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What is Brand Journalism?


What is brand journalism? Brand journalism is no different than content marketing. However, brand journalism is different. The difference between brand journalism and content marketing isn’t to be found in outputs. Brand journalism’s goals are to: Build awareness and affinity; Set the context for follow-up brand messaging (retargeting); and. It’s impossible.

4 Brands Running Successful Brand Journalism Programs


For your brand’s content to be successful, you need to implement brand journalism. Through a combination of journalistic storytelling and brand strategy, brand journalism spreads awareness of your brand and influences purchasing decisions. But what does brand journalism success look like? Starbucks uses brand journalism to highlight their employees. McDonald’s. Red Bull.

Keeping a Journal: The Power of Daily Writing

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The practice of keeping a journal is not foreign to writers, but experts say it's a very powerful tonic for anyone who does so. The post Keeping a Journal: The Power of Daily Writing appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories On Writing and Advice from Ernest Hemingway Ad Blocking, Brand Journalism, and the Publisher’s Dilemma Content Marketing Most Certainly is Not Dead.

Get Your Free 2015 Social Journalism Study…& Infographic!


Our 2015 Social Journalism Study explores how media professionals use social media in their daily lives. Featured Trends journalists Social journalism study social mediaThe state of the media continues to shift as social media networks expand their offerings and features. Consequently, journalists worldwide have had to adapt to these new methods of communication. It’s free!

How to Use a Bullet Journal for Business

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There are lots of uses for a bullet journal in our personal lives, but what about for business? The post How to Use a Bullet Journal for Business appeared first on Spin Sucks. Gini Dietrich has some examples and shows you how to use it. entrepreneur Time Management national clean off your desk day pinterest spin sucks goals wunderlist

5 Ways to Ride the Social Journalism Trend


Journalism and PR have changed over the past several years. As the latest edition of Cision’s annual  Global Social Journalism Study shows, journalists are using social media not only for publishing and promoting their content, but also interacting with audiences. Uncover more social media trends with Cision’s  2016 Global Social Journalism Study. Ask a question.

The Future of Journalism from Warren Buffet’s Viewpoint

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Last month, in a move that surprised many of us close to journalism, Warren Buffet bought newspapers – 63 of them, in fact. But when posed a different way, most everyone in the room either doesn’t read the major dailies ( New York Times , Wall Street Journal ) or they subscribe only to the digital version. Now Buffet is not known for making high-risk or crazy investments.

3 Factors That Shape Your Brand Journalism Strategy


That’s where brand journalism comes into play. Unlike content marketing , brand journalism places people front and center, rather than the products that affect those people. Brand journalism aims to attract new audiences and guide them towards other messaging without self-promotion. Here are three factors to consider to appeal to your target audience with brand journalism. 1.

Free White Paper! Build a Brand Journalism Program


The key is brand journalism, a subtle form of storytelling that benefits both your brand and your audience. Through brand journalism, you can strengthen your reputation, attract the attention of your audience and influence their purchasing decisions. Here are three steps for creating your successful brand journalism program: Learn more tips on building your brand journalism program.

When Journalism Fails

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Lots of PR and journalism-related stuff going on in the Bilton piece including the fact that a legal team, led by none other than David Boies, marched into the Wall Street Journal’s newsroom expecting to derail an impending story by a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner with the threat of a legal action. The post When Journalism Fails appeared first on Flatiron Communications LLC.

Journalism and News Trends for PR Pros


The revenue model for journalism is at best in flux, and at worst, in chaos. Serious journalism from unexpected sources. Vice magazine, originally a local magazine in Montreal and best-known for local coverage and shock journalism, grew into Vice Media. More data journalism. Want more insights on the effect of social media on journalism?

Ad Blocking, Brand Journalism, and the Publisher’s Dilemma

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The post Ad Blocking, Brand Journalism, and the Publisher’s Dilemma appeared first on Spin Sucks. Communication Content ad blocking ad networks brand journalism content block content trends Forbes free content native advertising paywall Sponsored contentAn experiment Forbes created around ad blocking forces Spin Sucks to take a look at what that means for PR pros—and how content is affected. Related Stories Content Marketing Most Certainly is Not Dead To Have a Content Marketing Strategy or Not…That is the Question Create a Winning Sponsored Content Strategy.

Why 99% of companies should completely forget about brand journalism

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Relatively recently, Verizon joined a number of big companies in the business of brand journalism. ” It’s hardly the first brand to try brand journalism. But, will this brand journalism trend continue? Let’s examine some of the popular theories–and discuss why I believe brand journalism is a non-starter for 99% of the companies in the U.S.

3 Rewards to Reap From Brand Journalism


The answer is brand journalism. Brand journalism combines journalistic storytelling tactics with brand strategy to engage audiences and increase brand reputation. Cision’s white paper, “ Brand Journalism: From Awareness to Lead Generation ,” offers insights on building a successful brand journalism program and a look at the brands that are already doing it well.

