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The Ultimate Guide to Media Interviews

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Sure, we’ll prep clients for media interviews with an agenda or a list of anticipated questions, but it’s rare to do the two-day, cameras on kind of media training anymore. Today, journalists are just as keen to receive contributed content as they are to interview someone for a story. If there is a live audience, direct answers to them, rather than just the interviewer.

How to Come Up With Sound Bites for an Interview


Traditionally, being interviewed is the Golden Ticket to turning that spotlight in your direction. If you’ve never been interviewed, you might be nervous. Thankfully, you don’t need to spill your or your organization’s entire life story during an interview. Every interview might have a different focus, so it’s important to do this every time you’re interviewed.

How to Achieve Guilt Free Interviewing

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You have worn a furrow deep into the carpet as a result of pacing back and forth in your office pondering how to prep for the upcoming job interview. Suddenly you break into a cold sweat as you near the time for your first round of interviews. Interviews can be difficult. Contrary to what you read, interviews are not designed to weed out the wheat from the chaff. Be You.

Thirty-Eight Tips to Nail a Media Interview

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media interview can cause even the most confident person to feel butterflies in their stomach and sweat in their palms. Last year, I had a client CEO doing a TV interview in New York above the Nasdaq trading floor. He was so nervous, I hesitated telling him it was a live media interview! The next day, he nailed the media interview. Nail a Media Interview with These Tips.

A PR Professional Became the Story in the Ken Starr Interview

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During a recent interview with Ken Starr, his PR counsel becomes the story when she stops an interview, coaches him, and returns. The post A PR Professional Became the Story in the Ken Starr Interview appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories The Ultimate Guide to Media Interviews Media Training Tips for Small and Large Interviews The Secret Behind Crisis Communications.

Media Training Tips for Small and Large Interviews

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Gini Dietrich has media training tips to be used in both big and small interviews. The post Media Training Tips for Small and Large Interviews appeared first on Spin Sucks. With experience comes stories. And with stories comes best practices. Communication Media Relations 60 Minutes elon musk fleishmanhillard henry gantz media relations media training tips tesla the catfish institut

Media Interview Tips From Top Journalists

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Because we spend time preparing clients for meetings with journalists, PR people tend to study media interviews from the perspective of the person getting questions. But during this crazy political primary season, interview-watching is a spectator sport, usually starring Donald Trump. For other interview occasions, the challenge may be different. Create a relaxed environment.

How to Prepare & Coach Executives Through Media Interviews


Securing an interview with a media outlet for an executive or other company spokesperson is a dream…except when it’s not. Interviews provide an opportunity to showcase your brand and spokespeople as thought leaders, increase loyalty to your brand, defuse crises and drive sales. Here are some of his top tips: How to Prepare for a Media Interview. Need help landing an interview?

Interview with Entrepreneur Evan Mendelsohn, Co-Founder of Tipsy Elves

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If you’re interested in the Ugly Christmas sweater, then you may enjoy my interview with Evan Mendelsohn, who is the co-founder of Tipsy Elves. Of course, after you read this interview, you may want to run out and get your ugly Christmas sweater or better yet, buy one for someone special in your life. Interview Mentoring PR 2.0 It’s not too late! 1.

8 steps to perfect your filming for PR video interviews

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This is the second in a two part series, where I provide tips on how to get the most out of a PR video interview. The post 8 steps to perfect your filming for PR video interviews appeared first on Firefly Communications. My background is teaching video skills to would-be journalists and bloggers in Vietnam.

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Content Is The New Black: Interview With Jeff Barrett


Watch the full interview with Jeff Barrett below! No matter how good your content is, if people can’t find it, it’s not going to benefit your brand. So how can you get more eyes on your content and ensure it makes an impact? Cision recently sat down with Jeff to find out how brands can improve their content marketing strategies. Here are a few of his top tips: 1. Be proactive.

Seven Tips for Preparing for a Broadcast Interview

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Last month I was interviewed on a CBS affiliate’s public affairs program about the viral success of the Kony 2012 video. But we may not be prepared to do the interviews ourselves. successful broadcast interview can increase your reach and help build your professional reputation. Take some time to research the topic of the interview, the show, and the host of the show.

Interview with Account Manager Emily Wienberg

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cta] The post Interview with Account Manager Emily Wienberg appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. Public Relations Emily Wienberg interview PRFrom time to time, we like to open a window into what life is like here at SHIFT. We pride ourselves on our smart, dedicated (and who can forget ballsy) culture. What is your background?

The Ultimate Media Interview Checklist [Infographic]

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If this is what media interviews are for you, you’re not alone. As a reader of PR in Your Pajamas, you know the value of media interviews. Just as few are born natural actors, few of us are good at giving media interviews right out of the gate. Yes, like playing a musical instrument, giving effective media interviews requires practice and preparation. Lots of it.

