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Tips for Creating a Profitable Trade Show Experience

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Makes old-school marketing tactics such as events and trade shows seem…almost outdated. In those days the format of the traditional trade show was being challenged, forced to accommodate radical innovations such as portable displays and modular exhibits featuring computer terminals and continuous-loop video. Trade shows and industry events wear you out.

Are Trade Shows still a Good Place for PR Launches?

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That’s the number of pre-trade show pitches one blogger told me he had received in a side bar conversation last week. A Traditional Case for Trade Show Launches. The traditional rationale for launching a new product, service or company at a trade show is basic: There’s a critical mass of influential content creators in media and bloggers. by Frank Strong.

The Four Ps for trade show PR success

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As we head into March, many PR professionals will be thinking about the various trade shows that take place across the UK. Before you even start any planning or event management for any show, […]. The post The Four Ps for trade show PR success appeared first on Firefly Communications. Blog exhibitions trade shows

How to Get Killer B2B Leads at Trade Shows

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When it comes to trade shows, you might think that generating B2B leads is a piece of cake. And, although LinkedIn is responsible for generating as many as 80% of all B2B leads , trade shows are still a successful staple of any B2B marketing strategy. 77% of marketers say trade shows generate a significant quantity of leads. ~ Tom Pick of Meltwater.

Trade Show Marketing Tips for First-Time Exhibitors

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Exhibiting at your first trade show can feel a lot like the first day of high school. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re a small company at a big show. It’s important to register as early as possible for a trade show. The money you save here can then be directed into other show expenses. The early bird gets much more than a worm.

Does Sponsoring a Trade Show Result in a Positive ROI?


Participating in trade shows, conferences or other events requires significant investment of both time and money as well as careful planning (often for months) and artful execution. After all is said and done does sponsoring a trade show really result in a positive ROI? While the modern practice of PR can feel all-digital-all-the-time, there are moments when people actually look up from their smart phones and physically gather in one place at one time. But is it worth it? Brand Management

How to Pick the Perfect Time for Your Next Trade Show Product Launch

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There are many advantages to timing new product or service announcements around trade shows. For one, getting the media attention is easier since the press are already looking for big announcements coming out of the show. There are advantages and disadvantages for releasing your new product announcement before, during and after the show. Before the show.

How to Use Your Blog to Connect with Your Audience


A funny meme or gif can show off your unique sense of humor, and an inspirational quote can amplify your thoughtfulness. Even if it’s a “thanks for leaving a comment”, it shows that you’re in touch with your audience and you care about their feedback. You have a blog, you have a potential audience, and now you need to connect the two, but you’re not sure how. Click Here. Use Imagery.

Fast Five: Pitching Your Local Daily, Pitching National Business, Girding up for a Trade Show

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5) How to Work a Trade Show Tech PR War Stories People b h about trade shows all the time, myself included. 1) Charlotte Observer business section pitching tips The Publicity Hound So many editors take the time to give tips like this, have you tried searching for pitch tips on your top outlets and editors? He''s also competing for longest post title in the world.

The Inbound Marketer’s Comprehensive Event Checklist

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In spite of our increasing connectedness through digital channels, companies across industries continue to flock to trade shows, conferences and other industry events. It’s clear that these live events are educational, engaging and effective—and face-to-face marketing is still alive and well. Inbound Marketing

4 Ways to Cast a Lasting Spell with Your Digital Press Kit

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When the show floor closes on the last day of a trade show, it’s like a magic act. As tempting as it may be to let the magic fade as you go back to your normal routine, your trade show tasks are actually far from over. Write a Powerful Post-show Press Release. Write a post-show release tying industry trends seen at the show with your brand’s news.

3 ways PR pros can participate outside the office

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Focus on trade shows. Spring and fall are typically the biggest trade-show seasons for PR executives. At the event itself, you’ll be focused on facilitating those briefings, staffing your clients’ booths and basically running around the show floor. Aside from attending trade shows, it is also beneficial to attend events that are strictly for networking purposes.

5 Questions You Need to Answer Before Publishing a Press Release


So if you’re exhibiting tomorrow at a trade show, make sure that press release goes live before the event starts so people can plan to visit your booth. As you walk through the steps of publishing a press release through an online distribution platform , you’re going to need to have answers to the following questions. Who’s My Point of Contact? You’ll have dozens of choices.