Native Advertising: Where Content Marketing and Journalism Overlap


The emergence of native advertising on editorial sites is giving birth to a new discipline that combines marketing and journalism. We may soon see this discipline taught in universities, but for now, journalists entering the field must learn about marketing, while marketers must gain a firm grasp of journalism. This is a guest post by Bernie Borges. Bernie What is native advertising?

Journalism and the Cluster Theory: What it Means for PR Pros

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Journalism is facing the cluster theory, or the idea that industries move to one or two locations. The post Journalism and the Cluster Theory: What it Means for PR Pros appeared first on Spin Sucks. Gini Dietrich explores what this means for PR pros. Communication Trends joshua benton narrative science nieman lab slack zoom

2016 Global Social Journalism Study: How to Reach More Journalists on Social Media


According to Cision’s 2016 Global Social Journalism Study published this week, nearly half (48 percent) of U.S. The fifth annual Global Social Journalism Study, conducted in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University, explores how social media affects journalists across seven countries in both their work and their communication with PR professionals.

The State Of Journalism, How It Might Evolve, And How PR Can Help


By Seedepth The media industry and journalism are experiencing significant change. This dynamic creates new and complicated challenges for journalists and PR pros, who may end up relying on each other now more than ever to save journalism. We interviewed a few PR leaders in Boston to get their takes on journalism and changes we might see in 2017. The responses overwhelmingly highlighted that journalism is in danger, but that recent events may give way to a much-needed shift in how journalism is approached. Erin D. It may be irreversible. The reason?

Brand journalism is the new PR

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Think your company’s communications doesn’t need journalism? Brand journalism will make you think again. Join us in these cities and learn how to combine lively storytelling and your organization’s voice to form brand journalism: January 22 - Charlotte, NC. See the full agenda for the Brand Journalism for Corporate Communicators Workshop here. March 5 - Louisville, KY.

5 reasons PR should own brand journalism

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Communicators are butting heads over brand journalism. Public relations, marketing and members of digital teams often wrestle over control of brand journalism. Who is best suited for brand journalism initiatives? Brand journalism campaigns need a strategy. It demonstrates knowledge of the big picture, which is invariably a priority in brand journalism campaigns. 2.

Uber Flap Shines Harsh Light on Tech Journalism

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Uber executive Emil Michaels got in hot water this week amidst news that he had threatened to hire researchers to dig up dirt on hostile journalists, or more specifically, Sara Lacy – and spread dirt about her personal life. The episode brought more negative attention to Uber. Some took it as an opportunity to explore the reporting practices of those who cover the tech sector. 

Will quality journalism become extinct?

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This week, the News Media Association (NMA) wrote to ministers to say that it is becoming “increasingly difficult” to fund quality journalism, and the diversion of advertising revenues is to blame. Other papers with significant readerships, like The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Daily Telegraph, have followed suit with paywalls. The revenue for CityAM will be a monthly fee for a package, and unlike native advertising, the company name will be clearly visible in order to distinguish between brand journalism and CityAM’s independent journalism.

Digital journalism is alive but is digital PR?

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Today the BBC announced that it is cutting almost 500 jobs but reinvesting in a further 195 posts to back what it calls ‘digital journalism’. So I think we can safely say that digital journalism is where the BBC believes the future of that industry is headed. So the future of journalism is creative clever digital journalism. This really depresses me because they are not.

Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

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And in an age when we are inundated with information and distraction, civil society desperately needs journalism to be credible as it offers curation, analysis and insight. When trust in journalism is broken, everyone loses. The boundaries between journalism and public relations are increasingly porous. Op-Ed by Daniel Tisch, APR, FCPRS. Transparency helps—but it’s not enough.

PR vs. Journalism: Why Rivalry Hurts Both

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For as long as journalism and public relations have existed, there’s been rivalry between them. PR vs. Journalism: Why Rivalry Hurts Both. Communication Guest Posts Matt LaCasse Media Public Relations fighting journalism rivalry working togetherWhile perusing my Facebook stream the other day, I came across this article on Business Insider. Its He also  blogs.

The Rise of “Gotcha!” Reporting and Fall of Journalism


Reporting and Fall of Journalism appeared first on LTPR. Media Relations PR Best Practices communications Gotcha Journalism Gotcha Reporting journalism LT Public Relations LTPR media media relations PR public relationsThere is an unsettling trend of reporters chasing down officials and shoving microphones in their faces. Don’t get me wrong; having begun my […].

4 Pitfalls of Brand Journalism to Avoid


PR Education brand journalism content marketing content tips PR public relations SAP Tim ClarkPerhaps for obvious reasons, we (meaning the AirPR crew) tend to obsess about all things “owned content.” Yeah! […].

