February, 2007

Good Morning America Says WTF!

Bad Pitch Blog

Exploiting dead celebrities reaches to the heights. Just this morning a colleague at GMA showed us this pitch. Normally we wouldn’t OUT someone as quickly as this – but such an evil waste of paper and digits is beyond bad taste. Start the day off with a story about AN Smith.

So-Called Media You Should Avoid

Bad Pitch Blog

We’ve been so busy beating up bad pitches, we forgot to warn you about the “so-called media.” Some call them pay-for-play media. They are trade magazines and cable television shows that really want to do a story on your company, the CEO and their story—for a price.

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A moment, Moore or less, with Demi

Bad Pitch Blog

Sitting at the pool in an undisclosed location (not important, trust me), I stumble upon a stack of magazines, none of which interest me in the least. But I did crack open the non-naked picture of Demi Moore on the cover of the “old” Vanity Fair. And I’m proud to say I read it without grimacing!

Puss Pitch Gets the Boot

Bad Pitch Blog

Hello Kitties! This Autopilot pitch may read harmless. But when it comes to media relations, lazy pitching has paved our industry a highway to hell. Route 666 perhaps? Kami Huyse of Communication Overtones sends us the latest example of a pitch intended to be media catnip.

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