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How to Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement Without Wasting a Dime

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How effectively do you use LinkedIn for your business? Can you actually hack LinkedIn engagement? The post How to Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement Without Wasting a Dime appeared first on Spin Sucks. Most of the content shared on LinkedIn gets. Who Are LinkedIn’s Power Users? who's your LinkedIn audienceHow do you grow engagement on the platform?

What You Need to Know About LinkedIn’s New Changes


LinkedIn recently announced significant changes to its desktop and its search functions. Perhaps a little counterintuitive to the “mobile first” ethos, the new LinkedIn desktop looks great and has some cool features that will appeal to communications and marketing professionals on the platform. There are five search operators available for LinkedIn search : firstname.

Tips to Renew Your LinkedIn Strategy

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By Eleanor Pierce Wait, don’t start snoring yet. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: LinkedIn can be a very valuable tool. With 2015 upon us, now is a great time to take a look at your LinkedIn strategy. Interestingly—to nerds like me, anyway—the contest  makes use of a LinkedIn showcase page for entries. Why a LinkedIn Strategy? Fun, right? Maybe they’re older.

10 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile


If you’re like me, you see LinkedIn as a bit of an enigma. LinkedIn boasts extraordinary demographics for everything from lead generation to thought leadership and job searches, but my use of LinkedIn really depends upon which feature I want to use. One of the most frequent suggestions for improving LinkedIn profiles is to post a professional photo. Conclusion.

Using LinkedIn to Prospect

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More often than not, they want to know how to use LinkedIn for prospecting. But, if you’re like me, and would prefer an introduction or a warm lead, following are five steps for using LinkedIn to do just that. For instance, you can upgrade to the premium version of LinkedIn or use Mozenda to scrape data for you. LinkedIn Social Media new business prospecting Sales

Seven Elements of a LinkedIn Audit to Improve Brand Consistency

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Whenever I start a new job, one of the ways I get to know my fellow colleagues is to take a tour through their social media networks and complete a LinkedIn audit. This makes it essential that your employees are actively engaged on social media, and acting as a brand ambassador, especially on LinkedIn. That’s why there’s no better time than now to tackle a quick LinkedIn audit.

Top 10 PR “Best Practices” For LinkedIn

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We asked a handful of knowledgeable PR professionals for their best tips for leveraging LinkedIn for PR and personal branding. All agree that LinkedIn is a prime destination for sharing content and building community. So, if you still thought LinkedIn was only good for searching jobs or candidates, read on for our top 10 ways to use it for PR and branding. Is it up to date?

Five Tips for Using LinkedIn for Business Growth

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One of the most untapped social media tools is LinkedIn. Facebook , Twitter , and now Google+ are the media darlings while LinkedIn, which has been around longer than any of the tools combined, continues to grow and provide value without all the celebrity. There are several applications you can activate to move content to your LinkedIn profile. Activate the apps. Maybe not.

How To Be a LinkedIn Superuser (In a Few Easy Steps)


LinkedIn sometimes feels like the forgotten social network. majority of professionals have profiles on the site, although only 22.6% are active each month ( LinkedIn has 467 million members, 106 monthly active as of October 2016 ). What most people discern from this is that LinkedIn is a great platform for job seekers, and perhaps doesn’t have a lot of utility for other purposes. If

Accepting Standard LinkedIn Invites

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Many months ago, Arik Hanson and I were having a Twitter conversation about LinkedIn. And THAT is the point of LinkedIn. Accepting Standard LinkedIn Invites originally appeared on Spin Sucks on April 13, 2011. LinkedIn Social MediaHis question? That drives me nuts. I do a ton of speaking and I “meet&# a lot of people through that, as well as online. Better.

LinkedIn: Don’t Overlook The Social Media Underdog

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Despite having preceded Twitter and Facebook in the social media space, LinkedIn, which was launched in 2003, has so far been unable to capture a larger share of social media users. Many call LinkedIn the “black sheep” or the underdog of social media. It’s also said  only half of those LinkedIn users  are actually active on the site. Why is this the case?

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

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LinkedIn launched in 2003 with 4500 members. While other social media channels are a mix of news, silly photos and viral videos,  LinkedIn continues to be viewed as the largely no-nonsense site for business. For For communications pros, LinkedIn can be a great channel to connect with company decision makers, colleagues and journalists. Is there anything you would add?

10 Ways PR Can Leverage LinkedIn


A few weeks ago I conducted an exclusive interview with two of LinkedIn’s leading tech ladies, Sarah Clatterbuck and Erica Lockheimer, alongside PR Manager Kenly Walker. We talked about everything from how to ensure your LinkedIn connections aren’t aware of your stalking habits, to how the company’s “women in tech” initiatives are setting an example […].

