Fri.Sep 29, 2023

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Outwrite Robots: Write a Better Press Release Than AI | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made remarkable strides in many fields, including communications and public relations. AI-powered language models can churn out text at a rapid pace, which can come in handy for marketers and content producers who need to produce several title ideas, social media captions, and more, in a short amount of time. But there remains a profound distinction between human writing and its artificial counterpart.

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Would a Mindset Mapping Workshop Help Match Your Company Messaging and Perception?

Stern + Associates

Of all the companies and brands we know, our perception of them can often be boiled down to a single word. Are we engaged? Committed? Indifferent? Perplexed? Outraged? Try this quick exercise. In a word, how do you feel about: Apple? Wal-Mart? McDonalds? McKinsey? Exxon? Your local hospital? Your bank? Your credit card company? It’s likely you feel great about some of these institutions … and less so about others.

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Why Experience Counts More Than How Long Something Takes

HMA Public Relations

Experience counts! Discover why some are saying goodbye to hourly billing and taking a different approach that emphasizes the value of our work in this blog post from Abbie Fink following a recent webinar hosted by Public Relations Global Network. Read more!

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Socially Unacceptable – How I Lost Six Figures and Overcame It All With Amphora


In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of conversing with Josh Lachkovic, the founder and Managing Director of growth agency, Amphora. After failing his first startup the Wine List, which went from a lockdown success to losing six figures within a few months after lockdown, Josh has an inspiring entrepreneurial journey; filled with moments of resilience, failure, and ultimately, success.

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The Silver Lining to Corporate DEI Challenges

In our latest edition of Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos - Scorpio Edition, 3BL embraces the perspective of one of the zodiac's most misunderstood signs: Scorpio. While this sign often has a darker view of the world, they do not shy away from shining a light on controversial topics. This month we take a deep dive into corporate pullback of DEI and how companies can utilize astrological advice to reinvent its social impact communication.

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10 reasons why school teachers are great crisis managers

Reputation Antistress by Sergii Bidenko

Twenty-eight years ago, I had no idea that as a teacher, I would not be teaching in school but would be teached by my students, colleagues, and student's parents. Now, I compare my reputation and crisis advisor work with a teacher's job. And I understand that teachers are also great crisis managers! As a former teacher and now a reputation and crisis advisor, I was interested to see what these professions have in common.