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The Difference Between PR and Advertising

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But he’s wrong about the difference between advertising and PR. He started off the description of the differences between advertising and PR so well: I believe far too many chief executives officers of the country’s fastest-growing companies have no real clue how truly multi-faceted and more powerful public relations is than its marketing counterparts. column. know Steve.

PREthics & Native Advertising


PR Teams – Be On Alert Late last year, the Federal Trade Commission issued guidelines for native advertising, a topic of much discussion in 2016. Ethics #PREthics Advertising BEPS communication Deceptively Formatted Advertisements ESA Federal Trade Commission (FTC) native advertisingThese guidelines have implications for public relations professionals to consider. look at current and past practices, such as product and company publicity, makes this evident. Product publicists have loaned […].

AT&T Loses Case; News Release Held Under Paid Advertising Laws

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Purposes of advertising or selling, or soliciting purchases of, products, merchandise, goods or services, without such person’s prior consent. AT&T moved for judgement on the case, as a matter of law, stating a news release is, in fact, news and not paid advertising, therefore protected under the First Amendment. know we have. And the General sued them over the use of his name.

Is Content Marketing Better than Advertising?

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Studies like this are boiled down to oversimplified conclusions cast in a headline.  As a result, the refrain “content marketing is better than advertising” is bounced around the marketing echo chamber. Pay-per-click advertising? This PR versus advertising example is a useful analogy in content marketing as well. The post Is Content Marketing Better than Advertising?

Native Advertising: Where Content Marketing and Journalism Overlap


Native advertising is one of the most controversial and least understood concepts in contemporary marketing. Critics like HBO’s John Oliver deride it as misleading and call it a threat to journalistic integrity, while proponents see native advertising as a vital revenue producer for publishers and an effective way for marketers to reach and engage audiences. Overlapping skill sets.

Social Isn’t About Advertising Or PR

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The article is written by an advertising agency guy. But it isn’t left just to the advertising guys, or the creative, to do this. Social Isn’t About Advertising Or PR originally appeared on Spin Sucks on April 26, 2011. Planning Social Media Advertising business goals Communication daniel stein David Armano Marketing marketing strategy PR Shelly Kramer troy claus

Digital Advertising and Public Relations, Part 5: Advertising Measurement

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In this series, we’ll examine the tools, techniques, and strategies of paid advertising as they apply to public relations work. Advertising Measurement. In this final part in our series, how do we measure our advertising? While most advertising systems offer built-in reporting, do we truly have a clear view of what’s working and what’s not? Measurement Pre-Requisites.

Digital Advertising and Public Relations, Part 3: Advertising Strategies

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In this series, we’ll examine the tools, techniques, and strategies of paid advertising as they apply to public relations work. Advertising Strategies. The four advertising strategies to drive attention, awareness, trust, and behavior are syndication, brand building, direct response, and retargeting. The first and most common use of advertising is to capture attention.

Digital Advertising and Public Relations, Part 1: Introduction

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The way is paid media: digital advertising. Advertising and public relations share a common goal: more attention. Forward-thinking public relations professionals know that advertising and public relations together often generate greater impact than each channel separately. Join us as we explore the power of digital advertising and public relations together!

Google confirms big changes to the face of its PPC advertising

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In a very recent announcement, Google has confirmed that it will no longer display advertisements on the right hand side of its search engine result pages. We’ll continue to make tweaks, but this is designed for highly commercial queries where the layout is able to provide more relevant results for people searching and better performance for advertisers.”.

FTC Regulation of Native Advertising: How New Federal Rules Impact PR Practice


Download Full Paper (PDF): FTC Regulation of Native Advertising:  How New Federal Rules Impact PR Practice. Download Infographic: Three Takeaways from Native Advertising Regulation. This paper examines native advertising and the FTC regulations that affect its content. Specific attention is given to the FTC 2015 guidelines Native Advertising: A Guide for Business and their Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements. Native advertising is one of the fastest growing areas of online promotion. Native Advertising. 1976).

Friday Wrap #175: PR subject to advertising rules in Australia, NY Times distributes VR headsets

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In Australia, PR is now subject to advertising code of ethics —The distinction between PR and advertising got a little blurrier in Australia, where complaints about PR campaigns will be reviewed by the Australian Standards Bureau, the industry’s self-regulating body. The code dictates how advertisers use their assets. Read more. Read more. The takeaway: Read more.

