Sat.Jan 22, 2022

6 Essential Points to Ponder As You Plan PR and Content Initiatives

Garrett Public Relations

Making plans for marketing initiatives is always a work in progress. What should you focus on in the coming months? Uncertainty ruled last year, but now, we have a better idea of how things may look as we continue to get our footing in this new environment created by the pandemic.

Maxim Behar for Bulgarian National TV: The Words of 2021 in Bulgaria

Maxim Behar

Maxim Behar was a guest in the Bulgarian National TV 's studio and commented the most searched three words in 2021 in Bulgaria, according to a survey on the Internet platform "How to write", in which all Bulgarians could participate.

Priceless Lessons by Maxim Behar: A Story with Zbigniew Brzezinski

Maxim Behar

?axim Behar talks about his meeting with a man whose ideas and theories are listened to by politicians and experts of high rank - the famous American political scientist and sociologist Zbigniew Brzezinski.