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Crisis Management Lessons From Boeing’s 737 Max Disasters


Gordon Johndroe , vice president of global media relations and public affairs for the Chicago-based aircraft manufacturer, spoke to members of PRSA’s Corporate Communications Section in the Nov. 5 webinar “Crisis Management on an International Stage: Takeaways from Boeing’s Biggest Crisis and Time Spent in the West Wing.”.

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Page report highlights management communications opportunity

Wadds Inc.

A new report makes the case for the elevated role of corporate communications in management. The corporate communications or public relations function was elevated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Page Society, is a professional association for senior public relations and corporate communications executives.

Report 64

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Jobs in Public Relations


Public relations, at its core, is a communications industry that strives to maintain a positive public image for brands and corporations, to create brand awareness, to foster mutually beneficial relationships between clients and their audiences, and more. Crisis Managers. PR Managers. PR Specialists.

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Public Relations Objectives

Doctor Spin

Through consistent and effective communication, PR can sway public opinion in favour of the organisation, enhancing its reputation and standing in the community. Building trust and credibility is another crucial objective of public relations. Increase positive publicity and decrease negative publicity.

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When The Crisis PR Guy Is The Crisis

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

There’s not a major corporation today that doesn’t have a small army of PR and reputation experts helping it navigate a tricky media and government relations landscape. Senate – not an unusual pedigree for a Public Affairs VP. But occasionally, the damage comes from a company’s own ranks.

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5 “Founding Fathers” Of PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

But his reputation was mixed; despite his innovative practice of transparency, Lee, like Herb Schmertz 60 years later, was hailed as an innovator but also criticized for working with the “robber baron” corporations of the time. But don’t imagine that he was simply a corporate shill for big oil. Some things never change.

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Top 10 Influential PR Businesses to Follow in 2020

Critical Mention

Powell Tate partners with organizations across sectors — global corporations, advocacy groups, nonprofits and foundations, coalitions, national trade associations and government agencies. The Perspectives section of their site covers many types of communication content, some including advertising, branding, marketing and public affairs.