How To Use Social Media At An Event

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With such a high concentration of news and innovation in one place, it’s no surprise that trade shows and other industry events generate a plethora of content. Here are three key tactics for taking advantage of social media during a trade show. However, the sweet spot begins the day before the event kicks off and ends the day after the show closes. Photos. Video.

The One PR Tool You’ll Need for 2016

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And then it pumps out a pretty little graphic, by week, that shows you your effectiveness. (We For instance, we scheduled media interviews for a client during their biggest trade show in October. So I go to that client in my dashboard, click on the trade show campaign, and it shows me how many pitches were made by type. By Gini Dietrich. and Gin and Topics.

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Content discovery: The new Holy Grail of PR and marketing

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versions of the app will “show users the most important photos from events and places in their regions and across the country,” according to a New York Times article. Live Stories—like the offerings from all the social media properties launching major immersive discovery features—is not limited to big gatherings, sporting events, and award shows.

Fourteen Social Media Policy Must Haves

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Your employees know how to answer the phone, what to put in their email signature, even what to wear to trade shows. I am not an attorney. I don’t even play one on TV (though I did really want to go to law school so I could be a sports agent, but that’s neither here nor there). You have an employee handbook. But you haven’t told them how to behave online. Be polite.

Offsite Content Marketing: Six Tactics to Reach New Audiences

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It’s like being at a trade show and talking to people about what it is that you do. We all know sales people love trade shows because of the leads they can generate. Create a list of the influential blogs, trade publications, and other media outlets for your industry. By Gini Dietrich. Two ends of the spectrum and lots of smart comments in between. Comments!

How to Promote Your Online Press Kit with Multichannel Marketing

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Trade shows can be an endless sea of opportunity, engagement, and information. When it comes to amplifying your trade show presence, an online press kit is one of the best ways to house your content riches , and a multichannel marketing strategy will provide your audience with plenty of paths to this jackpot. Participate in pre-show press days and other media events.

5 Tips to Digitizing Your Media Kit


On the other hand, if you frequently hand out paper copies of your media kit at a trade show, it can simplify things to have a single PDF you can use both online and offline. Whether you’re looking to provide journalists with easily accessible information about your brand or attract potential advertisers, having a digital media kit is a smart idea. What Exactly Is a Digital Media Kit?

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The Difference Between PR and Advertising

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Some of us even integrate what might be considered more traditional marketing: Email, database development, search engine optimization, trade shows, search engine marketing, inbound marketing, cultivate and convert leads, gamification, and mobile technology. A couple of weeks ago, Steve Cody wrote “ You Don’t Know Jack About Public Relations ” in his Inc. column.

Marketing is Dead?

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We used a combination of online advertising, trade shows, email marketing, content (white papers, case studies, educational newsletters), search engine optimization, media relations, and search engine marketing to market their business. We live in really interesting times. Technology is coming at us more quickly than ever before. SEO is Dead! Public Relations is Dead! The most recent?

Three Ways to Invest in Yourself through Learning

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Attend conferences and trade shows. By Gini Dietrich. Earlier this week, Laura Petrolino wrote about the importance of professional development and keeping your skills fresh through ongoing learning. I personally think it was her not-so-subtle way of suggesting we need Spin Sucks Trapper Keepers, but she had a great point. It may be a course on Coursera or Lynda. Absolutely not.

The Most Important Post-event Engagement Tool

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Whether it was a trade show, industry event, or conference, chances are you started engaging with participants via social media weeks before you ever did in person. By Steve Randazzo. Think of the last branded event you created and the engagement tool you used. Regardless of the method, using social media before and during an event is a great engagement tool. Get hashtag heavy.

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B2C Content Marketing Trends: Key Findings from the 2015 Study


Its ability to regularly reach a large number of loyal subscribers makes it more efficient than trade shows or other types of face-to-face encounters. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs recently released their latest joint study on the use of content in the marketing mix: B2C Content Marketing, 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America. I certainly was.

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Why You Should Network More to Get Press for Your Business


If you attend events that journalists attend, you have the chance to show them what’s great about you and your company. Journalists attend the same conferences and trade shows as you. You want journalists to write about your business. You’ve pitched countless journalists , but nobody’s biting. You’re ready to give up on public relations altogether. Before you do, read on.

Social Media Use At Work

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Large social settings stress them out, but if you give them an opportunity to use social media to break the ice, where they don’t have to interact face-t0-face, you’ll see them excel in group settings, such as trade shows, client dinners, and presentations. None of them want to do it.” ” It’s like pulling teeth sometimes. And executives are frustrated.

