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Three Premium eBooks

Spin Sucks

eBooks are all the rage right now. Because of that, there are three premium eBooks I want you to consider this week: “The Parables of Business,&# “Social Media 4 Direct Marketers,&# and “Use Interviews to Increase Your Blog Traffic.&#. Why premium eBooks, you ask? His first premium eBook, The Parables of Business , lives up to expectations.

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The Future of Marketing eBook

Shift Communications

The Future of Marketing ebook features all nine interviews, covering topics from big data and wearables to security and the sales and social media landscapes. The post The Future of Marketing eBook appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. eBook Future of Marketing Marketing Technology Zach Burrus. Marketing Analyst.

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Announcing: Simple Yet Smart PR Measurement (ebook)

Waxing UnLyrical

Enter my first ebook! Announcing: Simple Yet Smart PR Measurement (ebook) is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Announcing: Simple Yet Smart PR Measurement (ebook). What do you do if you’re constantly inundated with questions on PR measurement, even if everyone seems to have written a book on them? I did it. I wrote a book.

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The State of Social Media: a new eBook from SHIFT

Shift Communications

The post The State of Social Media: a new eBook from SHIFT appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. Book eBook Social Media ebook Facebook LinkedIn state of social media Twitter Few things matter more to digital marketers than social media. Only the mobile revolution has grown faster than social media. Grab your copy today!

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New eBook: PR in the Age of [In]Attention


Today InkHouse issued a new eBook, “ PR in The Age of [In]Attention ,” which provides 11 steps for gaining the right kind of attention. Our eBook outlines our philosophy about what makes for good media relations today. InkHouse News Press Releases Public Relations Social Media Thought Leadership Writing InkHouse ebook Media relationsNetflix has more U.S. Oh, and LinkedIn.

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Six Effective Ways to Repurpose Content and Generate Traffic

Spin Sucks

Communication Content Create a Powerpoint Template create a webinar create an ebook create engaging content ideas create traffic generating pieces of content infographic make a video Moz podcast podcasting produce great content Rand Fishkin repurpose content SEO juice Slideshare presentation vlog ways to repurpose your content youtubeHere are some ideas.

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Seven Simple Steps to Start Writing that Book Now

Spin Sucks

Have you been thinking about writing a book? It's an extremely gratifying experience, and also an incredibly daunting one. It's challenging to sit in front of a blank screen and start knocking out the words. David J.P. Fisher has a step-by-step process to help you become an author. The post Seven Simple Steps to Start Writing that Book Now appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Content Marketing isn’t Just for Marketers Anymore

Spin Sucks

Content Marketing Apple blog posts content marketing content marketing process convenient materials create easy-to-read “How-to” guides customer journey ebooks Have conversations with customers informative material relevant content for prospects strong content white-papersContent marketing isn’t just for marketers anymore. Daniel Glickman shows you why it is important.

New eBook: Google Analytics Basics for PR Pros

Shift Communications

In this eBook, we’ll cover top metrics to measure, how you can find (and use!) Whether you’re in-house or work in an agency, this eBook will get you the basics you need to start measuring today. Click here to download the latest eBook from SHIFT, Google Analytics Basics for PR Professionals! Analytics eBook ebook google analyticsLeads are important. Think again.

How to Use eBooks to Grow Your Authority


If you’re looking for an easy, but sure way, to define yourself as an expert in your field, here’s my advice: write an ebook. An ebook? In addition to the reasons I’ll expand on below, an ebook offers you the incredible opportunity to add your voice to a conversation that’s currently happening in your industry. Here’s a printable checklist for creating your ebook.

Five Free eBooks to Start Your New Year

Spin Sucks

There have been plenty of things you’ve had to buy in the past 45 days so I thought I’d give you some FREE eBooks found around the web to help out your pocketbook and your sanity. The B2B Blogging eBook from Mark Schaefer offers a look at basics, best practices, and blunders. From Stats to Strats is the eBook from Danny Brown at Bonsai Interactive.

[eBook] Public Relations Fast Forward: 10 Tools and Tips to Generate Leads Today

Social PR Chat

So when public relations pro Cindy Metzler asked me to write the foreword for her first eBook, I answered in all emojis including lots of ❤️and. In this digital age of public relations one thing is for sure: You cannot change what you refuse to confront. The best is that I am able to share it with the SocialPRChat community first! From typewriter to status update. No PR problem!

PR and the Google Customer Journey to Online Purchase

Shift Communications

Analytics Data-Driven PR eBook Marketing Technology Tools Google Customer Journey whitepaperIn 2015, Google released its Customer Journey to Online Purchase insights tool and there was much rejoicing. Marketers and communicators found great value in Google’s generic models for how customers made decisions with marketing inputs. Discover the sequence your customers take to purchase.

