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The Virtual Arena: Why Brands Should Embrace VR Technology

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VR technology offers total immersion into your story; it’s the sort of coverage you simply can’t buy through traditional means nowadays. The post The Virtual Arena: Why Brands Should Embrace VR Technology appeared first on Spin Sucks. Mark Borum provides the secret to incorporating a VR experience into your brand identity.

What Consumers Think About Travel Technology


Many are using digital travel technology, a trend that is changing the way consumers interact with airlines, hotel chains and other companies. One key trend is wearable technology. To find out more about what Cision discovered in the Travel Technology study, click here. 3. As Disney has shown, travelers like technologies that provide convenience.

Communicators need to get familiar with blockchain technology

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Large companies have launched big experiments with a new technology that could enable Whirlpool (and GE and Black & Decker and Samsung and every other producer of goods) to sell direct to customers. This technology could do to Amazon what Amazon did to brick-and-mortar retailers. The technology is called blockchain. There are no Whirlpool stores. But not for long. ”).

The Role of Technology in Social Media Management

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Luckily for us there are some smart technology solutions that can cut the time dramatically and help you create content that gets results. She’s an early adopter of Digital PR and has been an evangelist for the use of technology in PR since 2000. Learn how technology can save time and make your program more effective -. It takes hours to do it all manually. 5pm GMT).

Technology vs. Paper for Your Task List

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You see, I love technology. blog (a lot) and I read (a lot) and I use technology to help me do both of those things. Yesterday afternoon, Allen Mireles and I were talking about our to-do lists. Not from the aspect of how busy we are , but in how we track everything so balls don’t get lost. But I keep going back to the tried and true method of a paper task list. Other Tools.

Traveler Expectations for In-Flight Technology


Want to learn how travel technology impacts your brand? Read Cision Global Insight’s free “Integrating Travel Technology Into the Customer Experience” white paper today! Want to see all of Cision’s key findings on travelers’ technology preferences? As technology offerings continue to advance, consumers expectations will also evolve. Wi-Fi.

How Digital Marketing Technology has Affected PR

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In the past few years, PR has been able to leverage digital marketing technology tools and techniques. That’s where the digital marketing technology tools come in. Digital marketing technology tools can help you understand the most optimal ways to reach your client’s customer base and help you edge out your peers. Second, lean on your digital marketing technology team.

The Role of Technology in Social Media Management

The Proactive Report

Luckily for us there are some smart technology solutions that can cut the time dramatically and help you create content that gets results. She’s an early adopter of Digital PR and has been an evangelist for the use of technology in PR since 2000. Learn how technology can save time and make your program more effective -. PR Tech Tools dashboard digital PR management online PR social media strategy technology webinar It takes hours to do it all manually. MANAGING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PR CAMPAIGNS. Date:  Thursday March 19 th 2015 (10 am PDT. 1 pm EDT. 5pm GMT).

PR and the Marketing Technology Skills Gap

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Keeping pace with the rate of change in marketing technology has become a full time job.  Heck, just keeping up with the news is a challenge, never mind closing the gap on technological skill sets you need to execute effectively. So, how in this wave of ever changing technology do we keep our heads above water here at SHIFT?  Prioritize and Share…. Prioritize Learning.

4 Signs It’s Time to Invest in PR or Marketing Technology


If you can identify with any of the following signs, it’s time to turn to technology to get some of your marketing and PR done. While you can’t (and shouldn’t) completely put your marketing and PR on autopilot, technology can make your work easier, and help you stay on top of what’s important. Best Practices Featured marketing technology PRYour mom , dude. So you do nothing.

How technology has changed PR agencies

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How have agencies updated their roles to reflect the technological changes and era of social media, and how have agency employees adapted? The structure of public relations, advertising and digital marketing agencies have changed significantly over the last five to 10 years. Change is inevitable; it’s how we adapt to change that allows us to learn and grow. Demonstrating ROI. Image via

How technology fuels PR's future

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If you don’t believe that the PR profession is rapidly changing, it may not be your profession for much longer. PR pros intent on issuing a press release and calling it a day are quickly learning that this strategy doesn’t cut it. recent Fast Company article pointed out that media relations is really just a small (though still important) part of PR efforts.

