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What You Need to Know About Instagram Takeovers

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What is an Instagram Takeover? Do you use Instagram Takeovers for your brand? Eden Spodek looks at what an Instagram Takeover entails and shares her experience. The post What You Need to Know About Instagram Takeovers appeared first on Spin Sucks. What You Need to Know About Instagram Takeovers

The Business Guide to Using Instagram

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By Gini Dietrich Instagram is most noted by teenagers and college students as a way to connect quickly with friends through photos. In fact, Andrew Watts recently wrote in  A Teenager’s View on Social Media , “Instagram is by far the most used social media outlet for my age group. Instagram has 300 million users—and they aren’t all teenagers. Community events.

10 Pro Tips for Instagram


 “In an effort to cut through the noise that will come with Instagram’s new advertising push, brands need to adopt a more strategic approach to their investment in social media. There’s no explanation on how to use Instagram for promoting a business.” Instagram is impressive. In this post, I want to share 10 Instagram tips from the experts. instagram.

10 Ways to Be Compelling on Instagram

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Instagram is the new cool kid on the block. Patrick Cole looks at ways to engage on Instagram. The post 10 Ways to Be Compelling on Instagram appeared first on Spin Sucks. Instagram IS fun, and definitely has a. With Facebook no longer social media’s cool little brother and Twitter having plateaued, businesses and marketers start looking elsewhere.

How to Create Fascinating Content with Instagram Stories


– Josh Constine, comparing Instagram Stories and Snapchat for TechCrunch. A few months ago Instagram released its new feature, “Instagram Stories.” By their own admission, Instagram Stories is a derivative of Snapchat Stories (which were introduced three years prior to IG’s version ). What are Instagram Stories and why are they important? Mentions. Links.

5 Ways to Tell a Brand Story With Instagram


If you do a search for “Instagram best practices” or “Instagram tips,” you’ll be served a slew of results as well as ideas. At the heart of all the Instagram tips and tricks and best practices is this: the customer experience. If you can figure out the answers to those questions, you can determine which Instagram advice to follow and which to kick to the curb. Maybe.

3 Steps to Creating an Instagram Contest


Hosting an Instagram contest is an effective way to build buzz around your brand and increase awareness for your services. In one second, Instagram sees 1,000 comments and 8,500 photo likes. Check out these three steps to create a simple, yet successful Instagram contest: 1.  Instagram suggests a two-month time span. Best Practices Featured contests hashtags Instagram

Free Tip Sheet! Effectively Engage With Audiences on Instagram


Instagram is nudging Twitter out of the number one social media channel spot. With more than 300 million monthly active users , spending an average of 20 minutes on the app a day, Instagram is an essential tool for reaching audiences near and far. You can’t dive into hashtag tricks and lighting tips if your brand hasn’t established its purpose for joining Instagram in the first place.

Four Brands Using Instagram Really Well

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love Instagram. I can take the world’s worst picture and boom! Instagram to the rescue! It doesn’t have business-specific profiles, built-in visibility, engagement metrics, or paid advertising options (not yet at least), but brands are taking advantage of Instagram and seizing the opportunity to share more personal perspectives with consumers. Are you using Instagram?

Instagram Announces ‘Stories’ Ads, Business Analytics


Brand managers looking to reach consumers online—especially elusive younger crowds—are turning to apps such as Instagram. Instagram stories  have grown to 150 million users (from 100 million) in the last few months, and engagement numbers are high. In fact, one in five stories on Instagram gets a direct message from its viewers. Follow Beki on Twitter. .

How to Connect With Your Instagram Audience


Instagram isn’t just for “the kids” anymore. So what do you need to do to take advantage of Instagram’s full potential? At her recent “ Build Your Brand With Instagram ” webinar, social media consultant Jenn Herman shared the best practices for using Instagram to connect with your followers. Want more strategies for using Instagram? Make your profile public.

Instagram Video Changes: Is Longer Better For Brands?


It’s safe to say that many Instagram users have been in freak out mode lately. Despite the backlash among a small subset of its 400 million users, Instagram will soon implement an algorithm that predicts which photos its users are mostly likely to double tap. Instagram had a 15-second limit since the platform’s adoption of video in June 2013. Longer Videos. But is that true?

