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Print’s not dead, despite all the assertions to the contrary. Note: Try opening this Sway document in full-screen mode

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Print vs. Online Monitoring

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Print Persists. There are still some publications that are either completely print-only, or they carry different versions and content on their online properties versus their print publications, or their online content is paywalled and not likely to appear elsewhere (some industry-specific publications and trade or medical journals, for example). Search and Online Monitoring.

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Friday Wrap #140: News on Snapchat, Facebook immortality, Google’s healthcare move, life for print

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More evidence print is not dead —Style website Refinery29 has produced 30,000 copies of a 28-page print magazine that will be available to visitors at New York’s Fashion Week inside Uber cars. As always, the Wrap is a rundown of news, posts, articles, and research that’s useful for communicators to know but that not have been widely shared. Read more. Read more.

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Friday Wrap #155: Google’s game-changer, the net’s slowing growth, the state of print, smart bottles

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Print’s still not dead, but… —If you judge the health of print based on the health of publications, Mary Meeker’s numbers can’t be reassuring. The amount of time adults in America spend on print is just 4%—TV accounts for 37% followed by the internet and mobile devices (24% each). Sure, Android is big and Google Now is incredibly useful.

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Google’s Touchscreen Whiteboard, Sweden’s Brilliant Tax Break and Honda 3D Prints An Electric Minivan

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Read the full story on Psychology Today >> Honda 3D Prints A Fully Electric Minivan. Image Source: [PSFK] Could something as complex as a car ever be simplified enough that you could just download the plans and 3D print one at home? Want these insights before anyone else? Subscribe Here >> Google Launches Sexy New 55 Inch Touchscreen Whiteboard. Thanks! Books. Events.

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Eight Social Media Trends for 2012

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Print to Tablet Swap. You’ll see a big swap of print moving to the tablet in 2012. Social Media Trends Email Marketing get glue global aliiance integration marketing round measuring results pinterest print to tablet PRSA results social commerce social media trends social TVWelcome back to the real world! hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving weekend. Results.

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Media interview tips: How to prepare for TV, radio and print media interviews

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When you’re asked to be interviewed in the media , it’s important to know that each medium – radio, TV and print – have specific requirements you should understand before the interview. Print. Through understanding the unique requirements of each medium , you can put your best foot forward and have a successful interview that will benefit your business and your brand.

Microsoft's viral age-guessing tool comes with fine print

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If you’re a frequent social media user, you’ve probably seen photos of people with little yellow and orange icons above their faces with a number. They’re using a Microsoft product called It’s supposed to predict the age you look in that photo, and it’s kind of a cool feature. We don’t keep the photo.”. RELATED: Master the art of visual communications. Image via

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Eight Digital Marketing Trends

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Print to Tablet Swap. You’ll see a big swap of print moving to the tablet in 2012. Social Media Trends digital marketing Email Marketing integration pinterest print to tablet swap results social commerce social TV stakeholdersOne more day of vacation! Following is a list of of trends we predicted for 2012 last November. Take a look and see what you think! Results. Um, yes!

Can Print Still Flourish in The Age of Digital? An Interview with Star Tribune Magazine’s Sue Campbell


Has digital media – from Huffington Post , Google News and BuzzFeed to Kindle e-books, Twitter and (God help us) more than 8 million blogs – finally vanquished Print? Recent headlines provide brutal evidence: Condé Nast announced last December it was shutting down the print version of Self magazine to go online-only. So when Minnesota’s Star Tribune media company announced that in April 2017, it will launch a new quarterly print publication – Star Tribune Magazine – for delivery free to 230,000 subscriber households, our ears at Maccabee PR perked up. Long Live Print”!

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What Type of Ad is Most Trusted by Internet Users?

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Digital Marketing Miscellaneous advertisement advertising digital advertising earned media internet use online publication print ads print advertising print media print publication trust in advertising trust in earned media trust in editorial trust in media trust in online advertising trust in print advertisingTechniques For Effective Business Communications.

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"It was just on the web site, not in print."

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But if a client is (still) questioning the value of online placement vs. print placement, you should show them this video. I''ve heard the headline of this post from clients and colleagues in the past. You probably have too. Sure nothing can compare to actually holding the fruit of your labor. The Online Media from RealWire on Vimeo. New rules for new tools.

