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The Future of Twitter

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The major social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) have been fairly stable for the past five or six years. That might be about to change -Twitter just reported a dismal Q4 for 2016: 16 cents per share on revenue of $717 million. Journalists on Twitter.

Eleven Ways to Rock Your Twitter Chat Guest Slot

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Preparing for a Twitter Chat? With dozens of participants and hundreds of tweets over the course of the hour, Twitter chats can be overwhelming. Erika Heald put together some recommendations for how to get the most out of your Twitter Chat guest slot.

How to Identify Popular Hashtags on Twitter

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If you are yet to explore this avenue, Jack Danielson shares four proven ways to find trending topics on Twitter that people in your niche are actually discussing about. The post How to Identify Popular Hashtags on Twitter appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Agency Leads Must Absolutely Use Twitter

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A few weeks ago, a client asked if we should try Twitter Lead Generation Cards for their business. Just Follow on Twitter? You see the author, a lead at a very well-known firm, thinks those of us who run agencies should only follow people on Twitter—not engage, respond, or even tweet.

#ContentChat Twitter Chat Recap

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The post #ContentChat Twitter Chat Recap appeared first on Spin Sucks. This week, Gini Dietrich participated in the weekly #ContentChat, hosted by Erika Heald. They discussed the PESO model, content for PR pros, and more.

Twitter Brand Pages are Pointless

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Twitter introduces brand pages. It won’t be a game changer, because NOBODY uses Twitter for tweeting…or at least they shouldn’t be. Twitter provides a service I love. So why I am so upset that Twitter wants to get people to use their product?

New Twitter Rules Good for Brand Storytelling

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Twitter rules have always restricted content to 140-characters. There have been changes in the Twitter look and feel over time, but the character count has always been the main feature. New Twitter Rules. Stay tuned for when this is rolled out to the entire Twitter user base.

8 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand on Twitter in 2016


You don’t need a new year’s resolution for your Twitter presence in 2016. Here’s why: in 2015, Twitter’s growth was negligible and its utility (despite different enhancements and tweaks) remains pretty consistent. Integrate Twitter with Triberr.

How to Use Twitter in Media Relations

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Journalists are very active in social media and Twitter in particular. Most journalists consider Twitter to be an extension of their own reporting these days and 75% say that they use Twitter to build their own brand. How do Journalists use Twitter? Pitching Via Twitter.

Twitter Lists: List Me Baby One More Time

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The first thing to look at when making a snap judgement about someone on Twitter is how many lists they are on. Twitter introduced lists two years ago and their effective use separates amateurs from the pros. So, what are Twitter lists ? Twitter lets you create up to 20 lists.

Using Twitter for Effective Media Relations

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Over the past year or so I have been using Twitter to contact journalists. Following journalists on Twitter can give you additional insights even if they only tweet in a personal capacity because it gives you the opportunity to interact and build a relationship.

If Twitter Removes Character Limit, How Will Marketers Benefit?


There’s a lot of buzz around Twitter right now. So let’s look at some of the ways we can get more out of the new Twitter. My Twitter stream looks like a hoarder’s house. Thanks to a recent partnership between Google and Twitter, tweets now appear at the top of search results.

Join #PRStudChat on February 22nd for a Career Day Twitter Chat

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expert Deirdre Breakenridge inspired a series of direct messages on Twitter between Breakenridge and fellow PR industry pro, Valerie Simon. PRStudChat Twitter Career Day Careers in PR Jess Ostroff Joe Colon Laura Petrolino PR Career Advice public relations

How Twitter Eliminating Share Count May Impact You


Last week Twitter announced that they will discontinue share counts in their API. What this means to you is that you will no longer see the number of times that people have shared your content on Twitter. Why Twitter is discontinuing share counts.

Twitter in Crisis: 5 Things You Need To Know


Twitter stock hit its lowest point last week after Jack Dorsey’s earnings call confirmed user attrition and an year-over-year loss of $500 million dollars. He describes Twitter: “Twitter is, at its core, a public forum for information, conversation, and ideas.”

Apple Should Not Buy Twitter

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I was just reading a GigaOm article titled, “ Should Apple Buy Twitter? ” It likely comes as no surprise to you that I’m shocked Twitter is still around. Twitter automagically makes Apple a defacto player in social. entrepreneur Innovation Apple Twitter

Twitter Engagement Actually Translates into Votes


Clinton’s slow-roasting scandal in regards to her use of a private email server baked all year until it finally became the most discussed issue on Twitter. If you are running for office and no one is tweeting about it, you are likely going to lose your election.

Twitter’s Facebook-like Algorithm: What It Means for PR


Last week, Twitter announced that they would implement their Facebook-like algorithm across all user accounts. This algorithm fundamentally changes the way that brands will be able to communicate on Twitter in the future. Now Twitter is pay-to-play, too. Twitter knows this.

How Best To Twitter – Everything You Wanted to Know, But Didn’t Have Time to Find Out

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Besides living our lives, there are millions of us who want to keep up with our activities on Twitter and to know we’re doing a good job about it. So I thought it was about time to share this bundle of informative Twitter joy to the wider world. Guidelines on Twitter Made Easy.

How To Use Twitter Analytics

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When it comes to Twitter activity, it turns out something very useful is sitting right under our noses. Twitter offers its own analytics tool that provides insight into your activity on the platform. Twitter Cards. Take a few minutes today to check out Twitter Analytics.

Using Twitter to Disseminate News Without a News Release

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That’s why I was so interested to read Peter Himler’s , “ Can Twitter Displace the News Release? This is about a very interesting and cool way of using Twitter to disseminate news. Twitter and the News Release. I’ve never been a fan of the news release.

