January, 2010

Will a Facebook Ad Land a PR Job Seeker His Next Gig?

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Here''s a good pitch of a different breed. Checking into Facebook a few days ago, I noticed the ad above. Impressed by his approach, I offered Grant a guest post on The Bad Pitch Blog. So here is his post. Then I''ll tell you why I''m impressed by the ad. -- Going Guerrilla to Get the Gig Want to increase your professional network and as a result increase your opportunity to land that coveted interview or job?

Slick’s Twitter Pitch Fit

Bad Pitch Blog

Slick’s Twitter Pitch Fit This is the first pitch wherein I can out the author because they pitched me on Twitter in plain, permalinked view of the world. This bad pitch shows a clear lack of understanding of Twitter. As we approach Valentine’s Day, I do not have a heart on for this pitch from @twsprfirm. Its only accomplishment is finding how to suck in less than 140 characters.

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"There Be No Vapor": A Lesson In Good Pitch Practice

Bad Pitch Blog

Last week I was quoted in a major (so to speak) publication saying that most corporations put out vapor like it''s flowing water. The question reached my messy desk: What is and what isn’t vaporous today? Let’s review the facts: There are only so many reporters covering the field or industry you play in, whether it’s automotive technology, software, clothing, or architectural design. With time and experience, you will wind up speaking to them all one day—or their brethren.

Boilerplating the "About" Copy

Bad Pitch Blog

From the "how to end on a lame note department," we bring you the boilerplate. We first wrote about this infinitesimal but iconic news release ending back in 2006. Bill Sledzik , Associate Professor at Kent State University''s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, reminded us of the need to revisit this old gem. We complied because Bill practices what he teaches and he buttered us up by noting: "Bad Pitch is a primary read in our Media Relations class.

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NBC: A Corporate PR Disaster

Bad Pitch Blog

Gosh, don’t you think all conglomerates would have learned by now how quickly they can be damaged by not checking in with their customers? Who remembers how Tropicana disastrously changed their carton without asking if anyone loved the old one! But no one at NBC Universal Comcast GE Microwave got a whiff of the orange-flavored catastrophe so they stepped right back into s**t with their heads in the air.