Writing What They Don’t Want To Read: Bad News In Print

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But here goes. I’m going to be discussing how to deliver bad business news in print, which I think is more important because of the fact that people keep records of bad news the way they keep lottery tickets: just in case. Writing What They Don’t Want To Read: Bad News In Print. Be respectful. . Be a windowpane. Be the message, not the messenger. .

Friday Wrap #197: Anonymous worker discussions, NASA GIFs, print’s viability, executive news habits

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—That’s the question posed by a Washington Post writer and enthusiastic supporter of all things digital who believes we may have been too quick to abandon print. Other research suggests interest in print persists; in fact, it’s the most common way of reading news. But I never supported simply shoveling everything that had been print into a digital format.

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Top 5 Reasons You Need Media Intelligence (Not Just Media Monitoring)

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Based on your specific needs, you can access television, online news, social media, print, radio, blogs, forums, review sites, etc. and better measure “ share of voice ” and return on investment (ROI). This information can help you take smarter immediate response actions and more informed long-term business decisions by helping you: See how well you are performing. Control the conversation.

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Full Time Senior Designer / Art Director (Print) - Washington

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How to Self-Publish Your Content Cheap and Quick


It belongs to a group of self-publishing services that enable you to do most of the work yourself, which substantially lessens the price to print. Even though the quoted price in the image is for a minimum of 48 books, Lulu performs print on demand (POD), where you could order less than 48 copies of a book for a slightly higher price. Lulu also has very well-elaborated support. Blurb.

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The Top PR Trends For 2017

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

That may be changing in the near future, particularly as content marketing has reached a saturation point.The Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi predicts a resurgence of print content led by brands and points to Airbnb, which recently launched a print magazine with Hearst. billion over the next five years. The PR Industry Evolves Beyond Its Roots. The takeaway for PRs?

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The Joy a Newspaper Brings

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Communication Personal Shonali Burke newspapers will not die print media world cupI had a delightful surprise waiting for me this morning. When my husband went out a short while ago to get the newspaper (yes, we still get one newspaper delivered), he also brought in a box that had apparently been waiting for me on our doorstep since last evening. That’s the joy a newspaper brings.

Media Squeeze — and Watermelon Explosion — Described by the NY Times Presents an Opportunity for PR

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Journalism New York Times Visual Storytelling brand journalism business communication BuzzFeed corporate media digital media journalism business long-form journalism media properties paid media print media sponsored content storytelling storytelling in business communications target audience the New York Times traditional journalismThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. If you missed it last week — perhaps studying the latest numbers from the Department of Labor? The New York Times used the BuzzFeed.more.

FIR #1: Does social media marketing need a reboot?

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Uber has produced a print publication, following in the footsteps of Airbnb. Does print still matter? Welcome to the first episode of For Immediate Release, the successor podcast to The Hobson & Holtz Report. Edelman has announced it will no longer work with coal-producing companies or any company that promote denial of climate change. presidential campaign?

Six Things to Know Before You Hire a PR Firm

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Seeing your name in lights (and in print). With some of the best publicists, stories will appear in print or online, and you’ll feel good about them, but you’ll be left wondering, “What’s next? PR is no longer just about getting your name in print. Seeing your name in print is great for your ego, but it doesn’t translate into sales.

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Get better at pitching media with these handy checklists


Print it, and hang it on your screen. Print it, and use it write notes about how you’ll approach that pitch. There are so many things to consider before pitching influencers. It’s It’s easy to forget things or make mistakes. That’s why we created pitching checklists. tiny cheat sheet you can hang on your computer screen. Get them here. Interactive checklist.

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2016 PRTech Awards Recap


For the last half decade, PR software providers have built technologies around third party data from web crawlers, social media sites, TV and radio broadcasts, and print […]. Last week in New York, we held the third annual PRTech Awards honoring individuals who work to bring together PR, marketing, technology, and media selected from 100+ nominations.