Using Twitter to Pitch Reporters: What You Need to Know


For PR professionals, Twitter can be a great resource. Pitching on Twitter can absolutely be done — but there’s a right way to do it. Before you connect, make sure your Twitter profile leaves a good impression. If you want to pitch on Twitter, your personal brand matters.

You’re Using Twitter Wrong

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I wrote about the mistakes new Twitter users make based on some of my past mistakes. First, let me be clear, everyone has their own opinion, there is no ONE right method of using Twitter. We all use Twitter in our own way with our own goals. .

As Twitter Locks Out Developers, a New Site Welcomes Them

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It won’t come to a surprise to many of you that I love Twitter. I’ve always contended Twitter wouldn’t last forever. Until now, Twitter has been an open platform and it’s part of the reason the social network has grown as quickly as it has.

6 New Twitter Features You Need to Know About


2016 has been a dynamic year for Twitter. Growth is stagnant and investors have been impatient, and as a result Twitter has made a lot of changes to their platform in order to entice people and ultimately to better monetize the platform. So it will shock nobody to hear that Twitter continued to tweak their platform. These six upcoming changes to Twitter are small but also substantial. The Twitter user base is stagnant.

The Top 50 Social Media Influencers on Twitter


To figure out which handles to target when I launch ads on Twitter. Every year, Cision creates a list of the top 50 social media influencers on Twitter. Our media research team pulled various lists of social media mavens on Twitter using Cision’s proprietary algorithm which looks for contextual relevancy, engagement levels, key terms and reach, among other components. 7 Ways to Make Your Tweets Go #Viral – [link] by @douglasi #twitter

Should I Have Multiple Twitter Accounts?

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My IRL BFF, Carlos Cruz , asks, “What’s your opinion, should you have just one twitter account? And Hansjörg Leichsenring asks something similar, “Hi, I would like to ask a question regarding your twitter usage. Should I Have Multiple Twitter Accounts?

Reporter’s Twitter Account Suspended for Critiquing Olympics Coverage

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” has extended to Twitter. A critic of NBC and it’s coverage of the Olympics has had his Twitter account suspended…with no update on when it might be reinstated. Twitter Account Suspended. According to Twitter, this is a violation of their privacy policy.

How To Use Twitter For PR

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When I first started writing this post, I was going to call it “How I Use Twitter.” ” Then I thought again, because a) I’m not as frenetically active on Twitter these days as I used to be, and b) who the heck cares how I use Twitter?

On Twitter? Change Your Settings

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Twitter FINALLY has created HTTPS settings. If you’re on Twitter, I recommend (if you haven’t already) getting on there and changing your settings stat. In the upper right-hand corner, where you see your Twitter handle, click the triangle and scroll to settings. On Twitter? Social Media Twitter security setting twitter. This will encrypt your account information when you’re tweeting on an unsecured. WiFi network. Log on to

How to Build Rapport and Pitch Media Using Twitter

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Ah, Twitter: Land of snarky comments, pithy observations, celebrity smack downs, breaking news, and, if you’re a savvy enough public relations professional, pitching opportunities. If you’ve never pitched on Twitter before, you could be missing out.

Three Reasons Twitter Is Beginning to Suck

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Most recently, the winds of change are touching a place that I’ve held quite dear… Twitter. I’m beginning to come to terms with the reality that, perhaps for me, Twitter just isn’t ever going to be what it used to be. She can be reached via email or well, still on Twitter.

Get Twitter Follow and Google +1

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And Twitter is trying to figure out how to monetize. And it’s been a big week for both with Google +1 and Twitter follow launching. The thing I like about both is you don’t have to direct people to leave your site in order to follow you on Twitter. Twitter Follow.

5 Things You Should Know About Twitter Live Sports


When it was announced that Twitter won streaming rights to 10 NFL games for the 2016-2017 season, the logical next question was how they would deliver the content to viewers ( Seahawks are streaming on December 15 , so you have some time to prepare your tweets ). Live video stays on Twitter.

Does Twitter Have a New Spam Policy?

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While I can’t find anything about this on the Twitter blog , rumor around the blogosphere is that they have a new spam policy to prevent you from tweeting a bunch of @ names and a link. They’re annoying, but it sounds like Twitter is taking action against them.

Five Tips for Holding a Twitter Chat that Doesn’t Suck

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Twitter is an excellent venue for sharing news with fans and followers, promoting products and businesses, and supporting worthy causes. To that end, Twitter chats are becoming increasingly popular as a way to build brand awareness and extend networks. Have you held a Twitter chat?

Top 3 Ways Pharma Can Better Leverage Twitter in Marketing


However, we’ve never specifically delved into one of the most effective, dynamic platforms for brand awareness, connecting with the pharma community, and engaging in relevant conversations: Twitter. Since we’re big on “Top # Tips,” here are the Top 3 Ways Pharma Can Better Leverage Twitter in Marketing. They are NOT intended to be spewed from your Twitter profile account like lava from an erupting volcano. Pharma & Life Sciences pharma Social for Pharma twitter

How to Get Started With Twitter’s Curator Platform


Twitter has evolved a lot for brands and content creators in the last two years, but Twitter’s latest play might have you looking at the platform in an entirely different way. Don’t choose an awards ceremony live tweet or long Twitter conversation as your first curated story.

Twitter celebrates its 10th birthday by closing Tweetdeck

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Monday marks the 10th anniversary of the first tweet ever to have been sent on the platform Twitter – see below. According to Twitter, the decline in active users was offset by the marketing spending in Q4. I use Twitter on mobile, tablet and the Tweetdeck windows version.

18 Tweetable Twitter Tips for Newbies

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For those of us who’ve been using Twitter for a while, we sometimes forget that there are new adopters of the network every day. Trying to figure out Twitter back in the day was bad enough; can you imagine what it’s like these days? Include a link in your Twitter profile.