March, 2006

Anaheim Mayor Pitches American Idol?

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Ex-journo Gary Goldhammer sends us this waste of taxpayer dollars as the Mayor of Anaheim tries to cash in on one citizen''s 15 minutes of fame.

Agency PR Shows its Pride

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In just 10 days, 50 public relations professionals have signed the Bad Pitch petition to show their pride in the public relations industry. From Canada’s BC to Australia’s GC , pros from around the world are stopping by and signing up.

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“Mommy, We Get Dead Pitches”

Bad Pitch Blog

Dying to get ink? Unless you work for a funeral home, casket manufacturer or some other rare exceptions , death is NOT a tie-in to your story.

PR Industry: Stand & Be Counted

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We''ve come a long way from 1917 propaganda to today''s authentic, transparent conversations. But we''re using James Montgomery Flagg''s handiwork to rally our industry together and demonstrate our pride in public relations.**

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

A Good, Shady Pitch

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Just in time for the weekend, we bring you a good pitch for ParkerGrace sunglasses. The following note garnered placements with VH1, Better Homes & Gardens, Woman''s Day and Life & Style Weekly. Subject: A Shady Pitch Hi, FIRSTNAME.

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Tom Foremski is Wrong

Bad Pitch Blog

The news release is dead…here we go again. The latest swing of the hammer comes from Silicon Valley Watcher’s Tom Foremski in his article Die! Press release! It has elicited more discussion on the tired topic and more Google Juice than an A-Lister''s link blog. Well the Bad Pitch Blog disagrees.

On today’s episode of “As the Blogosphere Turns”

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Spintown is buzzing with tragedy , controversy and drama , drama , drama. We’re left with more questions than answers at this point. But to recap… After a painful Google Juice withdrawal, Scott Baradell mysteriously found himself in a strange hotel on the outskirts of Spintown. There’s a roll of film on the nightstand. Should he have it developed? Speaking of strange developments, "something’s rotten in the state of Denmark" (and it’s NOT Desirable Roasted Coffee ).

Media Relations Should Be Smart, Fast and Flexible

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A spring snowfall made my daily commute longer than usual yesterday. It gave me time to wonder if the weather also froze the stream of pastel pitches tying stories to spring and Easter. Most stories are not tied to something as mercurial as a change in the weather. But its unpredictable, er, nature provides a perfect example of how media relations teams must always be ready to adapt their pitches based on breaking news.

10 More Reasons for the Bad Pitch Blog

Bad Pitch Blog

We started this blog almost two months ago and the feedback has been great. Some do not agree with our approach and that’s fine. But would you rather have the media or PR people take these folks to task? In the past, we’ve posted links to stories and resources that inspire us to write this blog. Here are 10 more reasons we will continue the Bad Pitch blog in earnest.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

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Bad Pitch Is Right

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I''ve been out of touch lately. To make up here''s one that, to coin an oft-repeated phrase, needs no real intro: Came from a pissed-off business editor who was ultimately laughing. I added a few notes and had some fun. Subject: Newest Feminine Hygiene Innovation Dear Editor, The DivaCup™ represents the first breakthrough innovation in feminine hygiene in over 50 years! Please see attached a New Products Release, Press Release and Photo for your review. A Fact Sheet is also included. [RL: RL: !!,

Submitting Pitches to Blogs

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Josh Hallet at Hyku has created Instant PR. This represents an elegant yet simple solution to submitting your pitch to blogs. We suspect you’ll be seeing this type of push-button solution used across more and more blogs each day. tags | public relations | PR | good pitch | bad pitch | bad pitch blog | media relations