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Canva for Infographics Video Tutorial

The Proactive Report

Data visualization is hot right now and the media loves infographics.  So does the public. this video tutorial will walk you through the basic steps of using Canva to make an infographic. Digital PR Online PR Canva design digital PR infographics skills tutorial videoEvery PR or communications pro should know how to use the easy design tools available now.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] What is Media Intelligence?

iQ media

Since an infographic is worth a thousand keywords, (well not really, but you get the analogy), we thought we would draw it out for you. You may understand what media monitoring is, but do you really understand the true value of media intelligence ? Here are some key take-aways for how we define media intelligence at iQ media : Media monitoring on steroids.

Make Infographics Accessible to All

Spin Sucks

As soon as infographics made their first appearance on the web, people immediately recognized their usefulness for conveying complex subjects in a simple, visually appealing way. Since then, their popularity has only grown, which means infographics are here to stay. The question then becomes, how can marketers create infographics that everyone will find accessible? Use HTML.

Infographic: How Can You Slay Social Trolls?


To prevent a crisis from taking off, take a look at the following infographic. Brand crises take many forms. And while no crisis is enviable, brand trolls can be some of the most annoying and damaging for your brand. So how can you protect your brand’s image? To keep your brand’s reputation from getting tarnished, you need a mixture of influencer relations and media intelligence in your crisis communication strategy. With social listening tools and a strong army of third-party advocates, your brand can identify damaging content, debunk trolls’ tales and protect your reputation. Loading.

Infographic: What’s the State of the Media in 2016?


The infographic, inspired by the results, shows some of the highlights of the report, including the top trends in journalism, a look at how reporters use social and what skills communicators need to improve. The infographic also includes a timeline of 2015’s major media events that have shaped the industry, including: Buzzfeed, BBC and other outlets beginning to publish through Facebook.

Five Ways to Write Catchy Infographic Text

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One of the most popular promotional tools used in new media is the infographic. There are specific strategies you can employ with your texts to ensure catchy infographics. Here are five ways to build a  a memorable and shareable infographic. Do Not Overload Infographics with Text. One way to deter readers quickly is to saturate your infographic with too many words.

Infographic: How Journalists Use Social Media in 2016


As the below infographic reveals, more and more journalists are using social media to share content, monitor discussions and interact with their audience. It’s a PR fact of life that if you want to connect with today’s journalists, email is a must. As Cision’s 2016 Global Social Journalism Study  notes, email continues to not only be the most common form of contact between journalists and PR professionals, it’s also the most preferred. However, to reach journalists tomorrow , agencies and brand communicators must consider the other options gaining ground.

A Look at PR and Communications Changes in Recent Years (Infographic)

Melissa Agnes

I recently came across the below infographic that highlights all the changes we’ve seen in PR and communications within the last couple years. originally viewed this infographic here. The post A Look at PR and Communications Changes in Recent Years (Infographic) appeared first on Agnes + Day. Provoking Thought infographic pr know you’ll enjoy this one!

Infographic: Influencer Marketing Survey


The post Infographic: Influencer Marketing Survey appeared first on onalytica. Influencer Marketing Marketing b2b marketing influencer marketing infographic tools use casesThis October 2015 survey highlights findings from Onalytica’s  focus groups and consultations with 100  Marketing Directors, Heads of Social Media, Communication & PR  Professionals. REQUEST A FREE DEMO.

A guide to infographics

PR Daily

An infographic about infographics? If you’re considering infographics as part of your content strategy, where do you start—and how do you get from an infographic idea to measuring its effectiveness? RELATED: Learn new techniques to attract audiences with visuals at our infographics virtual event. That’s so meta. Use a 3-color palette with contrast. 2.

How Social Media Fuels Content Marketing -- INFOGRAPHIC

Strategic Public Relations

Click here to download a larger version of the above infographic. Content / Media Content Marketing Social Media content marketing infographic social media AdAge''s article, "Four Areas Agencies Need to Embrace to Stay Relevant" caught my attention. It notes external collaboration is an area agencies need more of to keep up in our industry.

The Untold History of the News Release (Infographic)

Ishmael's Corner

The post The Untold History of the News Release (Infographic) appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. Journalism Media Relations PR Businesswire commoditization of news commoditization of press releases communications infographic history of Ivy Lee history of PR history of public relations history of the news release history of the press release holmes report innovation summit journalism and public relations news distribution services news release PR infographic press release prnewswire public domain public relations infographic

The world before social media (Funny Infographic)

Norton's Notes

know how long a good infographic can take. Amusing Marketing Social Media Training and Tips infographic world I love this graphic god knows who created it but it reminds me of the good old days when we all used fax machines to send our press releases out and picked up something called a phone. Enjoy.