Content marketing and brand journalism best practices

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You need content marketing and brand journalism. Push your organization past competitors to the top of your field with takeaways from the Brand Journalism and Content Marketing Summit, Nov. Want to boost your brand’s reputation and turn your organization into an authoritative industry voice? 2-3 in Denver. Establish consistent editorial and style guidelines. Register here. Image via

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When journalism and public relations intersect

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Many journalists have taken to social media, particularly Twitter, to promote their stories online. As publishers increasingly rely on analytics to measure the performance of their journalists, every click counts. The New York Times. has expanded upon this measurement approach, and it mirrors tactics used by many PR pros. Although it’s a form letter, it’s a darn good one. Lou Hoffman is CEO of the.

Here We Go Again. The Downfall of Journalism Traces to the Rise of PR

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TechCrunch is the latest publication to play the tired narrative that the public relations industry is behind the woes of modern day journalism, GMOs and global warming. In the latest bullish show from TechCrunch, Alex Wilhelm looks into the camera, laments the state of the journalism and recites these “horrifying” statistics: There are 4.6 The Downfall of Journalism Traces to the Rise of PR appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. PR.more.

Brand journalism: Why the faulty arguments must end

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stated in bold letters, " There''s no such thing as brand journalism." It then supplied a handy graphic intended to define the important terms of content marketing: brand publishing. brand journalism. I had to smile; it included brand journalism in its list to affirm that it doesn''t exist. Let the brand journalism rant begin. An elitist''s view of journalism.

5 journalism predictions for 2017 from Nieman’s Lab

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One of the most insightful looks ahead is Nieman Lab’s annual Predictions for Journalism from journalists, editors and other key figures in the media. Ranging from fake news to the “selfie” of journalism and thinking beyond the click, here are several important trends to watch for in 2017 in journalism and the news media in general. 1. Image via

Using Snapchat for storytelling is a brand journalism win

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is among a growing number of news media outlets—including NPR , CNN , ESPN and The Wall Street Journal —that are adding Snapchat to their storytelling toolboxes. So, what does the rise of Snapchat in journalism mean for reporters—along with their PR pro counterparts? The Times. The content’s brief life span isn’t deterring professional storytellers from giving Snapchat a try.

4 ways to measure brand journalism results

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Brand journalism , in which businesses discover and create their own news content, can help an organization achieve its PR objectives. Here are four options to consider when assessing results from your brand journalism content: 1. Lisa Arledge Powell is president of MediaSource , a public relations firm that specializes in brand journalism. Traditional PR measurement.

Why brand journalism should focus on the human element

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The key ingredient in successful brand journalism is people. Focusing on the people behind the product, the people using the product, the people helping others with the product and not the product itself is a core tenet of brand journalism. GE was an early adopter of brand journalism, and it's still blazing a trail with GE Reports. Take Starbucks and its annual holiday cups.

5 tips for transitioning from journalism to PR

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The current era of successful journalism requires brand building and audience cultivation. One big challenge many journalists face in their transition to PR is limited exposure to the business side of things. For journalists switching careers, there’s often a steep learning curve, as it takes more than strong reporting, writing and editing skills to help clients and organizations succeed.

Friday Wrap #151: No more Secret, Twitter’s bad decision, Periscope updates, VR journalism, and more

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New York Times eyes Virtual Reality Journalism —At its NewsFronts presentation on Monday, The New York Times released an example of the potential for virtual reality in journalism. The potential for this kind of reporting could be huge, with plenty of applications for brand journalism. Flickr photo courtesy of Juhan Sonin. ” Competitor Whisper lives on. Read more.

Just Like Bad PR, There’s Bad Journalism Out There

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Which brings me to a recent episode of bad journalism, a USA Today feature with the headline, “7 Companies Outspend Apple on Innovation,” by Matt Krantz. Uncategorized bad Journalism bad pr bad public relations contrarian storytelling Journalists enjoy taking a shots at the PR profession, often with justification. Naturally, I feel such fear is misplaced. Really? understand.

Brand journalism explained—in Academy Awards terms

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It’s the same with brand journalism. As you watch the Oscars this month—and wait for Leonardo DiCaprio’s triumph or snub—this is how you can understand brand journalism in movie terms. It’s the same scenario with content in brand journalism. Every brand journalism effort requires content to tell your story. superior film can bring an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Film 20

Infographic: Cision’s 2015 Social Journalism Study


According to Cision’s 2015 Social Journalism Study , that answer is yes: 58% of U.S. The post Infographic: Cision’s 2015 Social Journalism Study appeared first on prTini. Are PR pros pitching journalists the way they prefer? According Want to take advantage of Cision’s findings to better interact with and build relationships with journalists?