PR pros' ultimate guide to interviews

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Conducting interviews is easy. Being interviewed, on the other hand, isn’t quite the leisure activity that some would hope. Come prepared with stats, figures and background knowledge to help educate the interviewer if he or she hasn’t done their prep work. Practice also makes perfect for interviews. To be an effective interviewee, preparation is paramount.

5 tips to get the most out of PR video interviews

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In the first of a two part series, I’ll be providing tips about how to get the most out of a PR video interview. The post 5 tips to get the most out of PR video interviews appeared first on Firefly Communications. Blog marketing PR tips PR tools digital digital PR Firefly communications interview PR video

10 crucial steps to great media interviews

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reporter might be aggressive during an interview and set traps along the way, but you don't have to fall prey to them. Follow these steps—which are essential for executive leadership, but apply for those down the corporate ladder—to ensure a successful interview: Prepping for the interview. 1. Agree to the interview’s focus before your appearance. Draft talking points.

PR Interviews: Michael White Lansons

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I have been interviewing PR practitioners from all over the world as part of my interview series called 20:20 Vision. The concept of these interviews is that I ask each practitioner 20 questions about themselves and they give us a brief glimpse into their working lives and what makes them tick. My first interview was with Arik C. Hanson and a few weeks ago I interviewed Crosby Noricks the founder of PR Couture and co-presenter of the entry-level fashion PR workshop Fashion PR Confidential and author of Ready to Launch. What are you passionate about? Shame.

PR Interviews: Heather Baker Editor of the B2B PR Blog

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As you are probably aware over the last few months I have been interviewing PR practitioners from all over the world as part of my interview series called 20:20 Vision. The concept of these interviews is that I ask each practitioner 20 questions about themselves and they give us a brief glimpse into their working lives and what makes them tick. The first interview was with Arik C. So thanks to Heather for her thoughts, if you think you would be good for my 20:20 interview session, drop me a line. You can follow Heather on Twitter @TopLineFounder. 1. Measure.

4 Tips to Ace Your Next Marketing Agency Job Interview

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Does the thought of a job interview make you squirm, as if you are about to face the Spanish Inquisition? In my experiences (as both an interviewee and interviewer), I’ve learned that the right amount of preparation and a little know-how can take you far. Below are some basic tips to ace your next interview and land the marketing job of your dreams

PR Interviews: Crosby Noricks 20:20 Vision

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Over the next few months I will be interviewing practitioners from the world of public relations and digital marketing from across the globe, people I respect and look up to. My first interview was with Arik C. Public Relations 20:20 Interviewsdecided to call this series 20:20 Vision. Fashion. 2.            What are you passionate about? Intentionally quite un-routine-like.

Media interview tips: How to prepare for TV, radio and print media interviews

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When you’re asked to be interviewed in the media , it’s important to know that each medium – radio, TV and print – have specific requirements you should understand before the interview. Through understanding the unique requirements of each medium , you can put your best foot forward and have a successful interview that will benefit your business and your brand.

The Ultimate Media Interview Checklist (Infographic)


Although an interview is a great way to promote your business, it could also be a recipe for disaster, especially for those terrified of public speaking who may suddenly forget the points they intended to make. This new media training infographic created by Elena Verlee in partnership with Udemy focuses on one of the most important steps in preparing for an interview: knowing key messages.

7 times to turn down a media interview

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advise doing almost every media interview you're offered, but sometimes turning down an interview makes sense. The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need to Know Before Your Next Interview. This story originally ran on PR Daily in September 2014. This article discusses the times saying "no" is your best move. Employees aren't aware of a specific issue.

Can I Quote You on That? Three Interviewing Blunders to Avoid

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In my last post , I shared three ways to bungle your product launch and touched briefly on preparing your executives for media interviews. Here are my top four blunders, with some advice on how to improve. 1) They think an interview is just about answering questions. In the majority of media training sessions I’ve done, the spokesperson plays “ping pong” with the interviewer.

Q&A Interview with theSkimm co-founders, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg

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Whether it’s a client meeting, interview, or family dinner, our readers are ready to jump into conversation. Q. The post Q&A Interview with theSkimm co-founders, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg appeared first on Deirdre Breakenridge. Interview PR 2.0 PR 2.0 If you haven’t checked out theSkimm, I encourage you to take a look.

Landing Page, SEO and Blog Secrets: An Interview with Clint Danks of ThinkSEM


If the world of SEO, inbound marketing, optimized content and landing pages thrills you as a marketer, then the following interview with Clint Danks is going to be your cup of Lipton. Interviews Inbound Marketing SEO Clint is co-founder of ThinkSEM , a Roseville, Minn.-based ThinkSEM clients include b rands like Regis, Explore Minnesota and Red Wing Shoe. Well, I was sorely mistaken.

