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Barbie dominates August brand coverage


Coincidentally, it was also a top story in a different sense, as it came out on top of our brands coverage analysis in August. But there were other brands that saw less positive coverage this summer, and those included Burger King and Nike. The post Barbie dominates August brand coverage appeared first on Newswhip.

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5 Ways Your Company Can Make a Social Impact Today


Or, if your company is a well-established iconic brand looking to give back as a team (with a bit of fun competition), then you can host a collection drive that engages groups to vie for the title of “making the greatest social impact.”. Upon signup, you receive a branded webpage for promotion and easy tracking of the collection drive goal.

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Five Companies Enacting Change through Charity


Whether selling a pink version of your product during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month or redirecting profits to a timely cause, many brands choose to align themselves with a charitable cause. Furthermore, some brands are entirely built upon the mission to give back. One for One. Rotating Causes. Give to Inspire.

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When to Ask for a Media Retraction and When to Bite Your Tongue


dpms is a local London business that sells branded apparel, jewelry and products by local artisans. The win inspired Metro News , a local tabloid, to profile dpms in a feature story. They’re passionate about their brands and troubled when public statements don’t accurately reflect reality. It’s only natural.

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Why a “One Size Fits All” Approach to Public Relations Doesn’t Work

Shift Communications

Are they trying to change perception of their brand? For example, if you work for an apparel company looking to drive holiday sales, you’ll use angles around the best gifts for the fashion-lovers on your shopping list, and include why your clothing/shoes/accessories are new and better this season. Are they being sold?

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What to do when PR Pros accidentally spread misinformation – Kelsey Bohl

Ethical Voices

I went to LSU for college and have a degree in textiles, apparel, and merchandising from LSU. I did data communications for our local, state and national reporting. Walmart’s a major brand, you get a lot of phone calls, and there are a lot of questions. I grew up in West Monroe, Louisiana.

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Agency Life 101: Julie Staadecker, Account Director

Shift Communications

One hour I might be leading strategic media approach; the next I could be at a local fair handing out product samples to engage directly with consumers. Throughout your career, you’ve worked with both large brands and small brands. Smaller brands are typically the ones willing to experiment.

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