How Instagram Makes Communities Better

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My little sis said to me the other day, “Isn’t it weird Instagram doesn’t have a website and you can only use it on a mobile device?”. And this is what Instagram has done for the social web. See, Instagram occupies the power of a laconic phrase but in picture form; offering terse insight into the personal world of the social network (ubiquitous). Communities already exist.

Drive Your Brand’s Success With Top Instagram Tactics


As the  fastest-growing social network , Instagram is a must for brands looking to boost their social presence. At her recent  webinar , social media consultant  Jenn Herman  discussed the best strategies and tactics to effectively engage your audience, promote your brand and create effective content on Instagram. Should you put hashtags in your Instagram bio? JH: No! JH: No.

How Instagram Is Becoming a PR Powerhouse


Instagram is changing. That’s the true aim; Kevin Systrom , co-founder and CEO of the network, says that Instagram is designed to be a 100 percent visual experience that is more timely, efficient, and effective than television. However, Instagram may become a crucial tool for detecting and engaging in breaking news stories and trends. Explore. That’s changed with the updates.

Instagram to Offer Social Advertising to All This Year

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By Eleanor Pierce Am I the only one who likes some of the social advertising on Instagram ? And now, we can all get ready for even more ads in our Instagram feeds. Instagram Ads for Everyone! The original purpose of Instagram was to be a place where people can share gorgeous photography. Social Advertising Caveats It’s exciting to think about advertising on Instagram.

How Instagram’s New Features Help Brands Target New Audiences


With a 66 percent increase in users over the past year, Instagram is essential to visual social media marketing for many businesses…and it recently became more valuable. Last Tuesday, Instagram unveiled major, new features to users in the United States, giving the app a more global feel. Instead of pulling search results solely from your Instagram connections, the Search and Explore pages now include posts from outside your network. Here are two ways you can use these new features to increase your brand’s reach on Instagram! 1. Track What’s Trending.

6 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers for Your Business


A recent bug gave some Instagram accounts as many as 100,000 new followers. Choosing a theme and sticking to it is one way to make your Instagram account a success. Remember, Instagram is all about storytelling. Want even more tips on how to build your Instagram strategy? Read Cision’s “10 Tips to Make Instagram Your Most Effective Social Channel”!

Instagram Is the Rihanna of Social Networks


In this piece, I want to make the case that Instagram is the “Rihanna” of social networks, relative to Facebook as social networking’s U2. Where Facebook is a behemoth social network with consistent utility, Instagram is a smaller network engineered for high-engagement. If you haven’t considered Instagram as a PR vehicle, let me lay out the case for Instagram.

How to Use Instagram to Tell Your Brand’s Story


With an engagement rate 15 times that of Facebook , Instagram is a necessity in social media marketing strategies. Learn how to successfully use Instagram to tell your brand’s story with these five tips. 1. Stick with a similar message across your channels, but keep in mind the reasons your audience follows your brand on Instagram. 2. Instagram is fun. Set the Tone.

5 New Instagram Features You Need To Know About


Instagram has the highest engagement of any social network and has eclipsed all social networks (not named Facebook) in monthly active users. For social platforms, THIS is the impetus for a lot of change, and Instagram is no exception. Of course, Instagram is owned by Facebook whose monetization efforts have been successful. New Timeline Algorithm. API Change/Third-Party Tools.

The Instagram Revolution for Small Business

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The fact that there are literally tens of millions of users active on places like Instagram means that as a small-to-medium business you can gain not only insights, but leads and customers. The beauty of Instagram is the appeal of visual content. Restaurants and food establishments have excelled using Instagram. maybe Instagram is the answer. Test the Market.

New Updates Coming to Instagram and Facebook


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How to Measure Your Brand’s Success on Instagram


Once you’ve established an Instagram following and garnered a handful of likes for your posts, it’s time to analyze your efforts. While Instagram has yet to include an analytics platform within its app, plenty of third-party tools, free and paid alike, can do the trick. Every time you publish a new post, Instagram notifies you of likes and comments. Engagement Per Post.

14 eye-opening Instagram statistics

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In less than five years, photo-sharing app Instagram has grown from Internet infant to social media star. New data from the Pew Research Center shows that among social media networks, Instagram has surpassed Twitter in popularity among U.S. used Instagram in 2014. Instagram executives think the network eventually will hit 1 billion monthly active users ( Business Insider ).