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15 Non-Obvious Business Trends Shaping 2017 (Retail, Consumer, Tech, Marketing, and Media)

The Influential Marketing Blog

Precious Print – Thanks to our digital-everything culture, the few objects and moments we choose to interact with in print or physically become more emotionally valuable and deeply personal. This week I launched the seventh edition of my annual trend report featuring all of my research from throughout the year on trends. Want trend insights before anyone else? Book Reviews.

5 Tips to Pitching Success – When PR Stands for “Personal” Relations

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When I started out in PR, my focus was building relationships with the media who were mostly print journalists at newspapers and trade publications. Yes, there is still print and broadcast media. As I found editorial success for my agency’s clients, I was able to branch out and pitch radio and television broadcast opportunities. In the late 1980s, the media was cut and dry.

Media Relations: Not dead yet

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Nearly 90% of Americans used television to get their news, and more than 60% used print newspapers or magazines. That’s right: For all the proclamations of the death of print, more than half of Americans still rely on it. I read a report in Bulldog Reporter that asserts the practice of media relations is dying. This, of course, is true. Old media adapt. The idea is absurd.

5 Tips to Digitizing Your Media Kit


If you remember back in the day when PR folks would print their press kits, you already understand what a digital media kit is. Others, like Fast Company , create theirs as a PDF for easy downloading or even printing. What Exactly Is a Digital Media Kit? Just take that paper press kit and put it online, and voila! You’ve got it. But wait. We’re not done yet. Pick the Other Details.

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How to Turn Your Personal Story Into a Compelling Brand


Your brand story should be inherent in all of your message, from printed marketing materials to social media posts, and everywhere in between. The most important part of branding is storytelling. And the most important part of storytelling is connecting with your audience. You must cultivate a brand story that adds context and meaning to what would otherwise be dull facts and figures.

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How to Recover From a Brand Crisis


Also print out a hard copy for those people. So, print a handout. 5. Crises happen to every brand, no matter how big or small they are. Verticals don’t matter; a B2B brand is just as likely as a B2C or nonprofit to face a crisis at some point. When one happens to your brand, will you recover? You can, but it’ll require preparation and planning. Follow words with actions. What didn’t?

5 Essentials of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy


In 1891, August Oetker sold baking powder with recipes printed on the back. Content marketing is all the rage nowadays. From grocery stores  and tax attorneys to financial planners and plumbers , everyone seems to be doing it. And there’s no shortage of marketing firms touting content marketing as the latest bandwagon you don’t want to miss. Well, maybe not the hills. What isn’t?

The Implications of the Growth of Social News


The decline of television as a news source pales in comparison with the decline of print, which has been drastically declining since 2013. The visual nature of television may be serving as a buffer to the greater decline faced by print media. This is a guest post by  Jeremy Bamidele , a brand strategist, publicist and adjunct professor at Rancho Santiago Community College District.

Six Ways To “Hack” Your PR Program

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

These contacts can be a gold mine of information and access, particularly when it comes to cracking morning television or top-tier print publications. Despite becoming more data-driven in recent years, public relations is still a relatively low-tech business. But as in any undertaking, there are ways to “hack” your PR programming. Shortcuts That Fuel Earned Media Results.

Landing Page Design: Rules of Thumb Your Boss Expects You to Know


first heard about the Blink Test from Chris LoDolce who suggested I print a copy of my landing page, then show it to a colleague. A landing page is a webpage that encourages visitors to your site to download a digital offer (an eBook, tip sheet or white paper) or sign up for a free trial, a webinar or an e-newsletter—all in exchange for leaving their contact information. Content Marketing

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3 Factors That Shape Your Brand Journalism Strategy


Will you set up a digital newsroom to host everything or mail out a printed newsletter? For example, Red Bull’s magazine, “The Red Bulletin,” is available in both digital and print versions to appeal to young males, whether on the go or at home. So where do consumers place their trust? Today, audiences turn to blogs, online reviews and social media before making decisions.

Going for Gold: 5 Tips for Media Relations in Brazil

Beyond PR

Furthermore, print resonates better with Brazilian audiences. Respondents from the report  Brazilian Media Research 2015: Media consumption habits by the population  state that print media is the most trusted source of news, and 50% of respondents are singularly focused while reading print publications. However, will newsjacking the Olympics earn you media pickup in Brazil?