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Sentiment Analysis - KPI Korner #1

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Today we'll talk about KPIs and Sentiment Analysis. This is the first edition of the new iQ media blog column KPI Korner, a weekly blog post discussing one KPI per week. What is a KPI? A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a business metric used to evaluate factors that are crucial to the success of an organization. Sentiment. Earned Value Metric. Online Share of Voice.

What is Data-Driven PR, Part 6: Analysis

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The Analysis: Method. Before we do any analysis, we must inspect our data for hygiene, removing malformed or broken data. To confirm what we’re seeing, we must run the analysis through a statistical tool. cta] The post What is Data-Driven PR, Part 6: Analysis appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. The Hypothesis.

Protected: Bridging the Divide: A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Diversity Research and the Implications for Public Relations


To view it please enter your password below: Password: Protected: Bridging the Divide: A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Diversity Research and the Implications for Public Relations appeared first on Institute for Public Relations. This content is password protected. Research Journal

Study: The Dark Side of the Gig Economy


Media analysis can provide insights into the trends and affinities of population groups. Featured Media Analysis Media Monitoring media analysis media monitoring Rockefeller FoundationIt can also highlight discrepancies in how the media portrays and issue versus how the public actually discusses it. What are the work realities for independent workers? Image Credit: Pexels ).

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Why automated sentiment analysis is broken and how to fix it

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One of the most difficult challenges reporting and analytics face in public relations measurement is sentiment analysis. Machines attempt textual analysis of sentiment all the time; more often than not, it goes horribly wrong. How do you solve the problem of machine-generated sentiment analysis gone awry? This sort of sentiment analysis requires humans. Here’s why.

Dialogic Communication Through “Pinning”: An Analysis of Top 10 Most-Followed Organizations’ Pinterest Profiles.


Dialogic communication through “pinning”: An analysis of top 10 most-followed organizations’ Pinterest profiles. content analysis of organizations’ Pinterest profile pages and individual pins was conducted to determine the extent to which dialogic principles were present as an attempt to build relationships with its publics. content analysis of organizations’ Pinterest profile pages and individual pins was conducted to explore the dialogical principles of: Usefulness of information, conservation of visitors, generation of return visits, and dialogical loop.

Brand Powerhouses and PR Media Analysis of the 2016 NBA Finals


Tonight millions of viewers will be tuning into what is already being called "the best NBA finals ever." And while some will be watching because they are die hard fans or for sheer entertainment, other marketing or PR nerds (like myself) can't help but marvel at the brand powerhouses. PR Strategy Featured

The Personalized Experience is a Marketing Trend for 2017

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Marketing Trends Big data data analysis data collection predictive intelligence salesforce research Starbucks state of marketing state of the connected customerThe recent State of the Connected Customer shows a pretty big marketing trend for 2017 in the personalized experience. Gini Dietrich has what it means for you and how you can implement it, even if you're not a huge consumer company.

Top 5 Reasons You Need Media Intelligence (Not Just Media Monitoring)

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Here are the top 5 reasons you need a media intelligence platform: media analysis media intelligence digital media marketing media monitoring media intelligence platform iQ media PR pr insightsBased on your specific needs, you can access television, online news, social media, print, radio, blogs, forums, review sites, etc. and better measure “ share of voice ” and return on investment (ROI).

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Stunt or Strategy? BPB News Analysis

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We''ve been wanting to reverse engineer pitches for awhile now -- initially to figure out wtf might posses someone to send us pitches about " Affordable Home Decor " and interview opps with Snooki. Yes, THAT Snooki. mean, are there more than one? Sweet fancy mustard we hope not. This post analyzes two different news stories I saw on CNN yesterday -- before the Super Bowl pre-game kicked in.

Analysis of Google’s Own Blogging Practices Settles the Question Once and for All: Is Guest Posting Kosher?

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I’m a big believer in learning directly from the source. Want to get in shape? Look at how professional trainers do it. Trying to figure out the mechanics of parody? Study the lyrics from Weird Al Yankovic (“Tacky” sang to Pharrell’s “Happy” is a good start). Here’s what I mean. Google’s swami of SEO Matt Cutts has been doing a slow burn on the topic of “guest posting for backlinks” for some time.

The Rise and Fall of the Pumpkin Spice Latte


In an analysis of the social media mentions relating to pumpkin spice products, we’ve found that society has reached peak pumpkin spice. In 2015, in an analysis of news media, web forums and 1% of Twitter conversations, we found 90,140 mentions. Featured Social Media Trends pumpkin spice latte social media analysis social trendsAll good things must come to an end, though.

