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Early stage B2B tech startups don’t invest enough in marketing [peer-reviewed study]

Sword and the Script

Those companies that are in the early stages of a startup building a product stand to gain “the greatest” valuation benefit from marketing About half (45%) of all B2B technology startups make no effort to market their products. As a business function, marketing does not exist in those companies: “…we find that investments in systematic marketing by early-stage B2B start-ups increase firm valuation, yet more than half of early-stage B2B start-up firms choose not to invest in systematic marketing,

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6 tips for mastering product ranking for maximum conversion impact

Agility PR Solutions

Did you know that, on average, a customer doesn’t interact with search results in two out of every three searches? It doesn’t even matter what segment or product you’re offering if the results are consistent throughout. This can lead to potential missed sales and hinder the growth of your business. So what should you do […] The post 6 tips for mastering product ranking for maximum conversion impact appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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The Secret Weapon of B2B Marketing: How Influencers Drive Growth

Burrelles Fresh Ideas

The term “influencer” has become synonymous with consumer brands, lifestyle trends, and social media aesthetics. When most people think about influencer marketing, they usually picture interactions between businesses and consumers. Business-to-consumer (B2C) influencer marketing tends to receive greater focus due to its potential for generating immediate sales.

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AI efficiency isn’t the end goal for data modernization: Senior data and tech leaders say better decision-making is the primary aim

Agility PR Solutions

Many brands and businesses are putting all their eggs in the AI-mastery basket, thinking once their skillsets are firmed up and data quality and productivity improve, then all the promises of AI will be revealed and everything else will fall into place. Well, it sure won’t hurt, but new research from MIT Technology Review Insights […] The post AI efficiency isn’t the end goal for data modernization: Senior data and tech leaders say better decision-making is the primary aim appeared first o

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Peter H. Paulsen’s Inspiring Tale Continues to Resonate in 2024

Two years after its initial release, Peter H. Paulsen’s book, From Brick and Mortar to Prosperity, continues to inspire readers around the globe.

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Coffee with a Journalist: Tim Crino, Inc.


Tim Crino is a senior editor at Inc. where his coverage focus is on cybersecurity and data privacy. He also oversees Inc.'s book reviews, collaborates on strategies for Inc. Video, and edits Inc. Insider, a print section that curates expert advice from entrepreneurship's brightest.

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Meghan’s new lifestyle range launches with … strawberry jam

Mark My Words

The Times “It’s either hubris or else very weird strategy,” says Mark Borkowski, the PR guru and author of The Fame Formula. “What’s in it? What does it taste like? There’s no story there, nothing on the back, just a label — and even that looks like it’s peeling off.

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What do CEOs Think About the Future of the Workplace?

Institute for Public Relations

Fortune and Deloitte examined the top challenges that CEOs are currently facing and their perceptions on the global economy. Fortune and Deloitte surveyed CEOs from the Fortune 500, Fortune Global 500, and other select executives from Feb. 13–23, 2024. Key findings include: 1.) 65% of CEOs felt geopolitical concerns, most specifically the U.S. election, are … Continue reading What do CEOs Think About the Future of the Workplace?

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Finding Confidence Through Accreditation


April is APR Month at PRSA. Learn how becoming Accredited in Public Relations can help advance your career by visiting PRaccreditation.org. The year 2020 consisted of fighting the constant communication fires that came with COVID-19 and nationwide protests over social injustice. As much as we tried to be proactive, there was often only time to react, and my team was tasked with crafting messages that could make or break our reputation as a health system.

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Why Pros Should Consider Employee Engagement and Burnout in Crisis Plans

Institute for Public Relations

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center based on the original study. Dr. Laura Lemon and Dr. Matthew VanDyke examined how employees at research-intensive universities used communication to make sense of their engagement experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Are Your Impact Comms Resonating With Stakeholders?

Whether your organization is at the start of its sustainability and impact journey or years into it, many brands share a common concern: the uncertainty of whether they are sending stakeholders mixed messages. Creating content that speaks to your audience's “love language” can be a tricky dance. But, worry not! 3BL has put together tips to ensure that your content not only finds its rhythm but also resonates with your target audiences.

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How do Companies Use AI to Power CRM?

Institute for Public Relations

Forrester and Salesforce researched how organizations are using AI in strategy, specifically AI-powered customer relationship management (CRM) software. An online survey of 773 global business decision-makers with responsibilities for their organization’s CRM and AI was conducted from August – September 2023. Key findings include: 1.) 92% believe a strong data strategy is critical to AI … Continue reading How do Companies Use AI to Power CRM?

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