April, 2006

Strike Three: Jackie Zima of Gregory FCA Communications is OUT-ed

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This pitch from Jackie Zima of Gregory FCA Communications stinks so bad it was singled out by five media outlets including the Philadelphia Inquirer, PR Week and the New York Daily News. The multiple sources sending it our way did so within minutes of each other.

Sex in the City Pitch

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This pitch might remind you of Sex in the City. It reminds the Bad Pitch blog of Clueless. Thanks to our friend for sending this along. We shall respect your request for anonymity. That said, lets do this. From: NAME Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 7:09 PM To: FRIEND of BPB Subject: Long time no see Hi, I''m just getting around to organizing all of the business cards and contacts that I''ve collected since Thanksgiving 2005. You may or may not remember me.

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What do Katrina victims and Osama have in common?

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To help mint the cliche, “this stuff writes itself,” I submit the title of this post. What do Katrina victims and Osama have in common? They have nothing in common, but someone practicing among us submitted this question as a possible subject line for his pitch. Luckily he submitted this to an email discussion group first for counsel. Why would you want to connect two completely unrelated, political and emotionally-charged topics? This PR person thought it might get his pitch some attention. "I

A Baby Controversy Is Born

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Ah congratulations, Tom Cruise. I digress. Lately I’ve seen a lot of news about the little ultrasound/sonogram machine he was carrying around for the birth of Suri (there’s a name bound to garner headlines just before a movie comes out, eh?). The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine was also talking a lot – getting press for their views that it’s kind of against the law and really bad for the inbound kid to be looked at so casually by a non-pro!

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Say No to Microwave Media Relations

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An all too familiar Web fever is upon us. Clients, flush with cash, are one deceptive symptom of this malady. They want instant publicity in national media outlets and are willing to pay exorbitant fees to get it. Yet we all know media coverage does not happen overnight. If you’re doing your job, there is a ramp up period. Your first introduction of a client to the media should not necessarily even be a pitch (there are always exceptions). Read more about source filing in "Full Frontal PR."

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YOU Can Help Create Good Pitches

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Readers jokingly tell us they hope to never appear on this blog. We say reading it " is half the battle! " We even receive pre-emptive notes asking for insight into a pitch before it goes out the door. We''re all about stopping bad pitches before they start. So we were more than willing to help the following request for your comments and insight. ".in in an effort NOT to be outed on your site, I was hoping you might pose a question to your readers for me.

April Is No Fool [Updated 4/5]

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PJ Ink, a strangely named PR firm in New York, decided to go the whole infomercial route and talk about the “amazing ARM story” with more exclamations than a four-year-old uses to describe his hatred of Barney. It’s April and my friend April sent it to me, so this is fitting to begin a month with. Yes I know, that’s personal.) Meanwhile end of PJ Ink’s crass, poorly-constructed e-mail has bizarre words I’d like to share with you. No commenting. Ok, I just got to say this thing really offends me.