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How Snowden Changed Security Communications for the C-Level

Shift Communications

Our eBook, “Security: Out of the Server Room and into the Board Room” sets the conversation on why this change has been so rapid, its impact on the function of corporate communications and suggestions for where to start to ensure you’re prepared for the inevitable. For more expert tips and takeaways, download the full eBook. Crisis Communications eBook Public Relations

Why Facebook’s New Timeline for Pages Will be More Useful Than You Think

Waxing UnLyrical

So they’ve just released a new eBook titled “Facebook Timeline for Conversions & ROI.” It’s not very long (after all, it is an eBook), and it gives you some really practical advice on not freaking out over the new Timeline, but making it work for you. There’s more on this in the eBook, but the image below should give you a hint. Again?!

Two Valuable Goodies for Spin Sucks Readers

Spin Sucks

Communication Planning eBook FOMO free resources PESO model Slideshare thought leadership zoomAs the Spin Sucks team grows and becomes more sophisticated, we have a lot on the docket to bring to our readers. Today, we begin with two goodies. The post Two Valuable Goodies for Spin Sucks Readers appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Up Your Intel With LinkedIn

Shift Communications

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our latest eBook, ‘LinkedIn for Businesses & Brands.’ Our eBook walks through seven core ways brands can use LinkedIn, from the very first steps to utilizing groups, advertising and more. For more insights and tips, be sure to check out the full eBook. eBook LinkedIn Social Media Tools social media Company Hires.

Social Media Primer eBook Out Today

Spin Sucks

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, or maybe it’s just the moment we’ve been waiting for…the launch of our Social Media Primer eBook ! This is our first eBook in a series. The Social Media Primer eBook is available through our Facebook page or click here to jump to the check out. Tags: Social Media Arment Dietrich eBook So who should buy the book

New eBook: Getting Started with Media Monitoring and Measurement

Media Bullseye

With these difficulties in mind, CARMA produced Getting Started with Media Monitoring and Measurement , an eBook to assist professionals looking to improve their media intelligence activities. Professionals in the PR, marketing, and communication industries often hear about the importance of integrating media monitoring and measurement into their work.

3 Resources for PR/Social Media Pros & Small Biz Owners

Waxing UnLyrical

A free ebook from Solo PR Pro. It’s a fabulous ebook that walks you through the most important elements to include in your consulting agreements, gives you examples of agreements … and it’s free. When the ebook was published, I looked at it immediately, and I thought Kellye and Jenny did a great job of it. Go get the ebook now. I love this idea!

5 Brilliant Ways to Build Your Brand at a Conference


1: eBook Series by Lee Odden. Lee Odden of Top Rank Blog used the conference to launch a series of 4 eBooks on—what else?—content Oden created additional curiosity about the eBook series by giving it a playful Alice in Wonderland theme. 5: Day One Insights—Content Marketing World eBook by King Content. Attending a conference is a big commitment in both time and money.

Don’t Be Outdated: Why It’s Important to Refresh Your Models

Shift Communications

Agile Marketing Analytics Blogging Brand Content Marketing Data Data-Driven PR eBook Email marketing Future of Marketing Learning Marketing Marketing Technology Media Metrics Public Relations Search SEO Social Media Strategy Technology ToolsIt’s becoming more fashionable to claim that your PR and marketing is “data-driven,” but what exactly does that mean? It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

#PRstack the Free Ebook: How to use 40+ New PR tools


PRstack Ebook. The ebook comprises case studies by public relations practitioners exploring modern aspects of public relations practice. The ebook is distributed free under a Creative Commons license via the #PRstack community. You can download a #PRstack ebook PDF here and the chapters will all be shared as blog posts each day over the next three weeks. New PR.

Drive Blog Traffic With These 4 Content Marketing Tools


Get our free “A Roadmap to Multimedia Storytelling” ebook now! Ebooks and Whitepapers. Both ebooks and white papers are fantastic for providing additional information on a topic, and boosting your email subscription list. When it comes to content marketing, there’s a lot of “been there, done that” out there. Infographics and Graphics. Content Recycling. That’s it.

Attenzi – A Social Business Story

Waxing UnLyrical

The foreword is penned by Adam Pisoni, Microsoft Yammer co-founder and CTO, and the eBook is available in all popular formats for free at Business Guest Posts Social Media Adam Pisoni Attenzi ebook facebook Microsoft Yammer philip sheldrake social business Guest Post by Philip Sheldrake. We’re at an incredibly exciting point in time. We had mail, now email.

Landing Page Design: Rules of Thumb Your Boss Expects You to Know


A landing page is a webpage that encourages visitors to your site to download a digital offer (an eBook, tip sheet or white paper) or sign up for a free trial, a webinar or an e-newsletter—all in exchange for leaving their contact information. It’s not enough to simply say, “Download the eBook.”. The first challenge is attracting a potential customer to your landing page.

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Repurpose Content with These Six Tools

Spin Sucks

If you turn those posts into presentations, visuals or eBooks, you can reach new readers across a variety of platforms. Repurpose Content the eBook Way. If you have a set of series posts, or you’re following a content hub strategy for blogging, compile similarly themed posts into one comprehensive eBook. By Stephanie Vermillion. I could get used to that. Say what? Excellent!

