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A Look at Malaysia Airlines’s Crisis Communications During the Crisis of Flight MH370

Melissa Agnes

By now, we’ve all heard of the terrible crisis Malaysia Airlines is facing with flight MH370 appearing to have vanished out of thin air with over 200 passengers and crew members aboard. It’s an unthinkable situation, though one that every airline needs to be prepared to properly manage at any given time. So how is Malaysia Airlines handling this crisis? Update.

Airlines adding “fire containment” bags

Ron Torossian

Maybe it’s a step in the right direction, a down payment on paying it forward or an example of smart preparation, but some are saying the recent decision by major airlines to include so-called “fire containment” bags actually makes passengers feel less safe. The post Airlines adding “fire containment” bags appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

Hawaiian Airlines policy ruled not discriminatory … but will that fly?

Ron Torossian

When two businessmen from American Samoa wanted to pre-select seats on Hawaiian Airlines, they were denied due to the airline’s new policy against improper weight distribution. Department of Transportation claiming discriminatory practices on the part of the airline. The post Hawaiian Airlines policy ruled not discriminatory … but will that fly?

TCIP #016 – Malaysia Airlines Crisis Management with Jonathan Hemus

Melissa Agnes

Malaysia Airlines has suffered through two devastating and traumatic crises this year. These are two major crises, ultimate nightmares for any airline, and Malaysia Airlines faced both within months from one another. How culture, both organizational and national, impacted Malaysia Airlines’s crisis communication. How to plan for a global, viral crisis. Enjoy!

Does brand reputation even matter to Spirit Airlines?

Communications Conversations

I mean, we’ve seen negative comments about airlines before, but NOTHING like this (outside of maybe Comcast in the past). What they DO care about is staying true to who they are (the bare-bones airline operation offering the lowest fares around) and making money. Spirit is actively asking customers why they hate airlines like Spirit. Look no further than Spirit Airlines.

How Southwest Airlines created a multimedia comms department

PR Daily

Before you spend another late night at the office, cranking out dull infographics or dreary corporate photos to be tweeted and forgotten, spend a lunch break with Sonia Avila of Southwest Airlines. Half of the airline's employees said their favorite elements were travel features and employee spotlights, yet they felt there was too much coming their way. More, more, more content!

Four Secrets of Successful Hashtag Marketing

Spin Sucks

One example I often like to use is #Tweetameet through Qatar Airlines. After finding that most of their bookings came from online channels and their consumers across the board showed a high level of social media activity, Qatar Airlines started exploring how they could be more socially active themselves and connect with consumers online. And afterall…#PetroPOWER!!!!!

Malaysia Airlines inadvertently reminds Twitter followers of lost flight

PR Daily

Malaysia Airlines has to be the least self-aware company on the planet. The airline said the post “was intended to inspire travellers to explore deals offered.” Malaysia Airlines (@MAS) November 28, 2014. In September, the airline offered another glaring lack of self-awareness when it launched a promotion called the “ My Ultimate Bucket List ,” which asked sweepstakes participants to tell the airline, “What and where would you like to tick off on your bucket list?”. tpowellwow Our tweet was intended to inspire travellers to explore deals offered.

American Airlines shows support for hub’s Cubs

PR Daily

Brand managers at American Airlines exemplified their digital know-how—and Chicago connections—by tweeting about their Cubs-inspired décor on a recent flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. Although American Airlines is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, its website states that its roots date back to Chicago in 1926. American Airlines (@AmericanAir) October 18, 2016. Image via

Does brand reputation matter to Spirit Airlines?

PR Daily

We''ve seen negative comments about airlines and brands before, but nothing like this (outside of maybe Comcast). What they care about is staying true to who they are (the bare-bones airline offering the lowest fares) and making money. It orchestrated an "Unleash the Hate" survey that asked customers and potential customers what they HATE about airlines (not just Spirit).

