Iger returns in Disney’s hour of need, AT&T’s wireless offer for frontline health care workers, and Pinterest’s heartwarming video

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The video is one of many tweets that the social media platform has shared, reminding people about the variety of ideas, instructions and information they can find on Pinterest: In which house will you #StayINspired ? AT&T gives frontline nurses and physicians free wireless.

Announcing the finalists for the 2015 Media Relations Awards

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We asked to see your plans, pitches and earned media coverage. You displayed your hard work and imagination again and again in the categories of integrated marketing communications, issue and cause advocacy campaigns, press events/media tours, use of video and many more. Next, they will study the finalists’ entries again and name the winners of the 2015 Media Relations Awards. Best Global Media Relations: Eastwick, Zuora Takes the Subscription Economy Mainstream.


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Ford to cut 1,000 jobs, Verizon to hire nearly 1,000 WFH employees, and Twitter rolls out ‘Quote Tweet’ feature

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As Ford is seeking to cut its overhead further, Verizon Wireless announced that it’s hiring 950 customer service positions that are permanent work-from-home jobs. Social media and digital marketing pros, the move should prompt you to evaluate your social media KPIs—and not just on Twitter.

Viral snark over a Peloton ad, McDonald’s enters ‘chicken sandwich wars,’ and Twitter launches data-privacy hub

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However, as one Twitter user pointed out, the backlash caused Peloton to trend and delivered additional video views and media coverage: If you really think the "creepy" Peloton commercial is going to hurt their brand, you probably shouldn't be in marketing.

Brand managers celebrate Groundhog Day, Verizon commits $10M to helping small businesses, and JetBlue highlights Black florists

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If your reaction is aligned with this tweet from Verizon’s wireless customer service team, you’re not alone: After the way 2020 went, that furry little bugger better give us an early spring. — Verizon Wireless CS (@VZWSupport) February 2, 2021. The tweet also highlights an opportunity for brand managers to create content and share messages that tap into consumers’ and employees’ collective exhaustion after the unprecedented crises over the past year.

Google, Microsoft and Verizon challenge Zoom, retail sales decline to new low, and PlayStation launches ‘Play at Home’ campaign

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Hello, communicators: Ahead of its 100 th birtrhday, Land O’Lakes removed the “butter maiden” from its packaging—an image that Eater described as “a non-specific American Indian woman with a feather in her hair, kneeling and presenting the consumer with a container of butter.”.

IBM stops facial recognition work, employees seek fewer open workplaces, cosmetics brands drop talc, and more

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Also: Google Maps offers alerts for mass transit users, Google Meet’s new noise-canceling features, how consumers feel about brand messages on racial justice, and other topics. RELATED: Tune in June 18-19 for our Social Media & Digital Communications Virtual Conference ].

J&J recalls sunscreens over carcinogen concerns, content marketing strategies that work, and Amazon’s response to CPSC lawsuit

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The Institute for Public Relations, Ragan Communications, and the University of Florida are conducting a follow-up survey to their 2020 report, “The Career Path of a Social Media Professional.”. Amazon responds to US consumer agency lawsuit.

2016 – A Year in Traditional Media

Shift Communications

As SHIFT and the entire industry continues to evolve there is always the question… Is traditional media relations dead? From the perspective of the consumer team in the Boston office the answer is a resounding, NO! After an aggressive media relations push, we began to pick up traction in the local market. The Verge , Thomas Ricker (UVM: 16,157,798): Blink wireless security cameras run for two years on a pair of AA batteries.

FDA authorizes vaccine booster for immunocompromised, 2020 Census data highlights American diversity, and McDonald’s responds to diaper mask lawsuit

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” [RELATED: Showcase your engaging videos, visuals or virtual events ]. Be sure to also communicate how your innovations are rooted in data and consumer trends that will be sustained beyond any current period of industry disruption.

Data 129

How and why PR pros should take the lead on CSR

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Consumers and business leaders are demanding that corporations contribute more to society. So are millennials, who are emerging as the largest segment of the modern workforce, as well as a formidable consumer bloc. In addition, surveys show that consumers prefer to patronize businesses with strong histories of social responsibility and are more likely to purchase stocks of companies with solid ethical records. Employ media monitoring and measurement.

