow its own pool of talented people while building the local ecosystem. Here is what they did.

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Exploring the Connection Between Internal Communication and Employee Engagement


Key drivers of employee engagement include nature of the job and work environment, recognition of one’s work, social climate, personality traits, and most important for this particular study – internal communication. However, in spite of the importance of this relationship between internal communication and employee engagement, the association has not been widely empirically tested.

Chats with Chip: Ryan Williams on Internal Communications and Measurement

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The most recent episode of Chats with Chip featured a conversation about internal communications and measurement with Ryan Williams , a partner with Tekara Effectiveness. Ryan, who has 20 years of experience in this field, illuminated trends, difficulties, and advantages of formulating a regular plan to measure and implement internal communication tactics. Having positive conflict.

Six Ways Employer Branding Can Improve Internal Communication


But are internal communicators aware of and embracing the employer branding movement, and if so, how does this impact their approach to internal communication? These issues are discussed in the latest edition of the Research Jour nal of the Institute for Public Relations in the study “The Influence of Employer Branding in Internal Communication.”. internal branding.

International Women’s Day: Lessons in Leadership from the Women of MWW

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March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD), a holiday that celebrates the achievements of women worldwide and inspires the next generation of women to make their mark on the world. General Corporate International Women''s Day At MWW, we believe in our #fearless female leadership, who continuously make it happen for our clients on a daily basis. carreenwl. Alissa Blate. alissablate.

Internal Communications: It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

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Internal communications in a man’s world is very difficult, so I’m excited to share how I was successful in these industries when working with male executives, chemists, engineers, marketing managers, and salesmen. First Step toward Effective Internal Communications Prove yourself and earn their trust. This is NOT a diatribe against men.) Recognize that title? The first day was a hit!

Monday Roundup: Internal Communications

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It’s impossible to communicate your brand’s value and mission to the general public without first communicating it well internally. So how can you gain cohesiveness in your organization through internal communications? 1.  The new ‘ABCs’ of Internal Communication: 3 steps to becoming a business communicator. The case for internal communications. ” 6. 

Does internal comms get the respect it deserves?

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Despite the need for employees to be engaged and informed, sometimes it feels as though internal communications is treated as an afterthought rather than a core PR practice. In revamping their internal communications, they decided to take their cues from theSkimm , which produces a fun and pop-culture-reference laden email newsletter each weekday (disclosure: I’m a fan).

Welcome Kevin Gaboury: LTPR’s New Intern


It’s the New Year and that can only mean one thing: A new intern! The post Welcome Kevin Gaboury: LTPR’s New Intern appeared first on LTPR. Please help us welcome Kevin Gaboury to our team for the winter.

Internal communication channels: Kier's winning formula

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I had the pleasure of hearing Gordon Dowall-Potter, Group Head of Internal Communications at Kier , speak at the Digital Transformation conference in Cologne ( #wcdgtc ). Print and face to face channels very much have a place in an internal communications strategy especially when working within industries with frontline employees such as Kier. Conduct a channel audit. Back to blog.

LT Public Relations Intern Wanted for Fall 2014


The leaves are changing and the pumpkin spice lattes are out…which means LT Public Relations is ready for its next intern. We are looking for a college student […] The post LT Public Relations Intern Wanted for Fall 2014 appeared first on LTPR. LTPR Jobs Media Relations Public Relations Social Media Intern Internship media Portland public relations Research social media

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LTPR Welcomes Nicolas Capistrano as Summer Intern


August 1, 2016 – LT Public Relations , a Portland-based communications firm, welcomes Nicolas Capistrano as its summer intern. The post LTPR Welcomes Nicolas Capistrano as Summer Intern appeared first on LTPR. PORTLAND, Ore., He will work under the supervision of the Account Director and assist LTPR with its social media efforts. About LT Public Relations.

The Intern and the Executive Coach, Part I: Clueless

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Now, I’m used to getting bad pitches on a regular basis (which is an extremely sad thing to admit as a state of regularity for the public relations industry), but this one made even my jaw drop: Hello, My name is  and I am the current intern at __. I was wondering/hoping you could tell me who is in charge of receiving press releases having to do with the garment and accessories industry?

Internal Revolt

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It happens in politics, in business and elsewhere -- the internal revolt. The hard part is when an internal revolt is played out in the media. Dissidents rise in protest over an organization's actions and sometimes go public directly, such as Edward Snowden or indirectly through whispering to the media. There isn't much one can do from a public relations perspective. It is up to the CEO or organizational leader to confront the dissident and resolve the issue or to remove the dissident through changing his job or firing him.

Monday Roundup: International Women’s Day

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Yesterday was International Women’s Day ( marked for the first time in 1911 , and for the first time on March 8 in 1914… the more you know …). Six marketing lessons for International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day: This Is What It Really Means To Act #LikeAGirl. Case Study: Blogger Outreach for Oxfam America’s International Women’s Day 2012 Campaign. International Women’s Day 2015: Burqa-Clad Afghan Men Parade Kabul Streets, Push for Women’s Rights. Around the Web international womens day IWD women''s rights

5 ways internal content can boost your brand

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In the race to continually spit out content that consumers are interested in, brand managers can—and often do—make use of effective internal communication efforts to enhance external content marketing and PR campaigns. Conversely, inappropriate internal content can makes it way outside the walls of your organization’s email, creating a big problem for your brand.

Stalwart Interns. Where are they now?

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thought it would be a good time to check in on our former interns and find out where they are now. Melina Destein , Stalwart summer 2012 intern. Brianna Bruinsma , Stalwart summer 2013 intern. Patrice Smith , Stalwart summer 2014 intern. As an intern I was really interested in media placements, such as television segments and live event coverage. Thanks guys!!

3 Reasons the AMEC International Summit in London Rocked

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I’ve been in London the last few days, attending my very first AMEC International Summit. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn 3 Reasons the AMEC International Summit in London Rocked. Many of you know this as the summit that brought the original Barcelona Principles into the spotlight some years ago. Communicators struggle with the same issues regardless of geography.

Design Intern - New York, NY

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Company: Magnani Caruso Dutton Location: New York, New York Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Entry Level (less than 1 yr experience) Job Status: Intern