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Spotify Is Not Your Dad’s Radio Station

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It streams music I’ve never heard; not even on the super cool radio stations. Comparing Spotify to Pandora is like comparing your music collection to radio. You You listened to radio for discovery. Once upon a time, radio was a club, you felt a member, now it’s just jive deejays and the hits of the day. Yes, let’s do that. First things first.

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Can You Hear me Now? How to Handle “Radio Silence.

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Following all of this fine preparation you end up with radio silence that is both deafening and frustrating. Radio Silence in a Job Search There is nothing more frustrating in a job search than the lack of response by hiring managers or recruiters. You follow all the rules of a compelling cover letter. How should you move forward with this scenario? And neither should you. Move on.

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Q&A with Scott Goldberg of ABC News Radio


We recently had the chance to catch up with anchor Scott Goldberg of  ABC News Radio  to learn about what a typical day means (if there is anything typical about a 24-hour news cycle), how radio is resilient and how storytelling in this medium must be adaptable. ABC Radio reaches more than 67.5-million listeners each week across broadcast and digital audio platforms.

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Q&A with Deirdre Breakenridge about her New Radio Show, Women Worldwide

Melissa Agnes

My friend and colleague, Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO of Pure Performance Communications , has launched an amazing initiative in collaboration with The Social Network Station , a radio show broadcasted out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The initiative is to empower women by giving them a voice and a platform via 50 Internet radio shows, called #50Shows. also enjoy how the tables have turned.

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The Transistor Radio and the Dawn of Mobile Media

Waxing UnLyrical

Some of you might remember the transistor radio. The transistor radio made its debut on October 18, 1954 when Texas Instruments introduced the Regency TR-1 , the first commercially available version of the product. By inventing the transistor radio, Texas Instruments filled a need. The Transistor Radio and the Dawn of Mobile Media. Guest Post by Fay Shapiro.

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Q&A with Deirdre Breakenridge about her New Radio Show, Women Worldwide

Melissa Agnes

My friend and colleague, Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO of Pure Performance Communications , has launched an amazing initiative in collaboration with The Social Network Station , a radio show broadcasted out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The initiative is to empower women by giving them a voice and a platform via 50 Internet radio shows, called #50Shows. The #50Shows Empowering Women initiative was created to give women a voice and platform through Internet radio. At the same time, the number of women in media has declined over the years, especially in radio. Absolutely! Follows.

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The PESO Model: Changing the World—One PR Campaign at a Time

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Communication Planning #MissingType #NationalBloodWeek Allianz BBC Breakfast BBC Radio 1 BBC Radio Five Live. If you want to be successful in the modern world you have to master modern PR. Katie Harrington shares a case study on how applying the PESO Model to the marketing and PR strategy led to a successful campaign that saved human lives.

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Media interview tips: How to prepare for TV, radio and print media interviews

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When you’re asked to be interviewed in the media , it’s important to know that each medium – radio, TV and print – have specific requirements you should understand before the interview. Radio. The main feature of radio is that it is a personal medium. In radio you are talking to or with people, not at them. The radio message is a fleeting moment of sound.

Visual Storytelling, Online Radio and SEO Media Covers Storytelling

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Online Radio on the Rise. When was the last time you pitched online radio? Specifically, 44 percent of Americans age 12 and up listen to online radio on a weekly basis. It’s a quality, not a quantity game, identifying those online radio targets with relevance and influence (or what I call “rinfluence”). Uncategorized radio outreach SEO VentureBeat visual storytelling

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Jason Mollica

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He gives back to our industry in a way that I’ve never seen anyone else do and he works with students by teaching, coaching, and speaking. I’ve also noticed he doesn’t say much about his background below so I’ll toot his horn for him: He worked for many years for Fox News Channel in New York City and was integral in the launch of Fox News Radio. By Gini Dietrich.

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Top 5 Music Festival Trends


Uncategorized 360 degree data Digital Elizabeth Pigg Friday5 influencer Lollapalooza Mobile music gives Radio Frequency Identification RFID Spotify Trends VR

Why Podcasts Work: Five Reasons to Start One

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They would always listen to talk radio. Since that day, I have found myself enjoying the radio less and less. Reception is questionable and as more and more radio hosts move to other formats such as  Sirius and podcasts, my options have become limited. Unlike original radio broadcasting, you don’t have to operate within a certain time period. By Ally Mann. Personable.

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Talk Sport Radio Interview

Mark My Words

Mark Comments talksport 1486386000 listen radio click http[link]. Click 15:30-16:00, from there its 6:10 – 13:05.

Thirty-Eight Tips to Nail a Media Interview

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Communication Media Relations media interviews radio interviews tv interviews uDemyBy Elena Verlee. media interview can cause even the most confident person to feel butterflies in their stomach and sweat in their palms. Last year, I had a client CEO doing a TV interview in New York above the Nasdaq trading floor. For him it was both a dream come true, and a nightmare scenario. Wear Makeup. Both

10 podcasts we’re loving right now

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Great websites Resources social entrepreneur Uncategorized ambitious entrepreneur business addicts Dynamic business woman flying solo glambition radio Inspiring Greatness James Schramko not another business show Podcasts Radio D The honest ceoThe online platform which is becoming more influential is podcasts. What better way to showcase […].