Technology and Trust

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2016 Edelman Trust Barometer 6am Blog bay area Edelman San Francisco Richard Edelman technology

Explorations of Blockchain Technology


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A Morning Exploration of Blockchain Technology in Financial Services


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Pitching Business and Technology Contributors: Q & A with Freelancer Anne R. Gabriel


Gabriel has spent over 30 years as a professional in the communications field, writing about business and education technologies as a journalist and marketing communications consultant. Moving fluidly between the worlds of journalism, business technology writing, marketing and PR, she does everything from writing editorial for C-Level IT publications to providing marketing support for organizations ranging from start-up to Fortune 500. love getting news releases related to business technology solutions – but I do not cover consumer tech. Anne R. Period.

What Sets Technology PR Apart from Other Types of PR

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Approaching my first year working in technology public relations, I’ve started to reflect on how much technology PR differs from my former life in corporate PR. Clients have a (very) wide range of technologies. SHIFT’s tech clients do a lot of different things – ranging from marketing technology to cybersecurity to cloud contact center software. Or semiconductors?

Where does public relations fit in the marketing technology stack?

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At the recent MarTech San Francisco conference, Scott Brinker revealed the marketing technology stacks of 41 different companies. Where does public relations fit into the marketing technology landscape? Everywhere and nowhere, because public relations is not a technology. marketing technology stack is a term derived from IT, information technology. Christopher S.

The Technology That Could Disrupt Marketing as We Know It

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Technology Industry Editor''s Note: This post was originally published on LinkedIn. What’s possible when the art and science of marketing collide? I’ve been consumed by this question for the better part of 10 years since launching PR 20/20. believe the marketing industry has reached an inflection point, and everything is about to change.

What will PR technology look like in 2025?

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A few weeks ago, the MN PRSA folks asked me to present at the local APR study session on “technology.” In 1995, technology looked like this in the PR world: The Mac Classic is one of the computers I grew up with. Or, think about what cell technology looked like 10 years ago… What does PR tech look like today? And, we HAVE the technology NOW. Big time.

The Impact of Communication Technologies on Employees’ Well-Being


Communication technologies influence people’s personal and professional lives tremendously. As Nicole Long, Demand Media said in her article, “How Technology Affects Job Performance,” the use of communication technologies can help streamline organizational processes and improve employees’ productivity if managed effectively. How technology affects job performance. 2016).

How Will You Adapt to Technology Replacing Humans?

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My entrepreneurial brain is in fast-forward right now, trying to figure out what happens to human beings as computers replace models, actors , writers ,  HR departments , and maybe even teachers. company here in Chicago, Narrative Science , has created algorithms that tell stories human beings don’t tell. Forward Thinking. Will computers ever totally replace humans?

How Technology is Powering the Earned Media Revolution

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For far too long, communications teams have struggled with gaps in technology, content, data, analytics and attribution. During his tenure as general manager and senior vice president at Oracle Marketing Cloud, Cision’s Chief Executive Officer Kevin Akeroyd drove innovation for marketers, helping them energize relationships and build their sales pipeline through technology. Until now.

5 technologies that aren’t dead (or even on life support)

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Example: Aaron Strout shared in a 2013 MarketingLand post “five reasons I see that prevented this fairly simple technology from living up to its promise.” It’s not a consumer technology, but consumers benefit from it all the time. Usually the “{fill in the blank} is dead” meme is just hyperbole. Check-ins. ” won’t get you anywhere. QR codes.

Tough Talks and Technology Don’t Mix

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Yet I see it happening more and more. I’m on a crusade: To get people to talk and connect, and to stop hiding behind technology. Today’s guest post is written by Alan Cohen. Earlier this month, The Today Show spent a good portion of their program discussing Facebook parent Tommy Jordan shooting his daughter’s laptop  on YouTube. percent). Set the stage before the talk.

The Exciting Technology In Back to the Future No One Noticed

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The movie predicted a lot of real world technological advancements, such as video conferencing, hands-free gaming, giant flat screen TVs, and video glasses. But there’s one futuristic technology in the movie that should excite analytics gurus more. I’m talking about biometric signatures. But while fingerprint technology isn’t anything new, its application in “Back to the Future” is.

Four Ways Technology Affects How Companies do PR

Ron Torossian

Technology impacts every area of our lives, especially in communication. With this in mind, here are four ways that technology affects the way companies do PR – for better or worse. The post Four Ways Technology Affects How Companies do PR appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. People download video games … READ MORE ».

