July, 2010

Virtual Attraction: Five Rules of the Road for Building your Online Presence

PR Job Coach

As the job market continues its snail’s pace recovery, it bears noting that now more than ever your virtual footprint should well reflect your achievements, professionalism, savvy and hire-ability.

Make the News

Bad Pitch Blog

At least twice before I''ve mentioned a mentor''s media relations mantra: you have to know the news to make the news. It got me addicted to NPR. An awareness of current events is critical.

Summer Field Trip

Bad Pitch Blog

Summer. Consider the opportunity. Holidays. Vacations (fwiw, Laermer is in Tel Aviv. In two weeks, I head out much closer to home). Nice weather (alongside hellish weather). It''s the perfect storm for slacking--or for a little creativity. This post excerpt inspires me: Stale. One thing that I never want to be. We all have a tendency to learn up to a point, we get comfortable and keep chugging along rarely investing in our ongoing education. I call it the slow but sure path to irrelevancy.

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