Announcing #50Shows: Giving Women a Platform and a Voice

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So here’s where the #50Shows initiative comes into play … I want to tell you a little story about a my new friends and my pledge to help them give women a platform and a voice with 50 Internet radio shows. Reviewing their radio talk show guests was a walk down Interesting Lane. There were some really big hills along the way, but I’m so glad that I climbed them!

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BBC Radio 5 interview

Mark My Words

[link]  9.44 – 20.08. Mark Comments b08cq5l3 programmes http

Chats with Chip: Ryan Williams on Internal Communications and Measurement

Media Bullseye

Chats with Chip Media Bullseye Radio FeatureThe most recent episode of Chats with Chip featured a conversation about internal communications and measurement with Ryan Williams , a partner with Tekara Effectiveness. Chip opened the conversation by pointing out that organizations largely neglect to give internal communications and measurement, specifically surveys, the attention they deserve.

Media Bullseye Roundtable 2016.13: Key PR Measurement Trends in North America

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Media Bullseye Radio Media Bullseye Roundtable FeatureThis week, we present a special episode of the Roundtable in association with AMEC’s Measurement Month. This webinar, which took place on September 20, discusses significant trends and activities in PR measurement. Trends discussed include: Asking the right questions. Actionable insight. AR/VR. Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE).

Gin and Topics: The Apocalypse

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Camping, who runs the  Family Radio network, has offered several  “infallible proofs&# that the Rapture – when God will welcome all good and just souls into the kingdom of heaven – will occur tomorrow. department of transportation family radio funny tweets harold camping rapture steve farnsworth steve kornacki zombie apocalypseOr at least it is according to U.S.

Media Bullseye Roundtable 2016.11 with Paul Gillin

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In this week’s episode of the Media Bullseye Radio Roundtable, I’m joined by Paul Gillin of the content marketing firm Gillin + Laberis. Media Bullseye Radio Media Bullseye RoundtableIn addition, Paul is the author of several books on social media marketing. Since Paul started the website Newspaper Death Watch nearly a decade ago, he’s a great guest to cover this topic.). link].

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A Conversation with NPR’s Here & Now


He was kind enough to talk to me about the show, what makes it so unique and poignant, as well as his thoughts on the future of radio. EY: How did you get started in radio-what led you to Here and Now? That got me more interested in radio, and so I took another internship with On Point at WBUR. EY: What makes a good radio story? Good radio comes from real conversation.

Chats with Chip: Terry Flannery and University Marketing

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In that job, his job was to run down in the morning and turn on the antennae for the radio station, and then at night to run down in the basement and turn it off again at the end of the programming day. Chats with Chip Media Bullseye RadioTerry admits, however, that measuring this content across the many channels of a university can be difficult. link]. Welcome to the show Terry.

PR tool of the month: Facebook Live Audio saves the radio star

PR in High Definition

Facebook hopes that brands will use Facebook Live Audio for book readings, interviews and of course talk radio, bringing low-bandwidth, real-time audio broadcast content to news feeds and Facebook pages. The post PR tool of the month: Facebook Live Audio saves the radio star appeared first on Firefly Communications. Blog PR tools Social media Uncategorised content marketing Facebook Live Audio marketing podcasts PR public relations radio Social Media technology toolsThe premise is the same as Facebook Live, one click, and you’re live on the internet.

Media Bullseye Roundtable 2016.12 with Scott Monty

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In this week’s episode of the Media Bullseye Radio Roundtable, I’m joined by Scott Monty , CEO and founder of Scott Monty Strategies and the producer of the Full Monty podcast and newsletter. Media Bullseye Radio Media Bullseye RoundtableThe strategies Twitter and Google employ to handle trolls and harassment. link].

Media Bullseye Roundtable 2016.10 with Kevin Anselmo

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In this week’s episode of the Media Bullseye Radio Roundtable, I’m joined by Kevin Anselmo, Founder of Experiential Communications and fellow FIR Podcast Network show host. Media Bullseye Radio Media Bullseye Roundtable PodcastAs always, we cover 3 topics in 30 minutes or less: Pokemon Go. Enough said. Except for the time we spend talking about it, of course. link].

Top 5 Reasons You Need Media Intelligence (Not Just Media Monitoring)

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Based on your specific needs, you can access television, online news, social media, print, radio, blogs, forums, review sites, etc. and better measure “ share of voice ” and return on investment (ROI). This information can help you take smarter immediate response actions and more informed long-term business decisions by helping you: See how well you are performing. Control the conversation.