Real-time Bidding is the Future of Advertising 

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When most marketers and advertisers hear the term real-time bidding, they likely think of auction houses, not lucrative business strategies. Marketers and advertisers target their ads—and ad dollars—to the most qualified prospects. They struggle to understand how these advertising decisions can be made at a moment’s notice. This data drives smarter, more effective advertising.

Is native advertising a threat to PR?

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I read some pretty surprising stats recently in a Content Strategist post which outlined the success The New York Times '' brand studio is having with custom advertising content (referred to as “paid posts”). BI Intelligence and the Interactive Advertising Bureau report that native advertising will generate $21 billion in ad spending by 2018—more than four times that of 2013.

Instagram opens advertising to all

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When Instagram first started allowing advertising on its platform, it was limited to a select few clients that had to shell out a hefty sum. But starting this month, Instagram advertising is open to all manner of advertisers. For marketers, the message is clear: Instagram is now a major player in the social media advertising game. Image via

5 Amazing Facts You Must Know About Facebook Advertising


According to the 2016 Content Marketing Benchmark Report by the Content Marketing Institute, the top three paid advertising methods used by B2B marketers to promote/distribute content are: Search Engine Marketing (66 percent); Print or Other Offline Promotion (57 percent); Traditional Online Banner Ads (55 percent). Facebook makes money by selling advertising. And then…no one sees it.

What is ‘true native’ advertising?

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Although many PR pros think native advertising is new, it’s actually one of the oldest forms of paid advertising. Advertisers must produce effective digital campaigns that can cut through the noise in a crowded industry. Enter native advertising, which is expected to reach. $21 billion in 2018. In 1895, John Deere launched a magazine called. connected devices each.

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Friday Wrap #154: Amtrak’s crisis fail, higher stakes in native advertising, CEOs prefer Twitter

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The stakes get raised in native advertising —GE’s content hub isn’t like others you’ve seen. This is one of several ambitious native advertising projects that are upping the game—and the costs—for advertisers and marketers. collect items throughout the week for possible use in the wrap; you’re welcome to follow my link blog. Read more.

Why advertising should remain a key part of your communications mix

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Advertising is dead. Surveys consistently show that few people trust advertising. Add to all this the research that reveals people increasingly make purchase decisions based on reviews and recommendations—often delivered via social media—and it’s easy to believe that advertising’s days are over. Advertising is alive and well. You would be wrong.

Advertising Account Supervisor - Charlotte, NC

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Advertising Goldmine: How to Craft Your Best Social Media Ad

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Specifically, social media has become an effective platform for online advertising. These sites provide excellent examples regarding the importance of social advertising and successful methods for handling social media’s advertising potential. One of their newest advertising endeavors involves live video streaming. billion in 2013. billion. billion in the US alone.

Case Study: Amplify Media Relations with Paid Social Advertising


That’s where leveraging paid social advertising to amplify and extend the reach of your media coverage comes in. Then, we created highly targeted Facebook advertising campaigns to amplify the articles aimed toward Columbus-based brewery founders, owners, managers and employees (based on emails and listed employees), plus local food/beer influencers and Brewers Association members.

Why native advertising is the next hot trend in PR

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A recent survey found PR pros have widespread interest in native advertising. The Interactive Advertising Bureau UK found. Obviously native ads obscure the boundary between news and advertising, the line between seamless design and intentional deception. The rise of native advertising is one example of this progression. Another issue: Who actually writes the ad copy.

6 Ways To Refresh & Revamp Your Clients’ Facebook Advertising Campaigns

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As a Facebook Advertising specialist, I hear this one all the time. While sitting in a new business meeting, the prospective client tells me that they are already using Facebook Advertising in-house. They’re using Facebook Advertising poorly. But being able to follow the steps in the Ads Manager doesn’t mean you’re leveraging Facebook Advertising properly and getting the most out of it for your business. This is a guest post from Jennifer Spivak, who is a Solo PR Pro Premium member  and a digital marketing specialist. But we’re already running Facebook ads.”.

PREthics & Native Advertising


Late last year, the Federal Trade Commission issued guidelines for native advertising, a topic of much discussion in 2016. When does product publicity become native advertising? Is it only when it appears as a paid ad opportunity on a rate card, available to any advertiser? That is why the FTC, which has long enforced its principles of truth in advertising, published its “Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements.”. When could a PR placement be considered a deceptively formatted advertisement, subject to enforcement fines?

