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Perception, Reality, and Public Relations

Waxing UnLyrical

Newspapers and other media have become inured to my frequent “letter to the editor” assaults, most of the time wisely choosing to ignore my comments on ethical misbehavior and/or lack of transparency in governmental or business affairs. What’s really in that liquid that’s seeping into the local water supply? (My Some of the organizations he has counseled include the Blood Bank of Hawaii, Medical Area Service Corporation and Boston Harborfest.

Why and how companies are turning to brand journalism

PR Daily

It differs from content marketing and a traditional corporate blog in several ways. At the same time, local newspapers are financially struggling, laying off reporters, or closing entirely.


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PR's responsibility to the public

PR Daily

Among the counsel agencies are giving to clients these days is the mandate to get serious about corporate social responsibility. Then there’s a recently-released study from the Economist Intelligence Unit that found 71 percent of business leaders believe their organizations’ responsibility to respect human rights transcends adherence to local laws. People who don’t understand PR tend to conflate it with media relations.

The transition from media to PR: Four former journalists talk about the surprises, struggles and wins

Communications Conversations

Newspapers are cutting staff. KSTP-TV told me in August of 2012 that they weren’t renewing my contract and they would give me a year to find another job. Yet I don’t think the PR-Journalist relationship is over–especially at the local level. Media conglomerates are eating up local news outlets. I’ve left my fair share of messages on corporate voicemail boxes, and I’ve had to use the “no comment” response in countless stories.

Taking the collective temperature of Italian females in PR

PR Conversations

Despite the relativity scarcity of men holding Italian PR positions in general, this does not make it easier for females to climb to the highest positions on the corporate ladder. However, most often the person leading the corporate communications department is male. Ours is dynamic and proactive profession, and we benefit from our ubiquity in: contributing to the general workplace and local and national discussions. By Enrica Orecchia.

5 ways PR pros can tell startups’ stories

PR Daily

Whether you are pitching to Techcrunch or a tabloid newspaper, all media outlets love stories which are brimming with drama. David vs. Goliath stories, such as Facebook launching it’s Poke App back in 2012. Likewise, if your startup is solving a problem in which local authorities are failing, this could be a great story, too. So, you are launching a new enterprise communication tool (Slack) carshare platform (Uber) or location based dating app (Tinder). Great.