How to Use LinkedIn Analytics

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In December, I walked through Twitter’s analytics platform , and today I wanted to take a similar dive into LinkedIn’s free Analytics offering. Let’s look at what LinkedIn Analytics offers and how you can use it to both check your progress and guide your content strategy. This section can be such a great tool when planning content to share on LinkedIn. Here we go! Updates.

Could LinkedIn Contacts Become LinkedIn Social CRM?

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LinkedIn''s new Contacts app is designed to help users stay in touch with important business contacts and build contacts with others. According to Mashable : "LinkedIn Contacts integrates into your email, mobile address book and calendar to create a one stop shop of sorts for all of your contacts that is accessible from the web and an app." Community + Content x Contacts = Social CRM?

On bad LinkedIn invites: Eight good reasons to click no and not feel guilty

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But what about on LinkedIn? Surely on LinkedIn, however, a network where all of us are there purely for professional reasons and not for cat memes and jokes (supposedly), we can at least expect to be able to say no and not feel guilty? I’m not so sure. LinkedIn says so. In their legal User Agreement, in Section 8, “LinkedIn “DOs” and “DON’Ts.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.).

Top Skills for 2016 from LinkedIn

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This list of the top 25 skills that can make you more marketable in 2016 and beyond was published on the Official LinkedIn blog. The data was gathered by analyzing all of the hiring and recruiting activity that occurred on LinkedIn in 2015 to find the 25 hottest skills required. This skills is consistently ranked in the top four across every country LinkedIn analyzed. top 25

State of Social Media Q4 2015: Less than 25% Active LinkedIn Members

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LinkedIn, the former dark horse of social media, has not only grown past Twitter, but is a serious publishing platform in its own right. Let’s see what LinkedIn reported for its Q3 earnings. LinkedIn’s membership continues to grow, passing 400 million registered users: Above, we see sustained 4% quarter over quarter growth, indicating a still-healthy social network.

How executives are using LinkedIn publishing to drive organizational PR goals

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And, one of those strategies that’s flying under the radar is brands using executives and their LinkedIn profiles to advance PR goals and organizational priorities. Sure, not all CEOs are active on LinkedIn. Heck, many of the Fortune 500 CEOs aren’t even on LinkedIn (at least not in any meaningful way as we learned earlier this week ). Developing content.

Why aren’t more company leaders publishing on LinkedIn?

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The other day, I was browsing through LinkedIn (something I do at least once a day, for various reasons). Person starts publishing on LinkedIn out of curiousity. Until, they are basically blogging on LinkedIn, as I like to call it. And, most importantly, these folks who are publishing on LinkedIn are seeing real business opportunities, as a result. Ego is stroked.

State of Social Media 2Q 2015: LinkedIn Resumes Its Dominance

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LinkedIn, the dark horse of social networks, has consistently been a slow-but-steady growth play in the past, from revenue to marketing options. LinkedIn continues its steady growth to 380 million users; since its divergence from Twitter in Q2 of 2014, LinkedIn has continued to outgrow Twitter and is near parity with Instagram’s audience size. Growth. Revenue.

LinkedIn introduces direct messaging feature

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LinkedIn is expanding its options for social media marketers. LinkedIn users could start to see unsolicited messages in your LinkedIn message folder or regular email inbox—depending on your settings. LinkedIn piloted the new feature in August, and will roll it out generally to branded accounts immediately. If you’re selected, they can send you direct sponsored messages.

Millennials flood LinkedIn, keying on personal branding

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Recent LinkedIn data. Globally, the predominantly “twentysomething” generation—which LinkedIn defines as born between 1980 and the early 2000s—makes up 38 percent of its user base. To reach them, LinkedIn data suggest diversifying your content and tailoring your marketing efforts to meet the needs of various millennial subgroups. Two million users hold marketing roles, and 1.2

State of Social Media Q3 2015: LinkedIn Marketing Revenue Flattens

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LinkedIn, the former dark horse of social media, has not only grown past Twitter, but is a serious publishing platform in its own right. Let’s see what LinkedIn reported for its Q3 earnings. Part of the reason may be LinkedIn’s legacy as a career-focused portal. Expect to leverage these improvements for 1:1 outreach and communication with other members on LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn to Prospect for New Business

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Today we talk Panera Bread and eavesdropping and  LinkedIn use and there is a special guest appearance from someone (something?) He asks, Quick LinkedIn question: A couple of clients we started doing inside sales work for have spoken to us about running their prospect lists through LinkedIn as part of the other work we are doing for them. you may or may not have already met.

On bad LinkedIn invites: Eight good reasons to click no and not feel guilty

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But what about on LinkedIn? Surely on LinkedIn, however, a network where all of us are there purely for professional reasons and not for cat memes and jokes (supposedly), we can at least expect to be able to say no and not feel guilty? I’m not so sure. LinkedIn says so. In their legal User Agreement, in Section 8, “LinkedIn “DOs” and “DON’Ts.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.).

