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3 Steps to Perpetually Positive Public Relations

Ronn Torossian

When it comes to promoting positive consumer PR, you should do all you can to make certain that positive headlines and stories are not “one-and-done” scenarios.

What influencer marketing will look like in 2019

PR Daily

Are you looking to employ this popular marketing technique this year? Here are three things you should keep in mind. In 2018, influencer marketing was more prominent than ever. As a result, it was also at the mercy of high level of scrutiny and at times, controversy.

2019 predictions and top 10 communications tips from Worldcom PR Group

Agility PR Solutions

The new year has begun, and PR prognostications are starting to take shape. New predictions for the industry from independent comms consultancy partnership Worldcom PR Group draw on contributions from teams in over 115 cities, and as a result, the issues identified are both global and local.

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Sears’ social media won’t go down without a fight

PR Daily

Despite reports that the beleaguered retail giant has asked a bankruptcy court to let it liquidate, its Twitter handle is still soldiering on. Is this the right strategy at this difficult juncture? Sears might be down for the count, but its social media team is still throwing punches.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

7 Ways to Create a Unique PR Strategy

Critical Mention

A lot of businesses are still under the impression that PR is as simple as sending press releases. But in today’s analytics-driven, multi-channel world it is far more complex than companies may think.

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5 Proven Ways PR can Develop Client Media References in B2B Organizations

Sword and the Script

Media references tend to take a back seat to the mad pace that is often B2B marketing. As a result, when the time comes that you really need one, there isn’t one to be found.

What you should pack in your crisis communicator ‘go bag’?

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All disaster prep junkies love planning what to put into their emergency survival bag. Here are some things crisis communicators should never leave home without. Silicon Valley has become synonymous with a rather distasteful piece of jargon: “disruption.”

Most important food news stories of 2018 ranked by Hunter PR

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Since 2003, food and beverage marketing communications agency Hunter Public Relations has commissioned a study annually to identify the top food news stories according to the opinions of Americans.

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Infographic: Technical and SEO mistakes that plague websites

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Many factors can hurt a site’s ranking and limit accessibility. This guide shares common blunders to avoid when building and maintaining your organization’s digital destination. Many websites fall down on the job on SEO without even knowing it.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

How AI is impacting social media—making it work for you

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Businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce their overhead cost and at the same time increase their revenue. One way of doing this has been cutting down on traditional advertising and using a tiny fraction of the marketing budget to advertise on social media.

15 questions to ask when hiring a social media partner

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How do you know what to look for in a social media management firm? Here’s what you should ask any agency you consider hiring to manage your social channels. Nearly a third of the world uses social media regularly, and 92 percent of marketers claim it’s important to their business.

Are press embargoes still relevant in today's news cycle?

Muck Rack

Are press embargoes still relevant in today's news cycle


How and why tweaking your management style can boost employee engagement

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Leaders should be willing to listen and learn—and humble enough to change course to cater to workers’ strengths. . Adjusting your management style can increase employee engagement. Every employee is unique, and we all get motivated or turned off by different tactics and treatment.

Separation of Church and State

HMA Public Relations

We all know how essential it is to step away from work every now and then – even if it is unplanned, as Kelsey Makings pointed […]. The post Separation of Church and State appeared first on HMA Public Relations. HMA Public Relations church and state work work balance

How Beauty Brands Will Win in 2019


By Alise Edgcomb, Vice President, Beauty & Wellness. If 2018 taught us anything, it was to toss the template. Natural hair and pink hair, naked skin and 90’s glitter, ingestible beauty and high tech devices all trended simultaneouly. Influencers became brand owners , cosmetic giants took notes from indie brands’ playbooks and acquisitions skyrocketed.

My 2018 Annual Review

Doktor Spinn

Time for my annual review. In this post, I’ll do my best to answer these three questions 1 : What went well this year? What didn’t go so well this year? What am I working toward? Here we go: 1. What Went Well this Year? Lost 12 kg and made myself physically stronger. Got into a healthy exercise regimen and started loosing some unnecessary weight. What got me started and kept me on track was a variety of pulse training programs.

Four marketing myths debunked!


Every industry has it set of myths that have stuck around throughout the years, despite evidence to the contrary. Marketing is also a victim of folklore needs to be addressed. Sometimes word of mouth can get out of hand by distorting knowledge and creating ideas that are not based on facts or reality. When these myths start to inform our thinking and our actions, that’s when it becomes a problem.