Content Marketing with Your Reputation in Mind

Spin Sucks

Communication Content customer stories delivering happiness employee stories felix baumgartner Gaylord Opryland Marketwired nordstrom Red Bull richard branson Sainsbury’s sex Southwest Airlines the fall from grace the overnight success the redemption Trader Joe’s tragedy virgin ZapposIt's not enough to have great content marketing and have it shared far and wide. Comments I do too.

3 ways to impress execs with social media metrics


It’s also a skill the communications team at Southwest Airlines has mastered. That’s why communications teams and the executives they report to often just scan the metrics without fully understanding them.The solution is to “socialize” the data, says Southwest Airlines senior communications specialist Cindy Villafranca. Dashboards packed with data can be impersonal and overwhelming.

Data 31

Malaysia Airlines Catches Heat For “Bucket List” Contest

The Stalwart Blog

TIME recently shared Malaysia Airlines Asked for Travelers’ “Bucket Lists” in Ill-Advised Contest and my immediate thoughts were: How many people reviewed and approved this idea before the contest launched? Malaysia Airlines has a huge challenge ahead of them in repairing their reputation and gaining the confidence and loyalty from customers again.

Are Airlines Being Descriptive Enough in their Galaxy Note 7 Warning?

Melissa Agnes

The post Are Airlines Being Descriptive Enough in their Galaxy Note 7 Warning? As I sat on an Air Canada flight this week, listening to the message that warned passengers to power down their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, I thought: “But what if somebody doesn’t power down and and there’s a fire – a crisis – mid-flight?” ” That was it.

American Airlines denies 'collusion' accusations

PR Daily

airlines colluded to keep prices high and availability low. In a message to American Airlines employees, CEO Doug Parker writes, “On behalf of your entire leadership team, let me be crystal clear: there has been no illegal behavior on the part of American Airlines. An ongoing Justice Department investigation seeks to learn whether several U.S. Airways.

Malaysia Airlines remains cautious as speculation about debris abounds

PR Daily

Though officials in charge of the search for wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are “increasingly confident” that they’ve found a part of the plane, the airline itself is keeping largely quiet. Malaysia Airlines seems to be waiting for official confirmation before making a statement. The airline also posted that statement to Twitter, separated into two tweets.

PR Rock Stars: Sun Country’s Brittany Chaffee

Communications Conversations

Let’s hear all about her in this month’s installment of PR Rock Stars: You’re the marketing manager for Sun Country Airlines–and you’re a boomerang employee, back after a few years away. In continuum, the same opportunity opened back up for me at Sun Country Airlines. What does influencer marketing look like for an airline? They’re brave.

Spirit Airlines touts automated social media customer service

PR Daily

While most businesses go out of their way to employ best practices in all areas of marketing and operations, Spirit Airlines somehow survives by employing some of the worst practices. While all other airlines have made it a point to show that real humans work on these accounts, Spirit goes out of its way to try to convince you that they use a robot to manage their Twitter account. “A That now includes social media. Spirit has a history of an almost adversarial relationship with customers, and has gotten its fair share of negative comments in social media. Clearly, it’s a gimmick.

If You’re Not Measuring, Then You’re Not in PR

PR News

Measurement Barcelona Principles Business Wire dashboards Hill & Knowlton Johna Burke Katie Paine measurement media relations public relations Serena Erlich southwest airlinesIf that new car you’re shopping for doesn’t have the latest bells and whistles, it’s likely you’ll opt for the one that sports the coolest technology and whose dashboard displays practically everything except your blood pressure and daily calorie consumption. When it comes to PR measurement, however, your dashboard should be quite the opposite. It… Continued.

