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Content analysis tool BuzzSumo adds journalist database for SMBs [PR tech sum no. 48]

Sword and the Script

The classic BuzzSumo tool will also allow you to analyze the reporter’s activity such as: Number of articles created on topic; Total engagement of articles on topic; Recency of published content; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit engagement; and Number of links driven. Meltwater gamifies customer community.

Analysis 142
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The Ugly Side of Social Media Sharing

Waxing UnLyrical

I love the collaborative energy, thoughts and community. ” Susan’s friend then shared it to her personal Facebook page with the privacy setting “friends only.” But what happens when “sharing” infringes on the privacy rights of others? Guest post by Jenelle Conner. I am a social media advocate.


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Fake news about brands — a new era of reputation management

PR in High Definition

To combat this, PR professionals must think about how to use listening tools and utilise community management to combat any fake news that does arise about their brand. The role of community management and social listening. The conversations on LinkedIn, for example, will be very different to those on Reddit.

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What is Predictive Media Intelligence?


Predictive engagement data becomes even more useful for reporters and communicators when combined with other information. We combine and provide relevant discussion across social media, so any story’s arc can be seen alongside the latest Reddit discussion about it, the hottest YouTube takes, and the most engaged Twitter commentary.

Media 88
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Brexit and Trump are result of the failure of professional politics and communications

Stuart Bruce

But it’s greedy because there is nothing much in it for the poor person whose door has been knocked on, life interrupted and privacy violated. People don’t see politics being about their country or community, but just for what they personally can get out of it.