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5 Free Analytical Tools That Are Useful


Uncategorized Analytics audience insights content analysis content metrics digital tools free digital tools google search Kurt Hauptman measurement platform analytics research search metrics web analytics web metrics

Why Marketers Must Think More Like Data Scientists

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Industry Data AnalysisThis is the first in a series of university spotlights, highlighting how higher education is bridging the marketing talent gap.

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5 Scary PR Measurement Mistakes


It’s the analysis of – and action based on – the data that really matters. Without Creating Coverage Books (without analysis reports)  – Media monitoring does not = PR analytics. And finally, remember that PR analysis should happen across an entire campaign, not just earned or social media. By Seedepth. How did we make that amazing campaign happen?

Sentiment Analysis - KPI Korner #1

iQ media

Today we'll talk about KPIs and Sentiment Analysis. This is the first edition of the new iQ media blog column KPI Korner, a weekly blog post discussing one KPI per week. What is a KPI? A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a business metric used to evaluate factors that are crucial to the success of an organization. Sentiment. Earned Value Metric. Online Share of Voice.

3 Ways to Gain Insights From Big Data


For example, according to Cision’s share of voice analysis for Super Bowl 50 , Mountain Dew came in second among soft drink brands. Cision’s analysis of the 2016 presidential candidates shows that Bernie Sanders is leading the Democractic race overall with a larger share of voice than his competitor Hillary Clinton. Best Practices Featured social media social media analysis

Big Data and the Human Experience


All About Tech big data data analysis Dell human experience self-actualization Last week, I had the pleasure of spending 14 hours talking, thinking, and theorizing about the future of Big Data at Dell’s 1-5-10 Big Data event at San Francisco’s Clift Hotel. The conversations included thoughts and insights from some of … Continued.

How to Drive PR Decisions with Data


Industry Insights & Trends big data for PR data analysis media measurement PR measurementDuring the […].

The Hobson & Holtz Report #817: Sarcasm poses a challenge in sentiment analysis

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Quick News :Facebook and Twitter are increasingly sources of news for US users, why newsrooms should care about virtual reality, are videos going vertical (thanks to Snapchat)?, Get FIR: Download the MP3 file (25.9Mb, 64:16). Subscribe to the Hobson and Holtz Report RSS feed. Get the show at iTunes. Get the FIR app for your mobile device - Android | iPhone | Windows Phone | Windows 8 and 8.1.

How To Prove PR ROI Through Multi-Touch Attribution


But this type of analysis isn’t realistic. Invest In Analysis. Thought Leadership Analysis Data measurement public relations roi success*This article was provided by Cision , a PRSA partner. Ninety-five percent of communicators measure their public relations efforts, but 53 percent list measurement as a top skills gap. You may need to consider a multi-touch attribution model.

How to Use Data to Ensure Content Success


PR Education big data big data 101 big data for PR content content creation content marketing content marketing strategy Content Strategy content targeting content tips creating content data data analysis optimize content owned content quality contentEarlier this year, I was a guest on the #DigitalPR Twitter chat in a conversation focused on the use of Big Data by public relations professionals for content success. The first question chat host Sally Falkow asked was whether or not the participants believe Big Data is the future of PR. Being a PR Engineer, […].

#measurePR Recap: The Jenster is Back!

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John Friedman disagreed, stating  influence and knowledge-sharing are two different things: After a free-wheeling discussion on Klout, we moved on to talking about Traackr’s new product, Influencer Network Analysis. Traackr’s product fared better with the #measurePR crew, with several saying that Influencer Network Analysis was far more useful in helping to determine influence.

What do Trump and ISIS have in Common?

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Campaign Analysis Current Affairs In the News Politics Social MediaJournalists who join the PR field are often said to be crossing to the dark side. That’s because some think PR is just about spinning and deception. As I pointed out in my post News Corp. E.g. ISIS has proven to be adept at media and communications, and using these things to get attention, build their brand and recruit.

Six Easy Steps for Measuring Marketing

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Before we begin, however, allow me to explain the Regression Analysis, which is something we use for many of our clients. Install the Analysis Toolkit in Excel. Perform Regression Analysis. Using the Excel Regression Analysis, go to work. Marketing Measurement adam boatsman Analysis boatsman gillmore ROIThis guest post is by  Adam Boatsman. Which is great!

Smart Measurement For Creative People

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The follow through analysis is essential to judging the efficacy of any plan. Business Guest Posts Marketing Measurement Public Relations angie picardo data analysis metrics Guest Post by Angie Picardo. There are many competent, successful business owners who are afraid of numbers. Yet, numbers are what help you to understand the impact of different tactics. 20 a person.