Report: Airlines receive an abundance of social media hate

PR Daily

Airlines have become a frequent target for social media hate, a new study finds. tapped Crimson Hexagon to analyze tweets about five major airlines, including United, American, Delta, Southwest and JetBlue. The results were about as expected for anyone who has been corralled into one of these airlines’ massively uncomfortable tubes or has spoken with one of their customer service representatives. According to the Trib’s analysis, nearly half the comments about airlines in social media were negative (“My Delta flight is delayed—again”). The Chicago Tribune. Image via

American Airlines receives backlash over lost-luggage communications

PR Daily

American Airlines faced heavy criticism for poorly communicating to hundreds of customers their bags never made it onto flights from Miami late last week. The conveyor system at Miami International Airport faced technical difficulties that resulted in eight hours worth of flights sans baggage, but travelers said the airline waited too long to relay the situation. Good job! Image via

Southwest Airlines responds to criticism after removing passenger

PR Daily

Southwest Airlines’ media relations managers are on the defensive. This week, reps worked to clarify allegations that circulated earlier this month that the airline removed a passenger for speaking Arabic on one of its flights. It was the content of the passenger's conversation, not the language used, that prompted the report leading to our investigation. I was able to speak Arabic.

How’s the Storytelling in the Facebook Page from North Korea’s Airline, Air Koryo?

Ishmael's Corner

I didn’t exactly pull Air Koryo, North Korea’s airline of choice, out of a hat. BusinessInsider published a story on Air Koryo back in March, highlighting that “Air Koryo is the only airline in the world deemed bad enough to earn a 1-star rating from Skytrax.”. Singapore Airlines Hero Photo on Facebook. Not true. You instantly bring out the humanity of the brand. k, Pyongyang.

Norwegian Airlines offers free (passenger) shipping

PR Daily

While many retailers are offering to ship their wares to consumers for free this holiday season, one airline is taking a more clever approach to the incentive. For example, submit an entry to claim a Norwegian sweater, and if you’re selected, the airline will send you to Bergen, Norway—for free—to pick it up. Consumers can go to to enter starting on Dec.

Gin and Topics: Monkeys, Seals, Apologies, and Tight Pants

Spin Sucks

Social Media Top 5 29/31 bicycle rap dancing seal gin and topics jimmy fallon kid apologizes mc spandex michael jackson monkey stethoscope Southwest Airlines tight pants will ferrell women on loveEvery time I see this posted on another person’s Facebook page, I squeal. I mean, look at him! Cutest. Thing. It makes me want one! I wonder if he and Jack Bauer would get along? Alright.

Delta the latest airline to stop shipping exotic animal trophies

PR Daily

Delta You just became my favorite airline. Delta joins Air France, KLM, Iberia, IAG Cargo, Singapore Airlines and Qantas, all of which recently announced bans. In the wake of a national conversation around trophy hunting, Delta has announced that it will no longer ship rare animal carcasses. The ban includes lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo trophies. thankyou. link].

Consumers lash out at American Airline's latest campaign

PR Daily

If you travel often, you probably also noticed how airlines are slightly less comfortable, far less efficient and significantly more expensive than your average city bus. Consider those elements and you’ll start to understand why American Airlines’ latest ad has sparked such controversy and debate. The ad is basically saying that American Airlines has the best customers.

How Anonymous and Southwest Airlines Fight Terror

Flatiron Communications

Since the Paris attacks, we’ve also seen ill-conceived behavior by at least one heretofore well-regarded company – Southwest Airlines. Apparently the airline bowed to a passenger’s xenophobia over some fellow Arabic-speaking American passengers: “One incident involved two friends from Philadelphia. The Flack Anonymous PR Southwest AirlinesThe reason?

Gin and Topics: Monkeys, Seals, Apologies, and Tight Pants

Spin Sucks

Uncategorized 29/31 bicycle rap dancing seal gin and topics jimmy fallon kid apologizes mc spandex michael jackson monkey stethoscope Southwest Airlines tight pants will ferrell women on loveEvery time I see this posted on another person’s Facebook page, I squeal. I mean, look at him! Cutest. Thing. It makes me want one! I wonder if he and Jack Bauer would get along? It would be grand!

WTF US Airways??!!!

Melissa Agnes

Although some may say this is good publicity, I can bet that senior management over at the airline is in entire disagreement – as are TONS of their customers. Why is it so often that we find airlines at the heart of published gaffes and thoughtless (with major repercussions) posts to social media? All I can say is WTF US Airways!! US Airways (@USAirways) April 14, 2014.