Infographic: What to Do During the First 48 Minutes of a Crisis


When a crisis hits, time is of the essence, and you should always be prepared to defend yourself. A new infographic from Fineman PR illustrates what your brand should do during the first 48 minutes of a crisis. The initial minutes of a crisis are crucial, and this infographic will help guide your brand through them. So how can your brand be ready for anything? Image via Pixabay: 1.

Facebook’s Reactions Are the 6 Stages of a Doomed Relationship.


Blog Facebook Humour in storytelling infograph

(Near) Death of the Infographic


There has been a lot of debate about whether or not infographics have officially lost their punch. Five years ago, the lengthy, forever-scrolling  infographic with over-the-top vector illustrations was a novelty and captivated readers. Infographics often include statistics and tidbits of data surrounded by an illustrated, subjective story.

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Infographic: Ace Your Media Interview With This Checklist


Their latest infographic will teach you how to shape your responses around three key messages, embrace silence to avoid saying something inappropriate and thank your interviewer once everything is said and done. Check out the infographic below! What happens when you have to get in front of colleagues to present a project? Some get sweaty palms or shaky legs, while others speak at supersonic speed to get it over with as quickly as possible. Practice makes perfect, especially if a checklist is involved. Make eye contact. Speak slowly. Enunciate your words.

10 Basic Rules for Successful Infographics

Solo PR Pro

Love them or hate them, highly-sharable infographics have become an enduring part of the content marketing landscape. While there was a time when the rush to create infographics resulted in a lot of crazy-looking.jpegs with no purpose, we now have tools (such as Canva , , Piktochart , and , to name a few) that make it easier to produce an appealing finished product. Checkout this infographic on infographics below, which offers some helpful tips: The post 10 Basic Rules for Successful Infographics appeared first on Solo PR Pro.

Infographic: Super Bowl 50’s Top Brands & Ads


As the biggest single-evening TV event in the  United States , the Super Bowl is an enormous opportunity for businesses. This year, companies spent  $167,000 per second  on commercials during the big game, but how much reaction did that cash generate on social media? Using Cision Global Insights, we tracked the brands with the greatest share of voice across six product categories. Do you know where your brand stands against the competition? Cision provides the insights that will keep your brand ahead of the game. Top #SB50 Influencers. Ciro Procuna. Sports reporter at ESPN Deportes.

Why and how communicators should create infographics

PR Daily

Together with the predicted rise of content marketing, it''s likely that during the next couple of years we''ll witness a growing interest in brand infographics. Infographics are a smart content feature. How can you create great infographics that will captivate your audience and clearly communicate your brand message? Infographic accessibility. Picking the right charts.

How to optimize your infographic for search

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Infographics are a great tool to gain traction for search engine optimization (SEO). Just make sure your infographics (and the pages on which they live) are optimized correctly to ensure you get all the benefits. According to Hubspot , 39 percent of B2B buyers said they frequently share infographics on social media. Don't fret about posting infographics. Image via

64% of PR and Marketing Pros Will Increase Content Marketing Efforts in 2016: Marketwired Survey and Infographic


Check out the survey highlights in our original infographic  and read more in our news release. As consumers increasingly look for relevant and engaging multimedia content, it’s no surprise that PR and marketing pros are answering the call by producing and sharing photos, video, infographics and other visual content with their audiences. [By Lisa Davis]. We’re curious, too.

Create killer infographics in 9 steps

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That's a humbling assessment that John Meyer, co-founder and CEO at Lemonly, shared in a session called "How to create infographics that are worth a thousand words" at Ragan's Visual Communications and Infographics Summit in Denver. Meyer's solution is infographics. Infographics are interesting. Decide which type of infographic to make. Launch the infographic.

Infographic: 38 ways to engage your team

PR Daily

Instead, consider the 38 employee engagement opportunities proposed in this infographic from Officevibe. Check out the full infographic for more: ( View a larger image. Want to bring your team together? How about a horrible ropes course? Of course not. You don't want to be the person in charge of coordinating that awkward attempt at team building. Make core values clear.

3 ways to add infographics to your PR mix

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Infographics are not going away. Some of our local outlets happily republish our infographics,” she says, “and we’ve also increased our web traffic tenfold since including infographics in content we post there.”. Here are three ideas for adding infographics, and potentially viral images, to your own content and media relations mix: 1. Register for PR Daily’s Jan.

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4 tips for creating effective infographics

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Requests would come in, especially for infographics, to “add some jazz,” “make it sexy” or “make it pop.”. Though we strive to make data relevant to clients in our regular reporting, requests to “jazzify” are especially prevalent when we’re asked to design infographics. Those objectives may be implied, but it doesn’t hurt to clarify what you hope to achieve with your infographic.

