Sun.Mar 29, 2020

Digital PR Metrics That Determine Campaign Success

Ronn Torossian

Successful digital PR is one part time-tested strategy borrowed from traditional PR and one part targeted SEO involving quality backlinks, social media mentions, and shared content.

How PR and influencer marketing strategies converge

Agility PR Solutions

Let’s start this off with some food for thought. What would the first syndrome be if the business world loses the word of mouth effect? First and foremost, this phenomenon implies that nobody talks about anything else outside their first-tier affairs.

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Muddling through the COVID-19 crisis: celebrating human spirit and ingenuity

Stephen Waddington

I’m muddling through the COVID-19 crisis, just like you, but I am starting to think about what might come next. Is it possible to have a good crisis? It’s too early to say but the dad in my Instagram feed who lit a fire pit and camped in the garden with his kids last night gives me hope.

Crisis 167

Commemorating Women’s History Month—and our role as PR pros in a time of unprecedented challenges

Agility PR Solutions

On March 8, 2020, Google’s International Women’s Day doodle featured an animated video that celebrated women throughout the world spanning multiple generations, cultures and professions.

Google 106

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Communications During Restructuring

David PR Group

With so much uncertainty and many businesses suffering, it’s time to have a candid conversation about how to communicate as you restructure. This is trickier communications than the messages everyone has been sending out about COVID-19.

Coronavirus impacting shopping decisions, spending, availability—who’s feeling it most?

Agility PR Solutions

As the coronavirus spreads nationwide, the latest survey from product investment tech firm First Insight found that news of the virus is impacting the shopping behavior of 75 percent of respondents, up from 45 percent (a 70 percent increase) when comparing to a survey fielded in late February.