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Speak but be quiet. How to build crisis communication

Reputation Antistress by Sergii Bidenko

Besides the company's official site and social media pages, it may be an email blast, top managers' pages on social media, communication resources of professional associations belonging to the company, and so on. At the same time, in the moment of a crisis, communication tools should be taken under stricter control.

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Spotlight on a Solo PR Pro: Meet Stu Opperman, APR

Solo PR Pro

He developed a love of sports and print media at a young age, and set off to the University of Florida to pursue a degree in journalism. I didn’t have money in the bank or a fancy business plan. I do a lot of crisis communications, and content production. Stu Opperman, APR hadn’t always planned on being a solopreneur.

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Credit Union Times: CU Crisis Planning Essential

Reputation Us

Boggs said it’s important for executives to discuss different crisis communications scenarios and practice executing the plan through simulations. Trying to communicate a crisis without a plan is like trying to float a boat with holes. You developed a crisis communications plan?’ By Peter Strozniak.

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Why ROI and PR are like Oil and Water

Doctor Spin

There are serious problems with this approach: One problem is that the return on the PR investment is a fluctuating valuation rather than a net income; it’s not “money in the bank.” Cover photo by Jerry Silfwer ( Prints / Instagram ). Any boardroom would be mad not to invite such a PR function. Image credit: Unknown.

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Company Bites Journalists…Again

Sword and the Script

A few months ago, you couldn’t visit a news format in any medium – in print, broadcast or online – without hearing about a gigantic jet – Malaysia Airlines Boing 777 – that just disappeared over the Pacific. And that’s exactly what these companies are banking on – because they do it again, and again and again.

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Behind the Headlines With Kathy Walsh


At the risk of really dating myself, when I first started in the workforce in 1990, our marketing department only had a few shared computers, we were not yet using email regularly, we were still creating “mechanicals” for printed materials as opposed to using desktop publishing, and companies were just starting to create websites!

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PR on a Budget: 10 Tips for Smarter Spending and Better Results

Burrelles Fresh Ideas

Sometimes, it just takes a little community spirit. That’s why many companies are turning to partnerships and active involvement in their local communities to boost their PR efforts without breaking the bank. Managing interactions through social media effectively builds brand credibility with minimal advertising costs.