Wed.Apr 20, 2022

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3 tips to step up your influencer marketing by unlocking everyday and micro influencers

Agility PR Solutions

When you search for “influencer marketing,” Google easily shows about 210,000,000 results in 0.55 seconds. Culling through what are the most effective strategies, forecasts and key trends that will dominate, the current state of influencer marketing, the most impactful KPIs and metrics, and distinguish which strategies you should execute to ensure they achieve success can […].

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What Are the New Rules of Marketing and PR?


Have you ever read a book that completely changed your life? It’s hard to estimate the effect David Meerman Scott’s work has had on my work. In 2007, David mentioned my fledgling blog wiredPRworks in his book, “ The New Rules of Marketing and PR.”. In a stroke of marketing brilliance, David included over 160 bloggers/contributors in the first edition.

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The importance of brand assets—and 4 examples of brands who do it right

Agility PR Solutions

To attract customers and stand out from the competition, companies need brand assets. Brand assets are what help companies build their identities, create trust with the target audience, and maintain consistency. Brand assets are all of the recognizable elements that can embody the identity of a business. Those elements include a company’s logo, typography, color […].

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What is a Brand Story?

HMA Public Relations

Your brand story isn’t just for you as an owner, it can also drive business and help create communities that believe in your brand and its mission. Read more on brand stories and their benefits with Justin Liggin in today's post.

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Peter H. Paulsen’s Inspiring Tale Continues to Resonate in 2024

Two years after its initial release, Peter H. Paulsen’s book, From Brick and Mortar to Prosperity, continues to inspire readers around the globe.

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How Gen Z is forcing change to decades-old business practices

Agility PR Solutions

What’s the lifespan of your business? To achieve growth and success past 2030, businesses must start to understand the living, shopping, and financial habits of Gen Z now, and accept that they are very different from previous generations, according to new research from global payments platform Thunes. This demographic, and referred to as Zoomers in […].

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Sustainability actions can speak louder than intent: Protecting people, planet and the bottom line

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Environmental sustainability is more important to consumers today than it was 12 months ago, according to more than half (51 percent) of respondents in a new IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study—and they are demonstrating its importance through their purchases, household choices, investments, employment, and travel decisions. However, they need help from companies to […].

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EV charging infrastructure – progress and challenges

Practical Law Construction

The EV infrastructure roll out to meet the government’s 2030 target of ending sales of all new petrol and diesel cars is well underway with the private sector rolling out digital charging “at pace” At the end of March, the government published plans to supercharge progress (more on this below) with promises to do more to encourage private investment so activity in what is already a thriving sector looks likely to intensify.