Eight Social Media Tactics Designed for Big Return

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There were 30 people who were held captive and I got to spend two hours showing them some of the social media tactics they’re doing really well already, highlighting some of their colleagues, and then providing recommendations. By Gini Dietrich. Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak at a company’s strategic planning session. can implement immediately. Add it! Booooring.

How PR Agencies Set Budgets And Billing

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The thinking behind a flat fee is that agency staff may overservice in a given month – for example, during a trade show or a major launch – but it will not request extra billing because it may then underservice during another, less busy month. Yet we’re sometimes reluctant to talk about how agencies set their budgets. Flat fee. Hourly billing. Project billing.

Augmented Reality for PR and Marketing Pros

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I realized as we chatted, I spend a lot of time showing examples of this cool new trends when I speak, but I’ve never shared it with you. If you scan the box of Legos before you buy them, it will show you what the construction of it looks like. But if you’re testing something cool to take to a trade show and want 100 pieces, you’ll spend about $1,000.

The Rise and Rise of Online Video

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Gone are the days when a corporate video was only used in the reception area of the office, at trade shows or investor meetings. Video is a brilliant way to show off expertise and engender trust in an individual. By Cokey Falkow. The internet has become more than just the new wave. It’s a remarkable shift in the way we as humans share knowledge. – Forbes. Invodo.

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Pinterest Versus Instagram: Which One is Best For Your Brand?


Have a conference, trade show, or other special event to promote? I recently spoke with the director of marketing for a popular food brand who told me her organization was debating the pros and cons of Pinterest versus Instagram. She’s not alone. Whether you work for a large or small company, this debate is important for your brand. It’s no secret that visual content is hot right now.

Five Ways to Measure Social Media Efforts

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I explained I had just given the opening keynote at the Retail Packaging Association trade show on using the web for business growth. But be sure you’re tracking those leads so you can show how your efforts help convert them to customers. A couple of weeks ago, I was standing in line at security in the Ft. Lauderdale airport. He asked if that included social media.

Behind the Scenes PR: Spotlight on Alaska

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My career in public relations takes me out of the office for the occasional trade show, client meeting, new business lunch, media interview or video shoot. In other cases, my job takes me to Alaska where I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing clients. I’m not talking about just Anchorage, I’m talking the. Read More. PR Insights alaska internet pr travel

Five Ways to Build a Better Media List

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Trade shows and events are a great place to connect with media and influencers. It’s also a great way to show media contacts that you didn’t just pluck their name from an enormous database, but that you’re someone who actively follows their work. By Aly Saxe. In the PR business, it’s all about whom you know. Thank goodness for interns, right? Get real. Negative. Coffee is good.

How long before virtual reality transforms corporate storytelling?

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Two weeks ago on the Talking Points Podcast , I lauded a local company (Victory Motorcyles) and agency (space150) that recently killed it with a virtual reality execution at a trade show in Chicago. Or, on the B2B side, what about giving customers the chance to tour your manufacturing facility from a trade show floor 1,000 miles away? Would that have legs? Heck, yes.

Self-Hating PR Pros and the Change in Industry

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Some of us even integrate what might be considered more traditional marketing: Database development, email, search engine optimization, trade shows, search engine marketing, inbound marketing, gamification, and mobile technology. A few weeks ago I was in a meeting with a prospective client. Why is that?”. What is PR Anyway? Self-Hating PR Professionals.

Seven Tips for Gaining Business from Speaking Engagements

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For instance, this weekend I’m speaking at the Retail Packaging Association trade show. The reason being is that I have access to the analytics and the ecommerce and I can show real results that are meaningful to my audiences. This shows them how I talk about a product in a blog post, how many people clicked on the link, and how many of those converted to sales.

#PRStudChat 11/15 Discussion: From Student to PR Pro & Transitioning Into the Workplace

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Siera is responsible for the development and execution of WebMax’s business and marketing plans, lead generation strategy, digital marketing campaigns, national trade shows, and building and maintaining the company’s social media networks. If you are a student looking to make a successful transition to the workplace, this month’s #PRStudChat is for you. And many more!

4 Sources to Find the Right Reporters to Pitch


That can happen at a trade show, conference or networking event targeting a particular niche. A successful public relations pitch has the potential to elevate your brand in a way advertising simply can’t. When a reporter writes about you, it’s an unbiased look at your brand, whereas advertising is heavily slanted in your direction. Here are a few places to start your search.