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How the FTC’s New Social Media Guidelines Affect Your Brand


For the first time in five years, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has updated the FAQ page of its endorsement guidelines. Besides the demand for clarity from influencers, the latest guidelines also require disclosure for contests and sweepstakes, videos and images. He believes the FTC will only step in on blatant misuse of the guidelines. Are you on alert? Avoid Crackdowns.

FTC Guidelines and Disclosure for PR Agencies

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In 2009, when the FTC revised their guidelines for online endorsements and testimonials, there was a lot of discussion on how this affected PR agencies and brands when working with bloggers. In compliance with FTC guidelines, it is an Arment Dietrich policy to add “(client)” at the end of any communication we conduct on behalf of them. To marketers.

Top 10 Guidelines For Social Media Participation

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Below are guidelines that we drafted a while ago, refreshed for use for anyone who finds their way to them here on our blog. Feel free to repurpose and substitute your company name below and tweak as you see fit to fit your company’s guidelines. Uncategorized social media guidelines social media policyAll we ask is that if you find it helpful to reach out and let us know!

IPR Measurement Commission Judging Guidelines


The Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission developed a set of guidelines for assessing award-worthy entries. Download PDF: IPR Measurement Commission Judging Guidelines. IPR Measurement Commission Judging Guidelines appeared first on Institute for Public Relations. It is now available on the IPR Measurement Commission Center.

6 Guidelines for Social Media Tragedy Response

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Of all the guidelines and factors in this post, this is the only hard-and-fast rule: never market sorrow. cta] The post 6 Guidelines for Social Media Tragedy Response appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. We were recently asked via Twitter: In recent months, many national tragedies have occurred. If so, what is appropriate?

3 guidelines for using social media monitoring during a PR crisis

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This piece originally ran on PR Daily in March 2013. It’s no secret that stupid and illegal social media activity can cost people their jobs. The latest they-did-what? examples feature an automobile repair shop employee using Twitter to find a pot dealer and a daycare employee ridiculing toddlers via Instagram. Both were fired. It can also assess trends and pounce on strategic opportunities.

How to search for PR agencies: Guidelines for clients

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Every PR agency rep has felt that momentary panic when a hot new business lead calls and asks, "How many companies in our industry has your agency worked with?". None," I say, taking a chance. When they don’t hang up, I quickly continue, “But we have the advantage of not knowing what not to do. We’ll build on a blank slate.”. No hang up. Did not get a hang up! It comes down to quality of talent.

Friday Wrap #183: More Twitter characters, new native ad guidelines,CEOs’ engagement failure

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Federal Trade Commission has introduced new guidelines for websites that publish native ads, and the focus is on disclosure. ” The takeaway: There’s much more to be aware of in the FTC’s guidelines. Happy new year to Friday Wrap readers! In 2015, we had the uncommon experience of both Christmas and New Year’s falling on Fridays, so the Wrap took a break.

4 teleprompter guidelines for novice and veteran speakers

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Consider these guidelines when using a teleprompter: 1. There it is: your entire presentation, sitting in front of you on a teleprompter like a warm, comfortable, digital security blanket. Politicians use them. Television hosts use them. Why shouldn't you ? The most direct answer is that speaking from a teleprompter is hard. When you slow down, the prompter's scroll should slow down.

The FTC and Social Media: You Have to Disclose

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The FTC Guidelines Are Clear. But the FTC guidelines are very clear: In any advertising medium (and they consider social media advertising), you must disclose your relationship with (c), #client, #sponsored, or similar identifier. But it’s my job, as the leader, to be sure my team is educated on the constant changes and ebb and flow of the guidelines. By Gini Dietrich.

FTC Endorsement Guidelines: What Agencies Need to Know

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In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) came out with guidelines regarding disclosure of endorsements that were significantly updated to take into account the ever-expanding domain of online advertising and social media. Reading and then understanding said guidelines in the Federal Register caused many a migraine for marketers. Ok, so what does this mean in practice? M.M.M.

A 10-Step Approach to Launching Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Launching your first influencer marketing campaign and don't know where to start? Fear not, Evan Asano has a 10-step approach to help you launch a successful influencer marketing campaign. The post A 10-Step Approach to Launching Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign appeared first on Spin Sucks.

How Best To Twitter – Everything You Wanted to Know, But Didn’t Have Time to Find Out

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This awareness has been compounded by the fact that friends and clients often ask me for Twitter guidelines and more about different social media (which I’ll deal with in separate posts). Guidelines on Twitter Made Easy. For those of you who love infographics ( I’m one of them ), you will also find the following: Twitter Best Practice Guidelines. collection.

