Fri.Nov 17, 2023

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Top Newsletters For PR Teams At High-Growth Companies

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Back in June, Crenshaw Communications launched its monthly newsletter, offering advice, showcasing Q&As, shining a spotlight on clients, and more. For those who work at high-growth PR firms, newsletters are a valuable tool; after all, in a fast-paced industry like PR, we want to be first to see relevant news. That’s why newsletters are so important.

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How AI Is Changing Our Navigation

HMA Public Relations

AI is reshaping our navigation experience on the Google Maps platform with new features introduced that use visual results, augmented reality and more to streamline the user experience. Learn more in this post from Justin Liggin.

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S&T Live Recap: Kami Huyse, APR, on How AI Can Enhance Your Work


Artificial intelligence “is inevitable,” said Kami Huyse, APR. For communicators, “The key is to understand how AI can enhance what you do, rather than replace what you do.” Huyse, CEO of Zoetica , a digital marketing and PR agency in Houston, was the guest on Nov. 14 on Strategies & Tactics Live , PRSA’s LinkedIn livestream. At PRSA’s ICON 2023 in Nashville, Tenn., in October, she led a session titled “Unlocking the Power of Human-centric AI to Help Elevate Your Content.

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Why You Should Be Prioritising Visually Pleasing Content For Your Social Media Channels


Visually pleasing content has become the centre of online engagement in recent years, with businesses striving for engagement through curated visual feeds. Here we’ll explores the power of ensuring your content is visually engaging, in a vast digital landscape – as well as best practice for making your feeds stand-out and scroll-worthy! Try to establish visual consistency Branding and visual consistency are key to increased awareness and brand salience.

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The Silver Lining to Corporate DEI Challenges

In our latest edition of Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos - Scorpio Edition, 3BL embraces the perspective of one of the zodiac's most misunderstood signs: Scorpio. While this sign often has a darker view of the world, they do not shy away from shining a light on controversial topics. This month we take a deep dive into corporate pullback of DEI and how companies can utilize astrological advice to reinvent its social impact communication.

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How To Create Knowledge

Doctor Spin

I’m obsessively interested in how to create knowledge. I love to learn about how to learn. And I love to know about knowledge. Of course, not everyone will find this interesting, but not all knowledge is created equally. Understanding how knowledge is created makes it easier to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different types of reasoning.

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