Pfizer says third dose protects against Omicron, business travel meets hesitancy, and an alliance forms to combat AI hiring bias

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Bubby’s Baked fills a big hole in the edibles market that cannabis consumers crave—high-quality, delicious baked goods that stay moist and chewy,” said MariMed CPO and SVP of sales Ryan Crandall.

Travel 121

Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint rip AT&T for fake 5G

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Instead of joining AT&T in mislabeling their network speeds, rival mobile carriers are calling out the company for potentially misleading consumers. RELATED: Join us at Paypal HQ for our PR & Media Relations Conference. ] . It read, in part: The potential for 5G is awesome, but the potential to over-hype and under-deliver on the 5G promise is a temptation that the wireless industry must resist.

AT&T, Verizon delay 5G over FAA concerns, top places to promote a podcast, and IBM’s IT services becomes Kyndryl

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The major wireless trade group, the CTIA, said last week that companies should be able to use C-band 5G “without causing harmful interference to aviation equipment,” Reuters reported.

Etsy and Facebook remove ‘QAnon’ content, Ruby Tuesday files for bankruptcy, and Hotels.com offers the chance to ‘live under a rock’

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Also: McDonald’s offers new breakfast items and another menu collab to entice younger consumers, report reveals COVID-19 fears, Best Buy highlights DE&I efforts, and more. The moves are meant to stand out from the crowd and entice consumers—especially millennial and Gen Z consumers—to McDonald’s drive-thrus. For Etsy, that includes all QAnon-related merchandise, while Facebook has been taking down groups, pages and accounts on its platform as well as on Instagram.

Behind the Headlines With Sophie Raine


Here, she shares the biggest lesson she’s learned throughout her career, what it means to deliver impactful media coverage and how the rise in influencers is affecting the PR industry. I desperately wanted to break into the media industry once I’d graduated so I took a job as a secretary at OK! Firstly, we proved that we can deliver on large-scale events from our work with Live Nation, including the execution of Wireless 2015 and the Kopparberg Urban Forest 2014 and 2015.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2019 Digital PR & Social Media Awards finalists

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The impressive finalists for our Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards checked all the boxes. DIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY. Launching the Wireless ATH-M50xBT Headphones, lotus823 and Audio-Technica. The Flack Pack PR podcast, Washington Media Group. Inside the Media Minds Podcast, W2 Communications. Social Media customer support, Dell Technologies. USE OF DIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA FOR. Road to Coachella, Mirrored Media and BMW.

Your audience with the public

Stephen Waddington

A n essay about the impact of the internet on corporate communication, marketing and public relations over the past 20 years. billion use social media. This is when telecom operators such as BT started to offer broadband to consumer users, and wireless networks appeared in public spaces. As traditional media has fragmented, individuals have created their own media on almost every form of social network.

How PR pros should put data and tech to work

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Technology, data, and the desire for validated insights are changing our roles as public relations professionals and the organizations for which we work. We begin with a review of public relations technology, data, and insights and a discussion of the forces driving these trends.

Data 158

Wells Fargo criticized for diversity comments, Ralph Lauren to cut 15% of its workforce, and Bumble Bee Seafoods responds to Trump

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Also: Reese’s gets salty with product launch, Microsoft introduces features for employee wellbeing, 78% of consumers buy from organizations that put employees first, and more. Twitter users were quick to call out the executive’s remarks and encourage consumers to close their accounts.

HWH Public Relations’ Spam E-Mail Tactics

Bad Pitch Blog

HWH Public Relations/New Media gets the distinction of being the first agency, in its entirety, to be out-ed by the Bad Pitch blog. In continuing with its tradition of providing its consumers with economical and easy-to-use web, domain and marketing packages, as well as best in class customer service, Dotster will offer this discounted rate until April 13, 2006 through its 1495eu coupon code." When New Media is part of your agency’s name, you really need to walk the talk.