Gee, Beav, Isn't PR Just Like Advertising?

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When I say I am working with a newspaper reporter on story, they ask me why my clients don’t just advertise in the publication because: ”PR and advertising are the same, right?” If it''s a blogger I am helping with a post, they ask why I''m not the name on the homepage! They understand advertising, but they don’t for the life of them get that the hype surrounding those ads is pure PR.

TIME Magazine Puts Its Own Spin on Native Advertising

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As PR-led campaigns increasingly blend tactics such as paid media, native advertising bears watching. called out the genre last month suggesting most of it should be called “alien advertising.” Still, with the rules of the game being invented on-the-fly, we’re seeing fresh wrinkles like this native advertising campaign by Ryder in TIME Magazine. The post TIME Magazine Puts Its Own Spin on Native Advertising appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Here’s.more.

A Full 360: The Newest Form of Digital Advertising

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Now, Facebook is bringing advertisements into the 360 foray. There’s no doubt that this development is major leap for digital advertisers. “So many businesses get worried about looking like they might make a mistake, they become afraid to take any risk.” - Mark Zuckerberg. It’s no secret, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg likes pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation.

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Social Advertising Updates to Begin Your Week


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Olympics advertisers see record-breaking numbers

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Part of the appeal for advertisers is that Rio is only an hour ahead of the Eastern Time Zone. That means that advertisers can appear during live broadcasts as opposed to tape delays, which was the case with the London Olympics four years ago. Despite the issues surrounding the 2016 Olympics, one entity is already considering things a resounding success: NBC.

3 steps to choosing between native advertising and content marketing

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A fight is brewing in the world of marketing when it comes to brand budget dollars: How do you choose between native advertising and content marketing? Native advertising gives you widespread brand awareness, millions of “potential” impressions and possible click backs to your website, if it’s served up to the right audience. It’s not an easy question to answer. Make a budget.

Will native advertising eventually be PR’s demise?

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The post outlined the success the New York Times brand studio (T Brand Studio) is having with their custom advertising content (referred to as “paid posts”). The stats: * When measured against Paid Posts created by third-party advertisers, T Brand Studio-produced content was found to generate 361 percent more unique visitors and 526 percent more time spent with the post.

The FDA Speaks on Advertising via Limited Character Platforms: Guidance on the Guidance for Pharmaceutical Communications


The FDA is tasked with regulating pretty much all aspects of drugs and medical devices in the US, including “promotional labeling” – or, advertising, as the rest of the world refers to it. There are a myriad of other FDA regulations that apply no matter where you’re advertising, and they raise additional questions – requiring more FDA Guidance.

Reports: Journalists view native advertising as moneymaker, want better press releases

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Perhaps even more striking is the number of journalists who are coming around to the idea that native advertising is necessary. Only 42 percent believed traditional advertising would be the biggest moneymaker. However, they don’t seem to have any illusions about the quickly changing media landscape. Isebox’s survey of journalists.

Facebook and Snapchat Make Changes to their Advertising Offerings


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Why the rise of native advertising isn't a threat to PR

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Unsurprisingly, the number one issue up for discussion at the conference was revenue models, most predominately native advertising. Is the wall between editorial and advertising coming down? Many critics suggest that native advertising has led to one of the most significant shifts of our times, the gradual breakdown of the wall that used to exist between editorial and advertising.

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Buzzfeed admits to deleting articles due to advertiser pressure

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This month, Buzzfeed was accused of deleting—and then republishing —articles about Dove soap and the board game Monopoly due to pressure from advertisers. The company has since admitted that it has, in fact, deleted stories based on advertiser pressure, but not those two. But editor-in-chief Ben Smith says that only three stories have been taken down because of advertiser complaints.

Three Ways to Pitch Journalists—and Get Results

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Communication Media Relations advertising columnist chicago sun-times influencer relations michael smart prsa blog prsay sara rudeThere are three easy ways to pitch journalists and get results every time. And it's not by building a big list and sending hundreds of emails at once. Gini Dietrich shares her process, and encourages Spin Sucks readers to share their tips.

Digital Advertising Specialist - Hoffman Estates, IL

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