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Your Job isn’t Your Job Description

Spin Sucks

Do you know what your job description is? Corina Manea argues your job isn’t your job description, but what you make of it. She goes on to explain why. The post Your Job isn’t Your Job Description appeared first on Spin Sucks. Comments I especially agree with the “be flexible”! I've worked with. What FitBit Can Teach You About Accountability.

5 Things to Research Before Pitching Freelancers


The invitation seemed interesting at first. One of a handful of journalists! Selected for an exclusive interview with the Fortune 500 executive! The wheels in my head were spinning with how I might pitch the story to my editors. That’s when I saw the specifics. The event was the following day in Los Angeles. I’m based in the Bay Area. My Twitter profile says I live in Northern California. Outlets.

Public relations versus publicity: What sets PR apart

PR Daily

Public relations and publicity are often used interchangeably. It’s an error worth correcting. Although PR and publicity are related, they are not the same thing. Here’s Merriam-Webster’s definition of publicity: · Something that attracts the attention of the public. PR pros might define publicity as news coverage , feature stories, executive interviews and speaking engagements. Not exactly.

The Well Written Press Release #6: Include Multimedia


Read Time: 2 minutes. When is the last time you read something on the internet that didn’t include pictures, a video or some form of multimedia? You can’t remember? Right. Us either.  That’s because the standard on the internet for anything that shall catch our attention is that it at minimum, must include an image, but for the most part it includes some sort of combination of multimedia – images, documents, videos and audio. It makes good sense. Our brains process images faster than it processes text. The same is true for press releases.  The takeaway there is that images matter.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

If you're concerned that your organization's content marketing isn't as effective as it could be, this report is for you.

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How does your video stack up to the best?

PR Daily

Video 13
Video 13

What PR Can Learn From The 2016 Election

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Every presidential election is a showcase for public relations and political strategy, but the 2016 race has taken PR to a whole new level. There’s ongoing coverage about the candidates themselves, but then there’s the spin, counterspin, punditry, analysis, and back-and-forth around each campaign’s communications and media strategy. Earned media beats paid advertising.

“Words on the Wall” are worse than no values statements at all

Holtz Communication + Technology

The current state of employee engagement isn’t pretty. According to Gallup, only 33% of employees are engaged with their jobs (that is, poised to deliver discretionary effort to help the company succeed). Engagement isn’t everything, of course; other employee-related factors drive business results, from job satisfaction to a sense of purpose. But there’s a problem there, too.

Try These Seven Tried and True Job Negotiation Tactics

Spin Sucks

Whether you are in-house or out, you have plenty of negotiating power in your hands. Elise Perkins shares seven negotiation tactics to get the pay you deserve. The post Try These Seven Tried and True Job Negotiation Tactics appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories How Much is Your Professional Development Worth?


Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

745 marketers told us how effective their content marketing is. Between November 5 and November 17, we surveyed 601 marketers with an 18-question online survey. A few weeks later, Adweek sent the questionnaire to 144 additional marketers. As the survey was answered by nearly our entire population target, the calculated margin of error was approximately 1 percent. Here's what we learned.

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar


When developing a public relations or marketing strategy, many companies decide to start by jumping on the social media train. It’s It’s a free, relatively easy and user friendly way to get their feet wet in the world of promotional marketing, and it is accessible to companies of any size. The best way to organize yourself is by creating an editorial or content calendar.

7 difficult social media marketing truths

PR Daily

Talk to professional online marketers, and they’ll likely tell you about the raw power of social media marketing. Talk to business owners from an older generation, and they’re likely to tell you how social media marketing is a useless fad. Related: Social-Media Marketing Is Not Dead: 10 Companies That Are Still Rocking It. Obviously, the former group has an incentive to tell you how great social media marketing is and the latter group has a negative bias toward communications technologies. Does the truth lie somewhere in the middle? Kind of. Social media marketing isn’t free. Image via

Apple News-buster Seth Weintraub on the State-of-the-scoop

Flack's Revenge

Seth in Paris. I had the pleasure of meeting blogging entrepreneur Seth Weintraub over coffee last week.  My friend Adam Rothberg arranged an intro after informing me that the head of the “9to5” empire (including 9to5Mac , Google and Toys ) lives in our town, Croton-on-Hudson, NY. I was very excited to meet and speak with Seth. We met at the Black Cow coffee shop, a Croton institution. 

How To Add “Borrowed Interest” To Your PR Campaign

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

What makes a winning public relations program? There are many factors, but one key to a strong program is what we used to call “borrowed interest.” ” PR works harder when teams build alliances with third parties to add credibility, news value, or social impact. An expert spokesperson. A new product launch can have a predictable trajectory. Retail and restaurant partnerships. 

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

The first installment of a five-part guide to becoming an elite content marketer. Use this Playbook to learn how to evangelize a content marketing program in your company.

Find Time to Exercise with These Six Tricks

Spin Sucks

It's not always easy to find the time to exercise in your busy day, but it's important for the health of your body and your business. Laura Petrolino provides six tricks to help you fit exercise in consistently, every day. The post Find Time to Exercise with These Six Tricks appeared first on Spin Sucks.

FIR #54: Our most engaging episode ever

Holtz Communication + Technology

Cross-posted from the FIR Podcast Network. Employee engagement was a constant theme in this week’s conversation with iCology founder Chuck Gose, internal communication measurement thought leader Angela Sinickas, and BBVA’s global head of employee communication, Peter Vogt. Our topics included…. Harvard Business Review article suggests there’s a dark side to engagement.