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Chats with Chip: Doug Haslam on Social Identity Theft

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Chats with Chip Media Bullseye RadioOn the latest episode of Chats with Chip, I am joined by Doug Haslam of Stone Temple Consulting who discusses his firsthand experience with social identity theft. Have you ever thought about what it might be like to lose control of your social network accounts to a hacker or miscreant? Doug’s experience has some important lessons for all of us.

Dynamic Signal Helps Employees Share Content

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Related Stories Gin and Topics: Bernie Sanders is a Radio Star The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Danny Brown On Video Gin and Topics: Frolicking, Dancing, and Singing. You know the issue you have where employees won't share company content? There is a solution in a platform that gamifies the experience so you no longer have to harass anyone. Community Social Media

5 technologies that aren’t dead (or even on life support)

Holtz Communication + Technology

Radio. Number of Google search results on phrase Terrestrial Radio is Dead : About 217,000. Example: Writer/director/producer/MLB announcer Ken Levine declared that terrestrial radio sucks in a post in which he wrote, “Terrestrial Radio is the guy in an iron lung who’s smoking. Why terrestrial radio lives : This meme goes back years. Check-ins. Blogs.

Media Bullseye Roundtable 2016.07 with John Wall

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Media Bullseye Radio Media Bullseye Roundtable PodcastIn this episode of the Roundtable, John Wall, VP of EventHero and co-host of Marketing Over Coffee , joins me to discuss 3 topics in 30 minutes or less: Facebook’s decision to provide political bias training to its staff. Whether Reddit can go mainstream and attract big brand advertising. link].

Gin and Topics: Prepare Your Comebacks

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Related Stories Gin and Topics: Bernie Sanders is a Radio Star Gin and Topics: Ellen’s Never-Ending Scares Gin and Topics: Frolicking, Dancing, and Singing. On this week's Gin and Topics, we have the 25 best movie comebacks of all time—which you should memorize and use—and more. The post Gin and Topics: Prepare Your Comebacks appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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State of the Press Release in 2015

Ron Torossian

In the 1920s, headlines for press releases were in the style of radio broadcasts. One reason press releases have changed in 2015 is that public relations and the public has changed. Press Releases Then and Now Here’s a headline from October 1929 from a Brooklyn Daily Eagle NY newspaper: “Wall Street In Panic [.]. Brand PR Ronn Torossian 5WPR CEO PR Agency

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Launching Women Worldwide Podcast With Host, Deirdre Breakenridge

PR Expanded

On October 6, 2014, I shared the launch of #50shows with my blog community. I’ve been working Jim Nico and Dr. Jane Karwoski of the Social Network Station to create awareness around a movement, giving women a voice and a platform via 50 Internet radio shows. At the same time, when women are underrepresented in the media, our initiative helps women to gain valuable media skills. Thank you!

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Gin and Topics: It’s Time for Tight Pants!

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Related Stories Gin and Topics: Bernie Sanders is a Radio Star Gin and Topics: The Will Ferrell Holiday Edition Gin and Topics: Most Embarrassing Moments. It's time for the best blog post of the week: Gin and Topics! This week we have both Jimmys, adorable farmers, and Justin Timberlake. The post Gin and Topics: It’s Time for Tight Pants! appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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Mainstream media’s podcasting successes are no threat to the independent podcaster

Holtz Communication + Technology

One of the new crop of podcasts from National Public Radio (NPR), Invisibilia delves into the hidden forces that influence our lives. The production values in Invisibilia are stellar—which you would expect for a program that also airs on 260 public radio stations across the U.S. I am thoroughly hooked on Invisibilia. Since then, I have been binge-listening. NPR is not alone.

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2016 PRTech Awards Recap


For the last half decade, PR software providers have built technologies around third party data from web crawlers, social media sites, TV and radio broadcasts, and print […]. Last week in New York, we held the third annual PRTech Awards honoring individuals who work to bring together PR, marketing, technology, and media selected from 100+ nominations.

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PR 2020: What will it be like?


Facebook and Twitter continue to evolve, just like television and radio did after they were first introduced. [By Jason Mollica]. Victor Hugo once said that there is nothing like a dream to create the future. If you had asked public relations professionals in 2005 what their daily routine would look like, there’s a good chance none would have predicted the landscape of 2016. Now, or in 2020.

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Guitar Center: Content Marketing and Storytelling at Their Best


Host Harcourt is best known as a former radio music director and on-air personality in Santa Monica. It’s no small feat. Guitar Center’s YouTube channel beat out hundreds of leading brands, including Target, Four Seasons and General Electric, to snag the Project of the Year award at Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 Content Marketing Awards. It’s a $2.3 and more. Content Marketing

5 Tips to Pitching Success – When PR Stands for “Personal” Relations

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As I found editorial success for my agency’s clients, I was able to branch out and pitch radio and television broadcast opportunities. After all, back in the day, working with a newspaper reporter was completely different than coordinating with a radio show producer. In the late 1980s, the media was cut and dry. This is certainly not the case today. Be flexible in your pitch.