The Marketing Gaps: Talent, Technology and Strategy

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Strategy Technology Talent Following is an excerpt from The Marketing Performance Blueprint (John Wiley & Sons, 2014). Visit for additional information and resources. The Marketing Talent Gap. Digital marketing has revolutionized the industry, and the job market. Corporate marketing departments, small businesses, and marketing agencies struggle.

Unicorns, Upscaling and the State of Massachusetts Technology

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There are a few interrelated themes that have gotten a lot of play in technology press over the past few months. Although we see a heavy number of Silicon Valley representatives on the unicorn list (as expected), there are many technology unicorns here on the east coast (MongoDB, AppNexus, Actifio, MediaMath) along with rumored candidates like Rapid7, Dataminr and DataGravity.

Five Interesting Applications of Blockchain Technology


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3 ways CRM technology can make PR pros’ lives easier

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Technology can make your life easier. This is because software firms get excited and blindly develop technology for its own sake, forgetting about the people for whom they are developing it. The technology you use should help you achieve this by enhancing the PR skills you already have. Use the right technology to keep clients happy, charm reporters and improve your efficiency.

How Technology Can Empower PR Team Collaboration


At the speed that media moves these days, PR teams need to be agile to capture opportunity and upside. Seamless collaboration and teamwork has never been more important, because conversations and stories break quicker than ever, and the teams that can mobilize will own the mindshare in their markets. Below are four tips to get your org humming. Product Updates

Is Technology the Last Chance for PR Pros to Survive?

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To understand whether technological progress will come to the rescue of public relations professionals, we must begin by analyzing the reasons behind the generalized PR transformation. Faced with the development of online media communities and the saturation of traditional communication and distribution channels, what technological response is appropriate? – Elena Verlee.

3 ways PR pros can use technology effectively

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Technology has forever changed the way PR pros communicate with their audiences. No matter the organization or client, PR pros must learn to embrace social media communications—including the technology behind their chosen platforms. You don’t always have to be on the cutting edge, on the bleeding edge, of technology to make an impact,” Musante says. Relationships are paramount.

How technology’s 'Hummingbird Effect' evolves PR strategies

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Today’s Technology Innovations. The Economics of Technology Professor Susan Athey has designed a study and measured how networks such as Facebook and network aggregators like Google have impacted the consumption of news. I just finished reading “ How We Got to Now ” and loved the book. The book looks at the “hummingbird effect” on innovation and how it shaped the modern world.

Harness Technology and Storytelling: 3 Takeaways from Disney Pixar

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I am a huge fan of Pixar. In 1995, Toy Story became the first completely computer-animated, full-length motion picture, and by doing so made it socially acceptable for me to watch cartoons again. For this, I am eternally grateful. Business

Why Ello isn’t the new Facebook (and the reason has nothing to do with technology)

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The answer has nothing to do with technology. Social Media Tools Technology Trends ello new social media apps new social media tools social media technology social media tools Last week, new social network Ello was all over my social streams. mean ALL OVER them. Early adopters were handing out invites. And people were snapping them up. Hell, people were BEGGING for them. Agree?

Technology doesn’t / does own me. Delete appropriately.

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Sadly it may be too late to get off.  My social behaviour both at work and at home is heavily dependent on technology.  I can’t escape the fact that at times I bypass the real world to get a digital quick-fix. I am now crashing on the rocks of reality – technology is here to stay.  So, I better wise up and draw my own guiding principles before I’m emailing my microwave to make dinner for myself. Only for technology to give me a real eye opener. The post Technology doesn’t / does own me. Blog engaging employees new technology new way of learning for employees

Does Too Much Technology Make Us Bored?

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And in doing so, I experienced two very different attitudes to customer service, and technology, all in the same day. When I asked what the average lifespan of the machines was, she said, “The technology will be obsolete by then, but you’re looking at _.” Technology, for better or worse. Does Too Much Technology Make Us Bored? Too cool for school.

Will 2015 be the year wearable technology brands enter the national health debate?

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This year has been the year of wearable technology with Google Glass going on sale and health wristbands like Fitbit tipped to be one of this Christmas’ big sellers. In the case of the Fitbit, the technology that’s […]. The post Will 2015 be the year wearable technology brands enter the national health debate? appeared first on Firefly Communications.