Are you following these crucial writing guidelines?

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With deadlines looming and last-minute requests landing on your desk, it’s easy to commit writing errors without realizing it. You might be well aware of the fundamental rules but find yourself forgetting them from time to time. Do you always : Start with a compelling headline and lead? Keep your true audience in mind as your write? Eliminate redundancies and jargon? 31 at 12–3:30 p.m.

Three Ways to Avoid Rogue Behaviors

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Have a clear online marketing policy and guidelines signed by all your employees. Social Media facebook rogue employees social media guidelines social media policy terms of serviceToday’s guest post is written by Lisa D. Jenkins. . It all starts very innocently. First stop, Facebook. “ Well, because EVERYONE is on Facebook! We have to be there, too.” digress. Lisa D.

Designer: Global Brand Immersion–Strategy & Guidelines - Memphis, TN

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Company: Oden Location: Memphis, Tennessee Industry: Not Specified Minimum Education: Bachelor''s Job Status: Full Time

How Long Can We Get Away With It?

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While Facebook is busy elsewhere, Maltese companies have been busy taking the opportunity to experiment and develop campaigns and promotions, many of which pay little or no regard to the promotions guidelines. That doesn’t mean, however, that brands that blatantly defy the guidelines aren’t taking a risk. In the first half of 2011, Facebook’s revenue hit US$1.6 billion.

Similar to PR, Journalism Comes in Different Grades

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Journalism Writing Associated Press guidelines AUTO Connected Car News bad Journalism Bureau of Labor Statistics GigaOm journalism and PR journalism business journalism business model media professionalism pay for journalism pay for play pr agency PR fail PR industry PR professionals public relations professionalsThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the number of people working in PR at 218,910 (as of May 2015). Some of these folks are extraordinary.

PREthics & Native Advertising


PR Teams – Be On Alert Late last year, the Federal Trade Commission issued guidelines for native advertising, a topic of much discussion in 2016. These guidelines have implications for public relations professionals to consider. look at current and past practices, such as product and company publicity, makes this evident. Product publicists have loaned […]. Ethics #PREthics Advertising BEPS communication Deceptively Formatted Advertisements ESA Federal Trade Commission (FTC) native advertising

Designer: Strategy & Guideline Development - Memphis, TN

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Company: Oden Location: Memphis, Tennessee Industry: Not Specified Minimum Education: Bachelor''s Job Status: Full Time

4 Failproof Ways to Get Your Press Release Rejected


To that end, you may see your distribution service reject your press release initially, or ask you to make some changes to meet guidelines. Ignore Those Guidelines. Hey, if you never saw the guidelines, you can claim ignorance, right? As an example, PRWeb lists its editorial guidelines here. Here’s what not to do if you want to knock out your release in the first try. 1.

How to Measure PR Effectively

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While the guidelines outlined by recognized authorities provides a general structure for identifying WHAT to measure, the industry has yet to establish a clear standard for HOW we interpret and quantify these measurements to determine effect and ROI. Much as we may shy away from math and stats, the time has come to learn how to use data to show results.

How to Keep the Press Interested in Your Press Releases


Each press release distribution service has its own set of editorial guidelines for users to follow, but failing to read those guidelines before submitting a press release for distribution can cause a setback for all involved. Ensure success by reviewing your distribution service’s guidelines and reminding yourself what constitutes a timely news angle. Stick to the Cycle.

The Top PR Trends For 2017

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coalition of professional groups has created guidelines for benchmarking and measuring PR programs, and while there’s no one-size-fits-all formula, there’s plenty of practical advice on how to use those principles. Like nearly any other marketing or strategic discipline, public relations has changed in recent years. billion over the next five years. PR is about generating influence.  .

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Lessons from Cannes on Communicating Ideas

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For those pitching in the Marché, the ability to communicate the importance of their next big idea boiled down to three key elements that could serve as guidelines for any communicator outside the Palais des Festivals: 1)  Be Concise. Uncategorized business communications communicating ideas guidelines for communications storytellingBy Melissa Lewelling. The Hoffman Agency.

FTC Regulation of Native Advertising: How New Federal Rules Impact PR Practice


Specific attention is given to the FTC 2015 guidelines Native Advertising: A Guide for Business and their Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements. Since 2000 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has produced numerous guidelines and policy statements that directly address promotional social media and internet content. Among these guidelines include issues related to disclosures, endorsements, truth in advertising, and transparency. In December 2015 the FTC issued guidelines and a policy statement concerning native advertising. Introduction.