7 ways companies are (already) using Instagram ads

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Instagram users noticed a distinct change in their feeds as of late. Earlier this year, I’d be lucky if I saw a single ad in one sessions of scrolling on Instagram. That’s because Instagram recently opened up its ad platform (previously so expensive only uber-large companies could afford the buy) to all companies through its Power Editor tool. More ads. At least.

Three Updates from Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat


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Tips on How to Build an Instagram Community


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Instagram launches disappearing messages

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Now, Instagram has introduced a feature that allows its users to send private messages that disappear after the receiver views them. The move comes just a few months after Instagram added another feature that Snapchat pioneered: Stories. That feature allows users to post a series of photos and videos that are separate from their main Instagram feed. Image via

Instagram Will Soon Allow Comment Filters and More


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Pinterest or Instagram for Pharmaceutical Marketing? Spoiler: It’s Both.


Especially since Pinterest and Instagram are basically the same: Both are image-driven social media platforms, using visuals in marketing that encourage sharing and engage your target audience. Pinterest and Instagram have distinct purposes and applications, so a better question is: Why would you limit your reach and capabilities by choosing one over the other? Instagram: A platform that enables you to capture visual content that you find engaging and would like to share with your community. Storytelling Advantage: Instagram. But that’s where the similarities end.

Instagram overhauls analytics and business profiles

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Digital marketers love data—and will soon have more of it to track in their Instagram feeds. spokesperson for Instagram said that although the function is being tested in some users’ feeds now, a platform-wide rollout “is coming to Instagram in a few months.”. Here’s the gist from : [These will] make your Instagram profile more like a Facebook page. Image via

64 tips for your Instagram campaigns

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Instagram has grown profoundly in the three years since Facebook purchased it. The best practices for Instagram marketing are only starting to emerge, and organizations like want to make it easier for all of us. The group has released an infographic that offers 64 tips for launching an effective Instagram marketing strategy. What do you stand for?

Instagram launches business account

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Instagram would like you to know that it’s serious about becoming a legitimate marketing vehicle. Here’s the first post from the account, which comes with a detailed description of why Instagram decided to launch it: The business community in all capacities—from major brands, to small businesses and creative agencies—has been an important part of Instagram since the beginning.

Pinterest Versus Instagram: Which One is Best For Your Brand?


I recently spoke with the director of marketing for a popular food brand who told me her organization was debating the pros and cons of Pinterest versus Instagram. Pinterest and Instagram are great ways for organizations to connect with customers. Pinterest and Instagram: What are the differences? When you think Instagram, think about producing images. She’s not alone.

The best brand holiday use of Instagram I’ve seen yet–from Target

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When I think of branded experiences and holiday promos, I think of this: So, when I heard Target was creating a virtual trick-or-treating experience on Instagram earlier this week, I was automatically skeptical. Target’s virtual trick-or-treating experience on Instagram is a stroke of genius. Man, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Kudos, Target. And Moms are a crafty bunch.

Instagram Success Metrics for Social Influencer Campaigns


I like Instagram. Even if you don’t have an eye for photography (like me), you’ll enjoy Instagram. One of the greatest lures of Instagram is the absence of a bothersome algorithm that prevents you from seeing friends’ photos. Since Instagram isn’t typically used to share blog posts and other online content, we require different Instagram success metrics for the platform.

Infographic: 139 fascinating facts about Instagram

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With 500 million users—and 300 million of them accessing the app every day—Instagram is a powerful social media platform. Beyond that, there are obscure and interesting facts about Instagram, such as which brands have the most followers and what the most popular hashtags are. The top brands on Instagram are Nike, National Geographic, Victoria's Secret, 9GAG and Nike Football.

Instagram unveils feature to switch between accounts

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Rejoice, community managers: Instagram is enabling users to toggle between accounts. The feature is rolling out this week to iOS and Android users who have the latest Instagram app, version 7.15. Vincenzo Landino, chief marketing officer at Fifty 2 Creative , showed off how it looks: Do you have the new Instagram app switching feature? instagram. Finally @instagram.

6 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Instagram for Marketing

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Why add another fire-breathing head like Instagram into the mix? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all present their own unique challenges, but here’s why you should implement Instagram as a marketing tool, even if you’re already leveraging the channels of Facebook and Twitter. 1. Instagram puts visual content first. With Instagram, it’s simple. Amanda Loewy.