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How to Pick the Perfect Time for Your Next Trade Show Product Launch

Beyond PR

There are many advantages to timing new product or service announcements around trade shows. For one, getting the media attention is easier since the press are already looking for big announcements coming out of the show. Before the show.

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10 Do’s And Don’ts For Better PR Ideas

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In B2B PR, a strong point of view on an industry problem, a compelling vision for the future, or a prediction can be winning thought leadership ideas, with the right packaging. Recently a client with a security device contemplated staging an assault or pickpocketing at a trade show to drum up attention for its product.

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Change Agent Spotlight: Set Your Inbound Marketing Team Up for Success with Tips from Crayon's CMO

PR 20/20

Some marketers aren’t afraid to take a risk on new ideas, push leadership on new technology or champion an entirely new methodology. Every day is very different; I might be writing a blog article or doing data analysis, or meeting with teams to figure out how to do the next product launch or hit a sales goal and so on.

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What is Technology PR?


Here are some common types of Tech PR and how they’re implemented: Product Launch PR: Focuses on creating buzz and generating media coverage for new product releases, highlighting their features and benefits. This is especially effective for consumer technology products.

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How To Make An Impact At A Business Conference

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Love them or hate them, conferences and trade shows are important venues for any business to generate public relations , marketing, and sales returns. If you’ve ever attended a major tech trade show, you know they can be a blur of handshakes, branded swag, business cards, and mediocre meals. Bring PR to the show.

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When is the Best Time to Send a Press Release?

PR Fuel

New leadership announcements . For a product launch, consider distributing press releases one to two weeks in advance. For a conference, grand opening, trade show, or another event announcement, send it three weeks in advance. . Partnership announcements.