The Measurement Mavens of the Month: Cindy Villafranca and the Team at Southwest Airlines

Katie Paine's Measurement Blog

It’s no secret to regular readers of The Measurement Advisor that Southwest Airlines has always been on the forefront of measurement. The post The Measurement Mavens of the Month: Cindy Villafranca and the Team at Southwest Airlines appeared first on Paine Publishing. Linda Rutherford, now their VP for Communication and Outreach, called me in to talk […].

TCIP #041 – Life After United Breaks Guitars with Dave Carroll

Melissa Agnes

In 2009, Canadian musician Dave Carroll published the first of three videos telling the story of how United Airlines carelessly broke his guitar. This video, as I’m sure you recall, was titled “ United Breaks Guitars ” – and it created a media frenzy that a) sent United Airlines’s reputation down a downward spiral, resulting in an estimated $1.8 Learn more about the United Breaks Guitars story and impact on United Airlines. Welcome to episode #041 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Dave Carroll. Running time: 52:01.

Chris McLaughlin announced winner of the PRCA’s Mark Mellor Award 2014

PR in High Definition

This year’s PRCA Awards recognised the work of Inmarsat’s communications leader for his work as spokesman for Inmarsat, dealing with the search for the tragic Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing in March. The leaders of the PR world gathered at the PRCA Awards 2014 at the Hilton Park Lane on Tuesday evening, in a […]. Blog PR Industry news

Cars, Trains, Planes Hacked… A Transportation Risk That Leaves Us All Vulnerable

Melissa Agnes

If you work for an organization that manufactures transport vehicles or if you work in the transportation / travel industry (whether you’re a car company, a plane manufacturer, an airline, a train builder, etc.) If yours is the first airline to be hacked by a terrorist resulting in unthinkable, devastating catastrophe, you will suffer consequences that you may not be able to overcome.

Is your company overlooking employees as it goes political?

Holtz Communication + Technology

Among the companies lending support to these advocacy groups are the likes of Delta Airlines, International Paper, and Marriott International. Individual CEOs are speaking out against Administration policies, including the leaders of American Airlines, Lyft, Apple, Ford Motor Company, Facebook, and even Koch Industries. NOTE; WEBINAR REGISTRATION DETAILS AT THE END OF THIS POST.

Why Back To Business As Usual Is The Biggest Crisis Management Mistake Of All

Melissa Agnes

Listen: TCIP #016 – Malaysia Airlines Crisis Management with Jonathan Hemus. I discuss the learnings and lessons from the Malaysian Airlines incidents during a podcast with Melissa Agnes. By Jonathan Hemus. Natural but foolhardy. Post-crisis review. Fail to do this and further crises may lie just around the next corner. Learning from the crisis management experiences of others.

Delta, We Thank You and Your Competitors for the Crisis Management Test Cases

PR News

Is there an industry more vulnerable to crises than the airline industry? On the one hand you have the usually catastrophic nature of airplane crashes and terrorist attacks; on the other you have on every plane aggravated, gaseous, claustrophobic passengers packed like Pringles in a tube, armed with smartphones, ready to broadcast to the world… Continued. Crisis Management

Traveler Expectations for In-Flight Technology


Estimates for summer air travel by the industry group Airlines for America predict that a record 222 million travelers are expected to fly between June 1 and August 31–that’s an average of 2.4 Unbelievable airline – paid several thousand dollars and the IFE doesn’t even work! This airline is the worst and I’m never flying them again! What gives?

9 social media press rooms you should hang on your bedroom wall


Airline press room: Emirates. Airline press room: Emirates. Emirates, the Middle East’s largest airline, makes a smooth transition between their newsroom and their website, by applying a consistent layout and allowing people to easily access their website through a navigation bar at the top of the page. . This opens up a stream of organic search traffic. Check out the newsroom.

What Really Goes on in Frank Giustra’s Plane


By this point, she was too sick and her immune system too compromised to fly on a commercial airline. A new book called Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer throws shade on the Clintons and questions the philanthropic motivations of Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra. Schweizer can’t claim to know what really goes on in Giustra’s jet. He has even admitted he has no proof. But I do. He has 2.