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Top 5 Books About PR You Should Read


I know it is tough to find time to pick up a book, or more likely download an eBook to your tablet, but it is important to take the time to expand what you know about the practice of PR. Your professional development is important, so don’t let it take a back seat to everything else you’ve got on your plate. You’ll be glad you did. PR Strategy

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40 PR tips that will super-charge your career

The Resolution Blog

Swarmwise eBook: Building a community. Don’t miss your free copy of the latest #prStack ebook. We’re giving away a free copy of ‘PRs Digital Resolution’ ebook to all students. Commentary not required. Automated insight from excel spreadsheets? New tool ‘Automated Insights’ could be a game-changer for our future PR work-flows. We love [link].

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Become a Content Marketing Fox

Spin Sucks

For instance, you might create a gated eBook that sits at the top of your pyramid, then break it down into shorter blog posts for more digestible, un-gated content. Or you can build the pyramid from the bottom up and develop a white paper or eBook inspired by a series of popular blog posts or based on a webinar. How can you make best use of this newfound money?

How PR Can Help Build An Organic Audience


eBooks : eBooks offer content in a very long format which is often packed in a PDF. Releasing an HTML version of your eBook will allow you to embed videos, audio and other types of content. Taral Patel is PR Executive at PRmention , a digital PR agency for startups. Just the way organic food is good for our health, organic traffic is the best for your brand. Conclusion.

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How To Predict The Non-Obvious Future

The Influential Marketing Blog

It is launching as an ebook this week and in Hardcover edition in March. Get the ebook this week only for 99 cents (90% off the list price) >> The journey to publishing the book has been interesting. In the meantime, please do check out an early ebook edition and let me know what you think directly either about the trends themselves or the process of uncovering them.

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A PR Firm’s Excellent Pitch for Paid, Earned, Owned and Shared

Sword and the Script

It’s one thing to pitch an eBook, but it’s a well-executed marketing initiative to exemplify the very concepts described in the eBook during the process of pitching it. That’s my take on a marketing campaign that Shift Communications is running to promote an eBook: Paid Earned Owned Shared: The Media Recipe for Audience Conversion. The entire eBook is well worth a read.

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Adding Playlists to a Blog Post? HOW FUN!

Rock the Status Quo

I love the idea of adding playlists to blog posts, eBooks and other pieces of content that can deepen the experience and make the content more memorable. My next eBook just might have a suggested playlist right there on the download page. Let’s try an experiment… Click the > button on the playlist below, then pop back up and read this blog post while it plays. TELL ME!

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The Marketing Growth Hackathon: Spend Less Time Planning, More Time Doing

PR 20/20

The marketing team is blogging 2x per week, and producing a high-quality ebook with an accompanying webinar each month. " High performers differentiate by doing , not planning. Do your homework, put strategies in place, and then start testing and revising." — The Marketing Performance Blueprint. Consider this scenario. The CMO fears they’re going to fall short of Q4 goals. What do they do?

eBook 28

Social Tools Summit Wrap

Flack's Revenge

AhaBooks, AhaAmplifier – Mitchell Levy of THINKAha (and fellow MSB alum) was on my panel; they offer social-media enabled ebooks, and tools to amplify thought leadership. I attended and really enjoyed the Social Tools Summit in Boston earlier this week. Neal Schaffer and Brian Mahony produced a great event; kudos, and thanks again for inviting me to speak there. Meddle.IT

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Why Every Business Owner Needs to Know a Little Something about SEO


Original content also provides fodder for social media, eBooks, email marketing and DRIP campaigns—the possibilities for multi-purposing are almost endless. If you need help starting or maintaining a blog, download our eBook, Business Blogging Fundamentals. Every business owner needs to know something about search engine optimization. Sound too good to be true? It turns out it was.

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Create More Content…. Without Actually Creating More

Rock the Status Quo

These will also be collected into an eBook in February, emailed out to my subscribers. With my book launch coming up WAY too fast and not enough time in the day to do everything I’d like, I’m revisiting how I repurpose content. I don’t do it enough, and I know it’s far less expensive to adapt what I already have than it is to create new. Easier, too! Slide Genius.).

8 Ways Public Relations Can Fuel Successful Content Marketing

PR 20/20

And your project management system has been stacked with all the standard elements of a successful content marketing campaign, such as: An eBook: All of the brilliant (and statistically valid) research and insights you’ve gathered have been neatly packaged into a downloadable eBook. Conduct influencer outreach: Does your eBook feature insight from industry influencers? Right?

eBook 18

Content Marketing: How S. Pellegrino Uses Content to Appeal to Foodies


Blog posts, ebooks and webinars are tools well suited to moving a business customer through this type of sales cycle. It’s easy to get the connection between content marketing and business-to-business brands. B2B purchases are typically complex, so education is required to ensure prospects understand the benefits of the purchase. Thirsty? Pick up a Perrier. Hungry? Grab a Kit Kat.