3 Ways IT and Marketing Can Improve the Use of Big Data

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Strategy Analytics Data AnalysisThe term “Big Data” has come into play more and more since 2011. But just what is it, and how is it used? Google defines big data as: Extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions. 

Is the PR Industry Lagging Behind Other Marketing Sectors in Data Analysis?

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Data analysis has been important to these industries for decades. Category: Flack Me Summary: Many people involved in the PR industry agree that the business needs to start making sense of the volumes of data available. There are no widespread metrics, analytics or KPIs. This stands in stark contrast to related industries like product marketing and advertising. The development of the Barcelona Principles is a big step

Is PR data bias holding you back?


When it comes to marketing analysis, public relations has been known for output — media relationships developed, placements gained, awareness garnered, and perceptions changed. In-depth analysis and measurement of PR outcomes is a fairly new practice. Thus, standards around this measurement are still in development. Often, when a PR professional views data that shows the […].

Trump Gets Schooled in PR

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think we can all agree, without doing tons of analysis, that recent press has not been good, and this has hurt Trump’s standing. Campaign Analysis In the News Politics PR Public Relations” Trump is a frustrated flack, he loves to mix it up with reporters, bluster and promote. Trump said: ‘I loved it. It was the first time I was ever in a newspaper.'”

How To Monitor Social Media Like a Boss


Sentiment Analysis. This is the basis for sentiment analysis: find a way to monitor unseen feedback and contextualize the language to understand how people perceive you. If this seems crazy to you, it’s not: the sophistication of sentiment analysis is so well-developed that sentiment analysis is now being used to inform stock market decisions. Competitive Research.

Human Connection: The Key to Better PR Strategy

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And it's something which can't be learned through market research or data-driven customer analysis. Human connection is one of the most important skills we must have to be successful in communications. Laura Petrolino explains why you need it and three ways to cultivate it in your own work. The post Human Connection: The Key to Better PR Strategy appeared first on Spin Sucks.

13 Things to Include in a Communications Firm Business Plan

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Situation Analysis : Identification of key industry status metrics, including your overall goals and focus, your culture, your perceived strengths and weaknesses, and your market share position. Implementation Summary : Analysis of how you will use the above information to achieve your goals. While it’s certainly not as exciting as tactics, it should drive everything that we do.

When was the last time you conducted a social content audit?

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And, a chance to see where you have gaps and where you have opportunities (SWOT analysis, anyone?). Competitive analysis. Analysis and suggestions. The key (obviously) to the whole audit–your ANALYSIS. If you work in the world of social media marketing, your days are most likely filled with: Creating content. Meetings. Managing communities. More meetings.

Is this the End of the Big Tech Reveal?

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Campaign Analysis PR Tech Public Relations Tech PR TechnologyThere are a few proven ways to make a splash with tech product news. One does not involve any PR sleight-of-hand – the news gets attention on its own merits.  It so disruptive and interesting that the media just have to cover it. Pretty rare but it happens. The more traditional PR launch is like a six gun salute. ”).

Why Successful PR Agencies Invest In PR Tech


” As PR becomes vital again, so too does better analysis of its ROI. An agency that demonstrates data analysis and non-biased measurement strategies as part of its core offerings is much more attractive to prospective clients than one that does not. good analysis tool has this data at your fingertips, every day. By Christine Perkett. ”).

Digital Ethnography for PR, Part 1: Introduction

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PR, in its rush to measurement without understanding principles of analytics and statistics, has resorted to simply measuring conversation volume without analysis of its content. As we recently described, quantitative analysis can’t fix everything. In this series, we’ll examine digital ethnography – a field of study pioneered by our colleagues at NATIONAL Public Relations.

How to Use Data Insights to Craft a Clever Content Strategy


In June 2015, computer manufacturer Lenovo started using a text analysis tool to track and act on data from product surveys, product feedback and support chats, as well as monitor conversations and audience opinions on online forums and social media. When Bieber and his team used text analysis, they found many common themes and recurring trends. Lenovo. Spotify. Experiment and adjust.

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The Eight Habits Of Successful PR People

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He’s a trained debater and former political operative who always brings a degree of rigor to his analysis of a given situation and his counsel to clients and peers. What does it take to be a great public relations professional? I’m sometimes asked this question by those entering the PR industry. But there’s more to it than that. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

6 of the best online monitoring tools for PR right now

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It offers sentiment analysis on mentions however they’re not always accurate like most sentiment analysis out there. You’ve worked hard to get that story out there, now you need to collate the coverage to show off to your client. But where do you start? Don't fret! Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo is predominantly a content tool. Really nice walk through to set up first alert.

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