Media Training in Minutes: The Pre-Interview Prep Call

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These, for instance: Sending readership demographics right before an interview. Discussing what to wear or not wear before a TV interview. Emailing one or two points of constructive feedback immediately following an interview. Calling a client 10-15 minutes before a media interview to make sure they’re prepped and ready to go. Seconds, even. thirty seconds).

4 tips for killer interviews in the modern media world

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Journalists today conduct interviews using Skype, Twitter and FaceTime. These technologies help news professionals to be more nimble, which means your company’s experts should always be ready for an interview at a moment’s notice. Here are the four tips to interview like a star: 1. Here is an acronym to help you remember the details needed for tech-based interviews.

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10 important guidelines for your next media interview

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Another told me her boss surreptitiously records media interviews in case the reporter “screws” him. And though there’s a place for insisting upon certain interviewing ground rules, it’s also important to ensure your requests are truly in your best interest— and that they don’t violate newsroom protocols maintained by many media organizations. Make sure you meet any deadlines.). 2.

FIR Interview: Steve Rubel on Storytelling in the Age of Social News Consumption

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In this FIR interview, co-host Shel Holtz talks with longtime FIR friend Steve Rubel, Edelman’s Chief Content Strategist, about early results from the study and their implications for communicators. Additional resources from this interview: Steve’s post at about the study. Subscribe to the FIR Interviews RSS feed. NewsWhip. MuckRack.

Study: CEOs should hone knowledge, social media before interviews

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Journalists do their homework prior to conducting interviews, but many executives fail when it comes to conveying expertise and making an impression before the first question is asked. Public Relations Global Network study of North American reporters revealed that 82 percent of journalists use past media coverage as their primary source to prepare for an executive interview.

8 Tips for Successful Media Interviews

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Last month, I met with a client who was scheduled to appear on the local morning news. The designated spokesperson was fairly new to these situations so I gladly offered my time to help them prepare. Here are eight tips to keep in mind in order to make the most of these opportunities. Good Luck

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3 PR lessons from 'The Interview'

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Sony Pictures'' "The Interview" has drawn quite a bit of attention with its scheduled, then cancelled , then re-scheduled release. Despite the threats of international violence, Sony released the film in a handful of theaters and online, to the approval of free-speech advocates. I''m one of the people who have watched "The Interview" in the few weeks it has been bouncing around the Internet.

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12 nonverbal ways to improve speeches and interviews

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When senior leaders speak publicly or sit for an interview, they usually understand the importance of using the right words and phrases. Keller reminds interview subjects that in his medium—video—he usually isn't recording live. If you're being interviewed in person, look at the interviewer-not the camera. 5. The eyes tell all. Rehearse. Relax. Pace yourself. ByWorking.

FIR Interview: Red E App CEO Jonathan Erwin on employee communication trends and challenges

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In this FIR interview, The report—available for free from Red E App —a mobile tool that connects employees and organizations across a variety of dimensions—addresses eight distinct problems and six solutions. Subscribe to the FIR Interviews RSS feed. This FIR Interview is brought to you with Lawrence Ragan Communications, serving communicators worldwide for 35 years.

5 boxes to check in a PR job interview

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College seniors are navigating the crucial—and nerve-racking—job interview season. They have absorbed an overwhelming number of interview preparation tips and know how to dress, walk into the room, sit, talk, present themselves, and more. Interviewers say only about one in six candidates has ever spoken with a reporter. Find your voice before you get to the interview.

The Road to Diversity: An Interview with PRSA Foundation President Torod Neptune


The Road to Diversity: An Interview with PRSA Foundation President Torod Neptune appeared first on Institute for Public Relations. Torod Neptune, PRSA Foundation President. PRSA Foundation President Torod Neptune sat down with IPR President & CEO Tina McCorkindale to discuss the future of diversity in the field of public relations. Whether it’s the LAGRANT Foundation, Arthur W. Show Me.

4 PR lessons from the Tinder CEO’s interview debacle

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Tinder CEO Sean Rad gave us a jarring reminder this week of how perilous talking to journalists can be when he offered one of the most uncomfortable interviews in recent memory —during the “ quiet period ” for his company’s IPO, no less. Rad’s interview probably should have never happened in the first place. What were company officials hoping to achieve through this interview?

4 interview lessons from 'The Jinx'

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It''s a master class in what not to do in interviews. Durst’s attorneys reluctantly agree to a first interview with filmmakers. That second interview is a disaster. Don''t develop a personal relationship with the interviewer. Jarecki does express some reservations before pursuing the final “gotcha” interview, but the reservations don’t stop him. He’s distraught.