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How to Pitch Editors – Creating an Annual Pitching Calendar for Real Estate Agents

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If you are pitching national publications, you have to submit 4 months in advance, regional is 2 months, and local newspapers and television are two weeks unless it’s breaking news. Remember to think of what matters in real estate during the general season and then be more specific month-to-month.

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Public Relations Skills

PR for Anyone

As a real estate agent, it’s important to be the “famous” agent in your community. The media is going to use someone as their real estate expert, so let it be you. By incorporating this type of visibility into your day-to-day plan, it will help you grow your real estate business. People upsizing?

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Meet the Media: Jordyn Grzelewski, Autos & Business Reporter at The Detroit News

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Other topics I have dabbled in recently include real estate and Michigan’s casino/gaming industry. Several months after I left my job at my hometown newspaper, The Vindicator , I got some texts from friends who still worked there with some ominous-sounding news. years covering local communities and later business.

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The Essential Guide to Mass Communication: History, Methods, Ethics, and the Future

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Today, we use many information sources to see what is going on around us, locally, nationally, and globally, with more emerging all the time. There is no physical medium as is the case with printing newspapers to distribute to vendors who then sell them. Mass communication aims to meet these needs.