Why Companies Should Be Training All Employees to Use Social Media


Social Media Access with Guidelines and Expectations: Let’s be honest, at some point most of us have experienced logging onto Facebook clicking a link to an article, and then mysteriously finding ourselves on the weird part of the internet  … again. Allow employees to access social media sites, but have HR and marketing work together to develop a social media guideline policy.

Measurement Month: The Barcelona Principles


Because standards are a good thing – and the PR industry could use some guidelines on how to not only measure success, but how to better prove our value to the business bottom line. By Seedepth. We’ve written before about the Barcelona Principles. As part of our support for AMEC’s Measurement Month , we’ll share again our thoughts on their importance. Yikes!

What Makes a News Release Share-Worthy?


This is not only part of most newswire’s editorial guidelines; it is the most critical element in writing shareable content. Writing a quality news release takes time. Coming up with a compelling angle, crafting a punchy headline, tightening up each sentence, formatting, editing, and making fixes is no quick or simple task. Here are 3 steps to crafting a share-worthy news release. What next?

Does Common Sense On Social Media Come With Age?

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Does the blame (partially or in full) fall on the employer who put the young person to task without first providing them with the proper training and guidelines? Adam Schefter recently stirred up some controversy by tweeting the following: Great line from @johnreporters on young people’s decisions in social-media age: “It’s time for common sense to catch up with technology.”

4 Essential Elements of a Standout Press Release


There will be exceptions to this guideline; however, longer releases run the risk of losing your audience’s attention. Despite the multitude of channels and platforms available to PR professionals today, press releases remain an important part of the public relations arsenal. But are your press releases driving leads or falling flat? Headline. Why should they click to read more? .

Free Issues Management Response Flow Chart (For Your Use)

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Social media guidelines. Effective issues management is a hot topic these days, which makes sense considering that every week presents us with another organization in need of putting their issues management to practice. When it comes to your organization’s issues management, equipping your frontline with a response flow chart is essential. It’s only one piece of the puzzle.

5 Ways to Build Successful Email Pitches


Like editorial calendars, most outlets also include a section on their website with guidelines and pitching policies. Change may be constant in the PR world, but traditional pitching methods are alive and well. In fact, while reporters’ presence on social media platforms has risen over the past few years, email still remains their preferred pitching method. Go back to square one.

How To Measure PR Outcomes: A Practical Guide

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The short version of the PR industry’s evolution is that six years ago it created the Barcelona Principles , a set of seven voluntary guidelines to measure the efficacy of PR campaigns. Here are my real-world guidelines for PR professionals. My fingers would be newsprint-grimy within an hour. Our program strategies are more likely to be informed by behavioral data.

FTC Social Disclosure Rules

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” Last year, the FTC released revised guidelines  that made it clear that marketers have to apply the same standards– including full disclosures– to short-form ads on Twitter as they have to older traditional media. Read the FTC Guidelines. Get your team trained on these social media guidelines and how to use social posts appropriately. PS Vita [ruling] the world.

Blogger Outreach Versus Media Relations: What Marketers Need To Know


The good news is most bloggers follow strict ethical guidelines, such as indicating when they’ve been reimbursed for a product review. According to a 2013 Technorati study , blogs are one of the most important online sources of purchase influence. In fact, they ranked third after retail and brand sites—well above online magazines and news sites. The media outlet pays the journalists.

Four Tiers of Successful Business Innovation

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Financial guidelines. Resource guidelines. By Laura Petrolino. Business innovation. We all know it’s important. We all talk about how to cultivate  organizational cultures of business innovation. We all just want to be gosh darn innovative. Unfortunately, I also want to have super powers and to teleport myself to tropical islands at the snap of my fingers. Are You Innovative?

4 Mobile SEO Problems That PR Pros Must Conquer

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Forms and landing pages on many corporate sites are actually hosted by marketing automation software providers, and those pages may not be compliant with Google’s new guidelines, even if your regular corporate website is. Google is about to change the SEO rules again. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.

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Troll Control: Fabulous Tips From Four Experts

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As co-moderator of a large Facebook group for PR professionals and journalists in Arizona, establishing member guidelines makes a big difference in the quality of group engagement and content. Every community manager worries about trolls. Potential risk, This one from Kuno Creative is pretty ingenious. Kinda fun, too, in a pre-Halloween kind of way.). LEARN FROM JAY BAER. WRONG! Who knew?

Hillary Clinton, a Cigar and the Power of Storytelling

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In my book, “Leadership, Storytelling and the Power of Connection,” I offer guidelines for telling a good story that creates an emotional connection with employees, customers or other stakeholders. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. By Raf Stevens Storytelling is a powerful weapon.