How your posture can enhance your presentation

PR Daily

Most research on posture and public speaking has focused on two aspects of body language that seem to offer opportunities for improvement with relatively little work. First, there's all the study of what Amy Cuddy calls "power poses." The idea is to stand up straight, to take up more space by putting your hands on your hips like Wonder Woman, or to smile broadly to indicate confidence. Power poses?

Debate Produces Good Moment for Clinton Campaign on Social Media


Last night, an estimated 100 million people watched the presidential debate on television and online. Capturing that attention online is an important signifier of support, and last night Clinton’s campaign showed signs of life on social media. This is a rare moment for Clinton’s campaign which has been dwarfed on social media by supporters of Donald Trump’s campaign. Between the hours of 9 p.m.

Onalytica - Influencer Relationship Management (IRM)

Onalytica’s IRM software is a complete end to end solution for running influencer programmes, from identification of influencers, managing the engagement process to measuring success and its drivers - it is the CRM solution for influencer programmes.

PR Measurement: Tracking Coverage Drivers


By Seedepth. In our continued support of  the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication’s (AMEC) “ Measurement Month ,” today’s topic is Coverage Driver. Is your team tracking this measurement of PR success? Are you and your team tracking data associated with the type of media pitches that you distribute? How your team can improve pitch to coverage ratios.

How Much is Your Professional Development Worth?

Spin Sucks

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, if you want to cut through the noise and take your career to the next level, you need to invest in your professional development. Corina Manea says you should treat your career as a business. She has more. The post How Much is Your Professional Development Worth? appeared first on Spin Sucks. Comments I read voraciously (online and off).

Oct. 7 Webinar: Employees, Crises, and Social Media

Holtz Communication + Technology

Most crisis communication plans miss a critical element: Employees. Ignored, they can innocently (or maliciously) make your existing problem even bigger. After all, their online friends most likely know where they work and if employees aren’t volunteering information, people in their social networks are soliciting it. But that’s just the beginning. Register

6 communications takeaways from the Clinton/Trump debate

PR Daily

Millions tuned in recently as presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went head to head on issues affecting our country. However, viewers who are also PR and communications pros watched the political sparring through a different lens. Here are six communication lessons we can take away from the first presidential debate: 1. Preparation matters. Sometimes, it’s better to say less.

Revenue Generating News Releases: How to Optimize Strategy and Improve ROI

Achieve better results with targeted news release distribution.

How To Use Tech Tools to Improve Your Content


Tech tools make me seem like a better writer than I am. If left to my own devices I write in a passive voice, I habitually use compound sentences, and my vocabulary choice is less than ideal (humblebrag – I use too many syllables). On a weekly basis, I get a platform to the communications and marketing communities and need to write effectively for them. Tools to improve your headlines. Cortana.

Evolving Roles and Responsibilities in Public Relations

PR Expanded

For years, I’ve been discussing the changing roles of PR professionals as a result of social media. I’ve had hundreds of conversations with students, educators, and practitioners about the many new responsibilities, as well as the opportunities and challenges faced in our field. – Nicole Lee. Q. What are some of the interesting findings from your study? A. – Marlene Neill. Q. Marlene S.

Five Tips to Help You Create Shareable Content

Spin Sucks

The most powerful force to encourage people to share content is emotional engagement. Veronica Hunt shares five tips to help you produce shareable content. The post Five Tips to Help You Create Shareable Content appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Future Proof Your Content Marketing Strategy with These 6 Tips


They say the only thing constant is change, and that’s certainly true in the world of content marketing. Every month, or so it seems, there’s a new must-do-or-you’re-toast trend in content marketing. So, how do you keep up, or better yet keep ahead, with your content marketing strategy? Here’s the one thing you must do to future proof your content marketing strategy: Click To Tweet.

Friday Wrap #186: Bank ethics, AI messaging, live-streamed debates, declining Twitter spends, & more

Holtz Communication + Technology

I extract items for the Friday Wrap from my link blog , which you’re welcome to follow. To make sure you never miss an issue, subscribe to my weekly email briefing. Facebook overestimated video viewing times —The average time Facebook has told advertisers people spent watching videos was seriously overestimated for the last two years. Conversion should be at the top of the list Read more.

Improve Your Public Relations Writing With These Tips

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

by guest writer Ron Stein. Writing is one of the most important parts of  a successful public relations campaign. To quote Malcolm Gladwell, “Good writing does not succeed or fail on the strength of its ability to persuade. It succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else’s head.” Read your copy aloud.

What’s Needed for a Successful Satellite Media Tour


With Pew Research Center’s 2016 State of the News Media showing audience growth in cable and network news , as well as an explosion in the digital video sector, brands’ communications strategy must look beyond the written word. These tours aren’t just efficient, though. When done right, they can be creative and compelling. There are very few limits to what we can accomplish.”.

Four Things Your Public Relations Clients Want Right Now

Spin Sucks

As a PR pro you need to anticipate what your clients want and need from you. Today’s CMO is a data scientist, pure and simple. They need data. Aly Saxe looks at the most important things your clients want from you, their trusted PR advisor, right now. The post Four Things Your Public Relations Clients Want Right Now appeared first on Spin Sucks.

5 Tips to Boost Election News Engagement

Beyond PR

The long-awaited U.S. presidential debates have begun! Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have finally faced off in their first presidential debate with the candidates focusing on several issues, including the economy, foreign affairs, and public safety. With this election, though, it’s not just about what’s happening on the stage. Here are 15 questions you can ask to uncover their needs. 2.