Infographic: The irritating buzzwords people use most

PR Daily

That could be because, according to an infographic from GetVoIP , the phrase has increased in use by 955 percent over the past 30 years. For those of you tirelessly campaigning for the demise of corporate jargon, the infographic below pokes fun at some of the buzzwords we love to hate and reveals how much their use in print has increased. Are you groaning as loudly as I am? Image via

7 tips for designing killer infographics

PR Daily

Infographics are becoming more and more popular, and many businesses are pumping them out as a primary form of content. What do you do, though, if you're not a designer and you don't have the funds to hire one, yet you still want to produce infographics? Some combinations look great, but too many fonts can turn your infographic into an eyesore. Use complementary colors.

Top Data-Driven PR Trends of 2016: Interactive Infographics

Shift Communications

Trend #1: Interactive Infographics. We marketers and communicators have killed the infographic. Can the news media absorb the volume of infographics we churn out? Above, we scanned the news to see how many times the word “infographic” was mentioned, then scanned Twitter for the same. How often is “infographic” tweeted? In a word, no.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

Solo PR Pro

This infographic from Mike Dane, PR Manager of TruConversion provides 18 tips to help you perfect your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn launched in 2003 with 4500 members. Today, the site has more than 433 million members and is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. As we gear up for the second half of the year, it is a great time to spiff and polish our LinkedIn profile.

4 unconventional infographics formats

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Great infographics do not have to be filled with bar graphs and word clouds. If you need more than inspiration, our Advanced Data Communications and Infographics workshop will teach you to distill large amounts of information into attractive, shareable infographics. See when the Advanced Data Communications Infographics Workshop will be near you here. Periodic table of….

Harnessing the Power of Visuals with Infographics

PR 20/20

Enter infographics. An infographic defined is a data-rich visualization of a story or a thesis used to educate, inform, build brand awareness and create inbounds links. Read on to learn how and why infographics can add value to your marketing efforts. Marketers love data, and with good reason. But, let’s face it: Data in isolation isn’t visually appealing. Graphic Design

Infographic: The Perennial Customer Revolution

Sword and the Script

The Social Times recently published an infographic by a UK-based software company called SDL.  It calls for “global customer experience wakeup call” and is based on a survey of nearly 3,000 people in nine countries. The complete infographic follows below: If you enjoyed this post, you might also like: Ultimate Marketing Secret: Happy Customers Bring Friends  . by Frank Strong.

Infographic: A Winning Mindset and Approach to Crisis

Melissa Agnes

Following is a little infographic that depicts what I’m talking about. Click here to enlarge infographic Click here to download. Feel free to copy and paste the embed code below to share this infographic on your blog or website. Please leave the link back to original post below the infographic. What does it take to implement a #crisisready culture?

20 tools to help you craft irresistible infographics

PR Daily

Readers want quick access to information, and infographics are a creative way to deliver it. Infographics are quickly gaining popularity and, in some cases , replacing lengthy blog posts. You should look into infographics because: We receive five times more information. will click on a link that leads to an infographic. Infographics provide valuable inbound links.

Create better infographics in 4 steps

PR Daily

When was the last time an infographic made your job—or at least your day—easier? Visuals are a great way to amplify your content's reach and effect, but some brands churn out infographics, e-books and social media images without stopping to think how those pieces can help people. Your reader should be able to understand your infographic's message within a few seconds of scanning it.

The Ultimate Media Interview Checklist [Infographic]

PR in Your Pajamas

recently collaborated with Udemy to create “The Ultimate Media Interview Checklist.” It’s an infographic with 33 of my top tips for giving media interviews so you come across like the expert that you are. hope this infographic serves you well in your next media interview. A large, broadcast-quality camera is aimed at you. Lights blind your vision. Your breaths are shallow. Lots of it.

The Evolution of the News Release: My #PRSAICON Infographic

Bad Pitch Blog

Various, conflicting observations like the ones above have been compiled into the infographic below. prsaicon infographic news release Part of my presentation on media relations at #PRSAICON focuses on the news release paradox. It''s seemingly got its own gravitational pull as one of the most mentioned tools in our industry. Much Ado About Nothing?

Infographic: How to reach each generation on social media

PR Daily

An infographic from Webpage FX makes the decision easier. Here are a few finding from the infographic: Eighty-seven percent of millennials use Facebook. (In contrast, 25 percent of Generation Z left Facebook in 2014.). Check out the full infographic for more: ( View a larger image. As a communications professional, you keep up with industry trends and research.

How to Focus Your Mornings [Infographic]

Solo PR Pro

This handy, practical infographic tells us how: Courtesy of: Entrepreneur. With autumn now in full swing and the kids nicely settled into school, we can once again turn our attention back onto our own morning routines and daily work schedules. As solopreneurs, we can sometimes find ourselves in need of a productivity boost, particularly as we jumpstart our workdays when the sun rises.