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As AI infiltrates PR, here are 5 use cases and watch outs pros must heed

Agility PR Solutions

We need to keep up with the advancement of AI in marketing communications and PR. With recent advancements in content creation, social and news media monitoring and listening, as well as predictive earned media placement, AI is proving that it can be a resourceful tool for many PR practitioners. As the technology quickly progresses, many […] The post As AI infiltrates PR, here are 5 use cases and watch outs pros must heed appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Is it a Sin to Advertise Religion?

Mindful Marketing

by David Hagenbuch - professor of marketing at Messiah University - ​author of Honorable Influence - founder of Mindful Marketing In casual interpersonal conversation, two topics have long been taboo: politics and religion. By contrast, in advertising, politics are usually fair game, but religion has largely remained off-limits, until now. So, h ave two widely broadcast religion-related campaigns changed an age-old mass communication commandment?


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5 actionable tips for improving your business’s online reputation

Agility PR Solutions

Your company’s reputation has always been important, but in today’s digital environment, a great reputation is even more essential. Good PR can be the difference between increased sales and missed opportunities. Whether you sell products to other businesses or to end consumers, what your company stands for and how you treat clients can have a […] The post 5 actionable tips for improving your business’s online reputation appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Who’s supporting who in Team Willoughby v Team Schofield?

Mark My Words

Daily Mail PR guru Mark Borkowski told MailOnline that Schofield’s abrupt exit shows ITV has backed Holly Willoughby – but he understands they will have made promises to Phillip Schofield that his career there is not over. He said: ‘Phil’s departure is a chance for the show to be renewed and they are hoping it will be Holly Willoughby to do it. When she returns in a fortnight the show will be sparkly and fresh with an emphasis on life after Phil. ‘Holly Willoughby is now ITV’s great

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The Importance of Personalizing Your Press Release for Journalists

Journalists receive an overwhelming number of press releases daily, making it hard for your news to stand out. While some news is valuable, most is not.

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New research highlights an opportunity for health brands to better support healthcare parity for women

Agility PR Solutions

New research finds women are more open to receiving healthcare information and more likely to visit pharmaceutical brand sites than men, but they are much more receptive to that information when it is customized to them, particularly LGBTQ+ and BIPOC audiences—illustrating the healthcare gap that exists when brands position their offerings only to a general […] The post New research highlights an opportunity for health brands to better support healthcare parity for women appeared first on

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C-suite leaders are seeking an AI-powered makeover: 3 in 4 say it’s their top digital priority, and their best chance for reaching operational maturity

Agility PR Solutions

Companies worldwide have been searching high and low for efficient solutions to the litany of challenges they’re facing in the post-pandemic business world—data management, transformation processes, talent acquisition and retention, and customer and stakeholder experience mastery among them—and C-suite leaders are becoming convinced that their problem-solving hero has arrived in the form of AI.

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Book review: Strategic Communication Management

Wadds Inc.

Strategic Communication Management is an enduring guide to understanding and enhancing the value of public relations in management. I revisit Strategic Communication Management every six months or so in my PhD studies. It was written by Dr Jon White and Laura Mazur, and published almost 30 years ago by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The book is still available as a re-print for around £10.

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The Public Relations Agency: Your Secret Weapon

Doctor Spin

Are you considering hiring a public relations agency? Collaborating with a great PR agency could be your secret weapon. Having worked at (and with!) many different types of PR agencies, let me give you the basic rundown on how to get it right. Here we go: Table of Contents I. How To Work With PR Agencies II. The Benefits of a Public Relations Agency III.

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