4 Secrets to LinkedIn Success Every Brand Should Know

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LinkedIn ( @LinkedIn ) offers the perfect opportunity for your company to connect with industry professionals. In fact, LinkedIn traffic has the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%. recently watched a webinar hosted by Jonathan Vazquez , Customer Success Representative at LinkedIn, called “ How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn Company Pages.”.

Brief flashes of LinkedIn wisdom

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With very few exceptions, every business-minded professional today must have a LinkedIn account. To answer that, you could consult another social media site, Twitter, where you could find plenty of tips and advice about how to use LinkedIn to your advantage. But what do you do with that account after it’s up? How can you make the most out of your online professional presence?

The ultimate guide to LinkedIn profiles

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If you’re like me, you have a LinkedIn profile that serves as a modern replacement for the business card. You think it’s good, but then you stumble across someone whose profile is really impressive and you realize just how inadequate your LinkedIn profile is. Check out this LeisureJobs infographic for a step-by-step guide of LinkedIn best practices: (Image via

3 Top Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Visibility


Did you know LinkedIn has its own proprietary search algorithm? The details are top secret, but according to Yumi Wilson, manager of corporate communications at LinkedIn, there are several ways to use LinkedIn to get the most from the platform. #1 Complete Your LinkedIn Profile. If you want to get found on LinkedIn, complete your profile. profile photo.

LinkedIn launches messaging service

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LinkedIn’s messaging service got a new (and much-needed) upgrade. Still, it doesn’t exactly appear that LinkedIn understands how professionals are using instant messaging. If you’re having a light, informal conversation with co-workers, LinkedIn is certainly not the place it’s being done. It’s difficult to think of LinkedIn ever being a home for one-to-one conversation.

How to Create a Pitch Perfect LinkedIn Profile

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What’s so Social PR awesome about a LinkedIn profile? Why LinkedIn? Your LinkedIn profile is the perfect place for you to showcase your skill set and achievements, build your brand, and connect with business partners, colleagues and even prospects besides sharing content with professionals in the industry. So what makes a LinkedIn profile stand out easily? Brevity.

What LinkedIn’s New Homepage Means for Your Social Marketing

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In case you missed the news, LinkedIn announced on Thursday the rollout of a new, simplified look for personal homepages on the service. With the updated design LinkedIn hopes to accomplish two things: 1) get people checking LinkedIn more frequently, and 2) get them having more conversations while they’re there. The new layout puts LinkedIn Pulse front and center.

State of Social Q4 2014: LinkedIn is the real MVP

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With unemployment nearing all-time lows, how is LinkedIn faring? LinkedIn’s performance was stronger than ever to close out Q4 2014, with some astounding numbers. First, user growth has been stable: LinkedIn now has 347 million monthly active users, surpassing Twitter and Instagram. As a result, employers are using LinkedIn more. Are job seekers still using the site?

Up Your Intel With LinkedIn

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Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our latest eBook, ‘LinkedIn for Businesses & Brands.’ LinkedIn is often underused, and its usefulness to brands is often understated. Our eBook walks through seven core ways brands can use LinkedIn, from the very first steps to utilizing groups, advertising and more. eBook LinkedIn Social Media Tools social media

7 important LinkedIn features for savvy pros

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LinkedIn sometimes seems like a forgotten social network. LinkedIn has 467 million members, 106 monthly active, as of October 2016. ). Jay Greene wrote in The Wall Street Journal that LinkedIn’s objective is to increase engagement with the site , which is why it has developed a rich complement of features. Sixty percent of LinkedIn’s traffic comes via mobile devices.

13 ways to boost your LinkedIn presence

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Trouble is, a few weeks after you shared the URL on LinkedIn, it vanished beneath the stream of your newer posts. try blogging from LinkedIn, rather than just dropping in status updates, Jill Jones says in the Ragan Training session, " Use LinkedIn to showcase your thought leadership and become a brand ambassador for your company.". Allow people to contact you through LinkedIn.

Are Recruiters on LinkedIn Connecting for You – or Mining You for Your Connections?

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Personally, I am tired of accepting requests from recruiters who then never again contact me. (I confess I’ve some in my LinkedIn network who connected with me years ago and have never been in touch once. Check if they are at all active on LinkedIn. Subject Header: Your invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Then connect on LinkedIn and take that call. Lovely. Great.

How to Use LinkedIn to Maximize Your PR Efforts

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With the impressive growth of LinkedIn over the last five years, however, it is important that we don’t neglect the features of this useful platform. As a site with a focus on professional development and networking, LinkedIn naturally possesses value for the PR industry. To gain more exposure, utilize the content promotion and production functions on LinkedIn. Photo Credit .

5 Things Marketing Professionals Should Leave Off Their LinkedIn Profile

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You can connect with him on LinkedIn or his personal blog. In the past few years, LinkedIn has established itself as the No.1 As a digital calling card, LinkedIn is a great platform for marketing professionals to showcase their credentials, their experience and their work interests. The following is a guest post by Jeremy Page. professional social network.